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players using program
players using program
players using program
Recently I noticed that in the chess rooms there are a lot of players using programs. This is not fair and you should provide a defense against these players who cheat.
They do provide a defence.  They mark use players with a sign which says "players might use a program".
In my mind programs are a form of cheating. Anyone who disagrees is incredibly deluded and probably uses one.
Programs are precisely why I do NOT play the board games here.
Surely it would be easy enough to implement the same kind of system, chess.com & lichess use for analyzing the games for accuracy. It's pretty obvious who the program users are then when they always have 90% + accuracy. Nobody can play to anywhere near that level.
It's highly infuriating losing to someone just because they're using a third party software to tell them how to play. Like..it literally tells the player where to place his pieces. That to me is not a game, it's just time wasting. Like why would anyone want to play a game where they only win based on the fact a program thinks for them? Think about how sad that actually is..

The fact there's no prevention system for it, or so it would seem there isn't is just saddening. This isn't a new or recent problem, it's been a problem since before I played here back in 2007. 
Just played a game of go against user "gila12" who obviously used a bot : 
I nearly always analyze my games afterwards with Katago, a very strong go IA, and "gila12" played all the best moves. 

No, this can't be random (you'd know if you played go :) )
Where do I squeal on him? 
>Where do I squeal on him?

Squeal on him for what?  Using a program is allowed.  Also, his player information page already says that "program usage has been detected".

FlyOrDie members have the right to know if they are playing against a computer. Therefore you must declare in your player settings if you are using assistance while playing. Using any kind of assistance without declaration is considered extremely unsportsmanlike with appropriate sanctions. You can have one human account and one program account, and you must use both accordingly. Use of such assistance is only allowed in board games.
Thunder - 

Thanks for replying. 
I don't find any mention of program usage on gila12's page, or at least the one I found:


neither on:


Could you please tell me how I can find this info? I really want to minimize the risk of playing against a bot, it's definitely not what I play on FlyOrDie for.

Thanks in advance!

On this link here.  Next to his rating of 400, you see the computer with an exclamation mark, hover mouse over it ;)
Thunder - 

Well duh do I feel dumb :)

One more not-declared bot user today in the Go room: user PeaceGo. 
Thank you for flagging him (I guess monitoring his games for a while is necessary, it seems he/she just started doing it).
One more bot-cheater:

(as usual, I checked our yesterday's games with Katago. It's unmistakable.)
I'm edging towards letting go of FlyOrDie altogether :(
Hi Thumb_du_Segala,
In order to report a player, please navigate to the player's profile and click the 3 lines on the top right. 
If necessary the appropriate measures will be taken by the moderators following your report.  

Alternatively you may submit your report here: 


Kind regards,

(the forum is not the right place to make a report )
I don't have the option to report a player from the context menu you showed - My third dot option is not to "Report' a suspicious player, but instead to 'Log Out' of my account.
Hello Silver Fox,
I also provided you with a link where you can report/send in a screenshot.
Kind regards,