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An issue in chat
An issue in chat
An issue in chat
Hi Folks! Eze, this might concern you, so I'm primarily asking you if you can help.

There was something I wanted to discuss - a request - 
 with Robbieofc (his account name is Crankiedank). I caught his attention, and he did come to chat - but he did not type. After what seemed like a one-way conversation, he did stay a bit, but then left. I didn't know what to make of it. 

Very soon after however, his actions suggested that he did his best to help me, and even returned to chat for a brief moment, perhaps to say "hey-ho, all done here, need anything else?", but no text appeared. He disappeared promptly again, and I haven't see him ingame since. That's when I realized what could be wrong - but I have no way of telling. 

Is it possible that he has recieved any form of restriction on chatting? If so, for the sake of communication, may I request a lifting of any of the such, or at least, an investigation? I know for sure I haven't muted anyone - and all signs show that he was absolutely trying to communicate as well - it would have helped a lot. 

Thank you for your help!
This player does not have a demerit, therefore he is eligible to use the chat function.  Maybe he had an issue with his device, but this player is definitely not restricted from chatting.

Maybe he was having an off day and didn’t want to chat...
I guess I should reply to these messages so that others don't have to duplicate the work.  This issue was discussed in chat and we came to the same conclusion.  Sorry for making you check the same thing.