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A Random option please 
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A Random option please 
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A Random option please 
People on here are complaining about an unfair server. A server is an inanimate object and is not the problem.  The designers who have designed the code options have used an algorithm instead of using a (rand) command which would have given random dice throws. I am guessing they have done this to make the game more exciting to people of varying skill levels.

This message is to the Admins of this site: This doesn't work and is causing anger and frustration.  Could you please add an option to the game where the (rand) command is executed rather than the custom algorithm? 

This would give the player the choice of 2 style games and would not be a lot of work to implement

Thanks from a fellow coder
You're absolutely right, 10 years ago it was even stated on the FOD website, that the dice were manipulated to make the games more exciting.
But Flyordie will not improve that.
Its common here dices in raw, unreel and too much.
That destroys every game, no tactical playing is possible. And the most player agree with. I dont!
Also the double at the end when the other is in front is a unfair game rule! From start yes.
Yes this server is unfair or out of order!
The rolls are not random! Today i had 64646464 in raw!
The other player 3 dices in raw and the game was played.
Fixed the server or change something!
And if i complain about i felt it the next games i have now a chance more to win. My qoute is near 20% to win maximum. The most games are over after 6-10 rolls!
5 Dices for competitor zero for me!
That the Reality on Flyoridiot!
Sometimes i think im on a invisible camera connected and the other player laughting about me with this unreel rolls and manipulate it further till the end.
Moderators are not able to do this changes what makes the game more fair for All. 
After two weeks playing nothing changing.
My qoute is max. 3 win in 10games.
The dices are not random and mostly for competitor like he wish!
Turkeys manipulate server with dices in raw.
4-5 dices in raw no problem, if they double the game automaticly they roll dices. But its normal because its flyordie. i dont understand it?
Why its not possible to change this?
Why the other players accept it?
Since i complained my score cannnot rise over 250 points!
That its the true here.
You are so right, you speak from my soul.
I logged a few games, there were 5 doubles for the opponent and not a single one for me! How should you have a real chance
i was a long time out because of this topic.
Now i tried again here to play but nothing changed.
The server is wrong! 10dices for competitor and 5 dices for me in one game!
Thats not random thats not bagamon! That is fake.
I dont understand why the server cannot be fixed.
No Moderator answer here if complain,why?
They read this post and no reaction?

Common guys its your work to satisfied the costumer!
And Fairness and the same chances to win should be Priority.

Sometimes it seems to be some unrealistic sequence of rolls, but I'm not sure yet, I need to play many more games and monitor the rolls constantly