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Ive curled for the last 15 years and the last 8 at a very competitive level. Why does everybody get mad when I use my strategy which is play take outs? Real life curling does the exact same thing. Also when I'm winning and I play hits the opponents get mad for me playing hits. Someone explain why this is wrong...
Many people on here have never curled a day in their life. They see this game as being more tactical and do not understand real curling strategy. And get mad when their strategy can't work because of hits.
They call them bowlers and they think they are scum! No seriously it is a perfectly valid strategy and I think what upsets people is that they are on the game for fun and a game with too many hits can become boring. I do curling for real and I understand you've gotta do what's needed to win. However, if there are no stakes involved, I personally would prefer to keep many rocks in play. I love angles and raises and trying crazy shots when I got nothing to lose! Over the time I have been on this, I have tried to avoid the players who I think hit too much for my liking. Therefore, I will have nothing to complain about. These people who are pestering you should do the same 
They get mad at me for hitting too! I'll be up like 4 points so I'm obviously going to play more defensively and they all get mad and call me a "bowler" or that I'm boring to play. Well maybe don't get down 4 early!
Ignore them, better yet, take note of their nick and don't play them again. They whine "Bowling" which is the universal cry of those that lose and don't understand the game. I was playing little hack weight hit & rolls against some guy & them he started going off on me. One guy told me that all F%&*ing Canadians are bowlers & cheaters. I told him to google curling's greatest hits and watch for the names Edin, Ulsrud, Hasselborg, Muirhead, Murdoch etc.
I curled competitively in juniors BEFORE the free guard zone came into existence. If you could get a center guard up without the hammer, it was a gift and a good chance at a steal. It was all hits back then, so I see nothing wrong with it. Actually, it's absurd to complain about takeouts. 
All canadians thinks this is real life curling. Never curled before blah, blah.. This is NOT real life" Throwing first stone in the house, peel guards, then bomb like a maniac the remaining stones. You can do all that, but dont get all mental when ppl call you out for being boring. So they complain in the game, you complain here. Whats the diffrence? 

"All canadians thinks this is real life curling."

If greg has curled competitively, you should listen to his advice. 

"Don't get mental when ppl call you out for being boring."

Be honest- they're not calling anyone out for being boring- they're calling people out for beating them. If they were winning, would they be complaining as much? 

"They complain in the game, you complain here. What's the diffrence?"

You can complain here all you want. Personally, I'd rather not hear your whining in-game. 

So why don't you learn how to play?

There's a free guard zone, use it.  If you don't your rocks get hit out.
The issue is that most players don't understand the free guard zone and don't play guards, then complain.