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A little help to our recent, new players!
A little help to our recent, new players!
A little help to our recent, new players!

This will be a long post, so apologies in advance for any typo!

Recently, much to our delight, a number of new players have emerged, while some earlier registrees have returned back to play. I've been paying close attention to activity (and at times, trying to somehow manage monstalogy with the balloon constantly jumping here and there, haha), and in general, I'm happy for this positive turn in player activity. 

However, I'm seeing a few common trends of many players (both very fresh to the game, and being somewhat accustomed to playing already), which suggest... they... you... are stuck. Or face certain difficulties. I would like to address some of these, thus, providing a helping hand. 

It has been a long-enduring rule that the game's certain aspects CANNOT be OPENLY discussed. Answers to mission questions are a prime example of this. Most things, however, can be discussed. I will try to keep this in mind, and hope to make no mistakes in what follows, while providing a general insight to most of the issues I've seen. 

TL;DR version of the upcoming 8 points:

1. larkinorguide.com is where you'll find all info about the game. 
2. Use chat, use the forum, become part of the community.
3. For fast money early in the game, start stealing.
4. The best money-maker however are digger characters (high luck stats).
5. Money can be transferred between characters on the market. 
6. Balloon is great! Just be considerate. Or be in pain.
7. Deleting characters - only as a last resort!
8. Multiple accounts are allowed, but not in other FoD games.


 LARKINORGUIDE DOT COM. This is a superb auxiliary website that contains very detailed, yet easy-to-navigate information on all aspects of the game. A very nice database of weapons, armor, their recipes, monsters, missions, and useful tools can serve you in all fields of gameplay. This is a must, regardless of you being lvl 1 or 100. What to wear at lvl 12? With what can you damage a breeze-elemental? How to build your character efficiently? Any technical questions you may have - this website generally will answer that. 


Not only do we see each other in the game, we also interact through various forms. You all have already met me in combat - I make sure to say "hi" to anyone new I see, hehe - but balloon usage, the marketplace, stealing, helping...and even coordinating efforts in other aspects of the game happen. Consider it a typical MMO where you are not alone. At times it can come in really handy if we communicate. You may need anything. I may need anything. He and she may need anything. And just in general, like in any other game, it is good to have a community. Leave your mark, show yourself, and be a part of us! If you're shy, that's okay too - just be sure to contact one of us if you need anything! Even though the forum nowadays has few entries, you can be sure that a number of us scan it daily. If you get stuck anywhere, just write! Ask away!


Start stealing from NPC's. You will be able to EASILY finance your character's needs up to lvl 20-25. After that, monsters will start dropping quite valuable stuff, anyways. A suggested method, in detail: 

1.Learn to steal in a casino. 
2.If for whatever reason your character rank is not "shy" anymore, set it to "shy" now. This will help avoid monster encounters. The higher your luck stat, the more efficiently you will avoid encounters while stealing.
3.While remaining anywhere in the Dark District (for instance, a tile where a casino is located at), Just select "try to steal" in the dropdown menu, and spam it. Keep an eye out for monsters, try not to die too much at this point, and always level up your stealing skill as soon as possible. 
4.Bank often. When you feel you have a reasonable amount, then put the gained silvers into the bank or temporarily even in your house. 
5.Don't get disheartened on the first ~15, ~20 stealing levels - profits will be low-to-nothing at first. But after the first 500 or so clicks, you will really start feeling the profitability: you will be making much more than what you lose due to beatings. 

There are a few further tricks to tweak your money gaining speed even faster - feel free to ask us in chat!


One of the fastest ways to make money for ALL your characters is to create a Digger. Put 10 points into luck, the remaining 6 anywhere, and then from that on, every single statpoint you get should also go into luck. You can fight with it and do missions with it to  
level up faster, and get to the really precious gems sooner, starting from 27 luck (one of them is worth 6500 silvers and you can get it from 57 luck)! But it's okay to just immediately start digging. Buy a shovel or two from the general store, and you're good to go. It will be shocking at first to see just how much you're making. And even more shocking as you progress.


On the market. 
This is how all of us support our young and fighting characters. You don't need to make your own money for each and every character you have separately - let your digger or thief work for your main character!

1. Make money via stealing, digging, or anything with your money making character. 
2. Buy a few of something cheap in a weapons store, for instance 10 leather jackets (16 silvers a piece at Puncture Leif's Weapons Store). Post these at a much higher price on the market, for say, 350. IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE YOUR ITEMS ARE THE CHEAPEST OFFER FROM THAT PARTICULAR ITEM! Otherwise you will buy someone else's!
3. Go to the market with your money-maker, and buy all 10 of the listed jackets. After this, sell them/throw them away. 
4. Repeat the process as many times as you need. 

Naturally, you are free to use any item that works for you. Once you get into transferring larger sums, you may need more expensive items. Don't worry, this may seem very complicated at first (it was for all of us at one point), but you'll quickly get the hang of it. 


Generally, whenever you can, use the balloon (first, you need to be able to track it by selecting "where is the balloon?" from the dropdown menu) - it may really speed up your levelling!

However, a few unwritten rules apply.

1. Take or specifically ask for the balloon ONLY IF AND WHEN YOU NEED it.
2. When using the balloon with others waiting for it, use it FAST. Do NOT idle on clicks - burn them! Don't waste your time and other's time. Five clicks a minute with two-three-minute idling away from the computer only to repeat the whole process again is frustrating, potentially enraging for others. You can expect to see consequences. Usually sooner than later.
3. COMMUNICATE! You have every right to use the balloon, just as anyone else, regardless of your level or anything. But others do, too. Come into chat, and have a quick discussion. It's better to share. Literally, you may save hundreds of clicks. Both of you. 
4. Remain generous with others, and you may expect this in return!

The thing with the balloon is that it's a scarce resource, and it really makes all the difference in playing Larki. Seeing how there are nowadays 3-4 of us on Larki at the same time, we really should try to work together on who gets the balloon and for how long. This has historically worked pretty nicely, even when 20+ players were online simultaneously. All you need is to observe the above ethics, or at least, communicate. Otherwise, you can, and probably will, end up in what we call a "Balloon War". Such a battle can cost a LOT OF CLICKS AND TIME for BOTH players. And that may just be the beginning of something much worse. 

RULE OF THUMB: If you see ANYONE on the balloon and you also want it, JOIN CHAT, and come to an agreement.


This is luckily rarely asked. Generally, all characters are good for something, even if you eventually find them too weak for fighting, or are too late to "fix them". If you've invested much time, clicks, and love, then don't delete it. You never know when it may come in handy. However, if you are very keen on deleting your char, you can do so.
1. You MUST be a citizen! That means, you must have payed off the 1.000.000 silvers to the King. 
2. After this, you must enter the castle, go to houses, and under the fighter/mage/thief icons, there will be a smaller icon of a foot. Click it, then confirm the choice by reading the text and clicking again. You may need to click three times in total. Once your character is gone though, it is GONE. There is no way to resurrect it. 

The only really feasible reason for deleting a character is if you want to subscribe the given account, and you wish to be very specific on what kind of characters you wish to have on it. If your only reason to delete a character is that you would like to try out something else, then CREATE ANOTHER ACCOUNT! 

Luckily, Larkinor is one of those MMORPG's where not only are you allowed to have more accounts, but are actually encouraged to do so. Each account can house 4 characters, with the 3rd and 4th slot opening after you created your second and third char on that account, respectively. 

IMPORTANT! Bear in mind that Larkinor is a very special, unique game run by FoD, who has recently applied a "1 ACCOUNT ONLY!" policy! This rule does NOT apply to Larkinor - you can make as many as you wish. But be EXTRA CAUTIOUS _NOT_ to use your multiple accounts in ANY OTHER FOD GAME!

That being said, you are encouraged to explore! Use your first character to explore the features of the game. Then make a pure fighter, no IQ or luck. Make a pure mage (no strength, dexterity or luck). Make a char that you've seen and spiked your interest! And definitely, make a few diggers - you may very well need them in the future! Before you know it, you may end up with a vast fleet of dozens of characters...perhaps, dozens of accounts, too! No shame in that... just glory! But be sure to respect FoD Terms of Service in any other game. Unless you want to very quickly lose most of your fleet of characters. 

TL;DR version again: for those who don't want to read everything: 

1. larkinorguide.com is where you'll find all info about the game. 
2. Use chat, use the forum, become part of the community.
3. For fast money early in the game, start stealing.
4. The best money-maker however are digger characters (high luck stats)
5. Money can be transferred between characters on the market. 
6. Balloon is great! Just be considerate. Or be in pain.
7. Deleting characters - only as a last resort!
8. Multiple accounts are allowed, but not in other FoD games.