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Larkinor Scavenger Hunt
Larkinor Scavenger Hunt
Larkinor Scavenger Hunt
Due to the persistence of certain players, King Lorden has decreed that a diamond shovel be forged and made available to the winner of a competition.  Secondary prizes may be added depending on the number of participants.

The king has made a list of items that can be found throughout Larkinor.  The winner of the competition will be he who procures all the correct items in the fewest amount of clicks.  (If no one gets all five items correct, the winner will be determined by fewest clicks on the characters with four items correct.)

Some notes:

You must create a new character to participate.  Name your character 
 followed by the name of the character on which you'd like your prize.

2. FOD now has an explicit rule in their terms of service that you cannot have more than one account.  For the purposes of this competition, you may ignore that rule, provided you intend to use the new account solely within larkinor.

3. In order to make the competition fair, participating characters will not have access to the market, clans, or arena.  In addition, they will not be able to steal or rob.

4. To be successful in the scavenger hunt, you'll need to use your attribute points wisely.

5. Let me know if you have any questions!
Scavenger Hunt List

On the day of fools...

Don a digger's cloak of invisibility,

Hold some fancy dinnerware in the hand that's never wrong,

Grasp a rock with a low pH in the hand that remains,

Wrap your souls with the largest organ from a dinosaur's cousin,

And crown yourself with your most precious gem.
These are some good questions; thanks Will and Nic!

1. One entry per digger character.
2. Post-event, DSP characters will become normal characters with the option to rename or permanently delete.
3. Confirmed.

1. First of all, the way I imagined rewarding prizes (since it is incredibly hard nowadays to figure out who owns which characters) was solely based on the name.  If DSPLumpant wins, the prize would go to the character named Lumpant.  So, only one entry is possible for any singular digger.  If you have a fleet of digger characters and somehow have the patience to create an entry for each of them, that's allowed.

2. After the event, the restrictions will be removed from the DSP characters, so they can be played like normal chars.  They can be kept if you wish (I have the ability to change their names if you'd like them to take on a new identity), or they can be deleted (I can also delete them without them having to pay the million silver ransom).  Just let me know what you would like for your character post-event.  Disclaimer: if you want your character deleted, you may want to wait until you've had a chance to transfer any silvers or rare items before requesting deletion.

3. One of the scavenger hunt items cannot be obtained unless you have a certain allocation of stats.  And I am interested to see everyone's interpretation of my clues.  

4. As an extra note, these characters start with 40k clicks, which was an estimate on my part.  If, for whatever reason, you need extra clicks to complete the scavenger hunt, let me know and I can add clicks.

Clicks have (hopefully) been restored on DSPForgotTheName.  Let me know if it worked; I don't think I've ever added clicks to anyone before.

I'm definitely amused by your message and look forward to seeing what items everyone's collected.  I'll explain my thoughts on the clues after the competition as well; I didn't want to make the scavenger hunt too obvious, and I hope some of you collected the items I had in mind when I wrote them!
We're all in different time zones, and I don't want to "force" anyone log in at a certain time; so any time on the day is fine.  At that point, if you don't already have the items, it probably wouldn't be very helpful to see what everyone else has equipped.
Sorry everyone for not checking the forums earlier; I was at work for the time of all the craziness anyhow, so not sure checking as soon as I'd gotten home would have helped much anyhow.

There are 8 entries, and each of them is slightly different.

With the exception of Nic, everyone is correctly holding an acid crystal and a crystal plate.

The other three clues are where there is some disagreement.

Don a digger's cloak of invisibility: Mole hide - I admit it's a really bad pun, but it is the only way to turn your digger invisible.

Wrap your souls with the largest organ from a dinosaur's cousin: Crocodile skin - I had a trivia question awhile back that claimed that the largest organ in a person's body is their skin.  Crocodiles are likely more closely related to dinosaurs than lizards, though I guess an argument could be made that they're both cousins

And crown yourself with your most precious gem - The most valuable diggable item in the game is hyperium.  Part of the reason for this was to make the scavenger hunt a little harder - having to invest heavily in luck meant you were fighting monsters with a digger character.  I admit, I haven't played the early levels in a long time (even longer playing them "normally" or on a digger), which is why I overestimated the number of clicks you might need - I'm sorry if that caused some confusion, but some of you seemed to enjoy having the 40k bonus clicks.  Treasure is only 1/13 of the value of a hyperium; though maybe if someone had gone to the trouble of making a treasure pyramid...

Dugraal is the only character who collected all the items as I intended, and is hence declared the official winner of the diamond shovel.  All participants will receive a small consolation prize in their homes for their efforts.

P.S. DSP restrictions have been lifted.  If you would like your character renamed or deleted (though most of you appear to have the funds to delete your own character) please let me know.
I can't transfer items or access them once they're placed in your house.  The only way to transfer a diamond shovel would be through a clan storeroom.
Rewards are all sorted.

Again, if anyone would like a DSP character renamed, post here or find me in chat.
Hi Eze,

Great comp, I must say it has really got me thinking these past few days.

I was wondering, as one of the clues on the list is worded a bit ambiguously/open to interpretation, would we be allowed multiple entries to cover our bases?

Mostly due to initially high expectations, and partly due to personal beliefs on my behalf, I will confess to being both underwhelmed and saddened by the fact that only a single shovel is being issued.

With that being said and now out of the way, the rest of the event is pretty much to my liking, thank you for it!
- Something new, and imaginative
- New technical concept(s) being tested: nice to see features that may have possible future implications (character-specific daily gians, limitations, special access, functional differentiations, etc)
- And fun. 

Allow me to ask away with my questions, too.

1. It is beyond doubt that at least the two of us with Will will (will will will) launch multiple attempts. Can multiple entries focus on the same character, or one entry per char only? Example: Lumpant wants a shovel. Can this little critter only have a single champion called DSPLumpant, or can he hire more mercenaries like DSPLumpant2, DSPLumpantNext, DSPLumpantLOL, DSPLumpantagain, etc?

2. What happens to the DSP characters after the event? In terms of four main aspects:
- Will they continue to exist, or will they be auto-deported from Larki?
- Will they start earning daily clicks after the event?
- Will the restrictions be lifted after the event?
- After the event and in case of survival, will renaming be an option, or will they have to hold on to the DSP-tag?

3. This may be pushing things a bit over the edge, and I apologize for doing so - I mean no offense. Could you please categorically confirm or soften the following statement in regards to obtaining at least one of the items? 
"To be successful in the scavenger hunt, you'll need to use your attribute points wisely." 
No further lead is requested. I only ask for a statement saying that well-considered stat allocation either would, or would not have an incredibly significant impact on attaining at least one of the items. 

+1. The FOD-rule caught my eyes. Not that I am in immediate danger of even trying any other game on the website, but if I accidentally WOULD once play with one of my main accounts in say, Chess, and then a few weeks/months later, I instinctively log on to another of my similarly-named accs and have another game of chess or two, are those accs done for? This is a VERY serious, potential threat for any veteran player here.
Thank you very much Eze for the clarifications - it is all clear now! :)
Ah I thought they spawned with 40k because that was the character limit.. if we are expected to use most of that I think I’ll just do one entry!

An all or nothing :)
Hi Eze!

This may sound crazy... but I am actually requesting an  if-possible, full topping-up of ~40k clicks on DSPForgotTheName.

Against all sane logic of perhaps all participants (including myself), I have selected a specific, genuine target item which I initially thought possible from 40k clicks. After a few pilot attempts, I created a highly optimal candidate for the job, perhaps one of the best builds I've used so far on the low-levels, but it was still not enough to reach my goal. I understand in advance that my choice is nearly certainly wrong, as even with an etremely optimal build for this event, it is simply beyond reach - and even if everything goes absolutely according to plan, I judge I would need a certain barrier to breach, which in a worst-case scenario would require a perhaps similar input as what has been done so far (30-40k clicks). 

Understanding the above, and the fact that I am nearly definitely wrong, I am still adamant on obtaining this item, and willing to put in the effort:

- This item was chosen due to, when twisting the interpretations a bit, it became an otherwise very strong candidate to one of the riddles, and would be nice to collect, even for giggles. 
- The choice of the character's name is intentional, and I have no intentions of trying to "smoothen the event rules". In the extremely unlikely scenario of this insanely overclicked entry STILL winning with even a fraction of equipped items being possibly correct, then I deserve to have the reward DS "wasted" on this character...and so does everyone else, lol. I will not request a transfer to either of my main diggers. 
- For two specific reasons, I took a completely different approach to interpreting the riddles, than going for the most obvious answers. At this point, I'd like to point out that I agree with Dig's stated approach.
- After the event, I will definitely explain everything. Including my motives, character and item choices, and my perhaps surprisingly chosen general approach to the whole event. I would be overjoyed to read the thoughts and concepts of other contenders, too! :D 

Thank you Eze for your consideration! Good luck to everyone! :D 
Thank you very much Eze! It worked! :D 

I think you succeeded pretty well in the clues being great-yet-not-perfectly-obvious: The choices are all quite limited, but still open for some interpretation - and this will make all the difference. :D

One last issue did arise however, while talking to the other known contenders. Is there perhaps a very precise moment on the big day, by when you wish to see us having "locked in" our choices, or just generally, before the day ends? :) 

Once again, Thank you, Eze! :D 
Happy April Fool’s Day Everyone! :)

I guess I’ll go first with my entry. I have done several runs in the past few weeks, but for various reasons, I only have a single entry: DSPForgotTheName. It is at this point that I would really like to say a BIIIIIG “THANK YOU!!!” to Eze for the click refill on this character! In my previous post I couldn’t express my gratitude properly. It is a HUGE honour to have received your first-ever manual click-addition ingame! Not only was it of incredible help, too, but it felt out of this world to get such a boost! Thank you once again Eze!

My choices for the riddles are as follows:
“On the day of fools...”
-Easy, that’s any and every day for me!

“Don a digger's cloak of invisibility”
-Mole Hide. I’m just a simple digger. A mole. I may have some skill in wizardry and my ice shards bring all the boys to the yard… but I’m a simple stone. Not the sharpest tool in the shed. So I don’t know about any cloaks or magic items. But as a Mole, I can Hide! Now you see me, now you…ouch! What was that for?

“Hold some fancy dinnerware in the hand that's never wrong”
-Silver Plate. I know, I know. Crystal plate is so much fancier! But by the time I got to the store, the other contestants bought them all up. Some things, money can’t buy. Even if you’re a digger. So I had no choice, but to go for something cheaper, and when I finally found it…the centaurs weren’t all too keen on lending me any. It wasn’t an easy persuasion, but we worked thing out. Now if only I had any teeth remaining to eat from it. 

“Grasp a rock with a low pH in the hand that remains”
-This acid cryst…oh, wait, noooooooo! It decomposed in the rain! Now all I have left is a bunch of water around me, and this residue. Decomposium. Or Composium. Or Billy. I don’t know. I’ll call it Billy. After the baby gorilla I caught in mission 10. I used his tears to create that beautiful acid crystal. My wife loved it. She always tells me to take an umbrella, too. She is going to kill me. 

“Wrap your souls with the largest organ from a dinosaur's cousin”
-Lizard Skin. A few years back, Lorden withdrew my crocodile-hunting permit by permanently locking up my hunter, Crocodile Dundee. Seriously, joke aside, I can’t access that character or even the account anymore, after not checking up on him for too long. Must have starved. Or gone feral. Or both. Or just got a wife who’s a member of PETA, so no more crocs…or even chicken nuggets for him anymore. Anyways. I respect our one and only King so much, his word is Law in my eyes. So I chose lizard skin. Not the kind that some filthy casual would accidentally stumble upon in a king-mission-related graveyard or something… I skinned a real live, fully grown Adult Basilisk for it! I even laid down my shields while salvaging the beast. Huh? What? Whaddya mean those bodyshields contain traces of crocodile?! Those are m-m-m….m-m-moonshields! Really! I swear!

“And crown yourself with your most precious gem.”
-In all honesty, I feel perfectly comfortable with having not one, but both of my most precious gems located in an entirely different environment as to the one my forehead could have to offer. Due to various reasons of conflicting interests, I would refrain from dislocating said entities, and look to some other form of more “material wealth” to demonstrate to our Great Ruler! During my many travels, I’ve unearthed diamonds. Very precious gems, selling for a very pretty penny! I’ve also unearthed hyperium. Whatever this substance is, be it gem or material, I also possessed a number of them. There is no ore or gem that others may acquire and I have not yet already done so. Even this weird putty I got from one of the neighbouring isles. But there was this one little wonder I stumbled upon that is so rare, that I have never seen it again during my 80.000 steps in the world. No matter how hard or where I dug, it is not to be found. So it is my Treasure! What? Yeah-yeah-yeah, I heard you. You say you rid yourself of these by the thousands in the general store for 500 a piece?! But how do you know your treasure is like mine? I’m a digger, and I know a REAL treasure when I see it. I’m keeping mine. Very safe. I’ve locked it away very securely in my backpack. And I’m not about to risk pulling it out into the rain, right on top of my head, without an umbrella…after what happened to Billy. Sorry. However, I do have something, a gem, that would catch the eye of any emperor! It is a quite recent find – it just so happened into my hand while gallivanting around the centaur’s place. This thing is so precious it doesn’t even have a price tag on it! Behold the Ruby Gemma! 

It was a crazy ride! Enjoyed every bit!

I understand that at a first glance, some of my choices may seem particularly unorthodox, both in items, and the relatively lengthy attempt compared to other participants. Indeed, there were two, closely related reasons I chose this path to “compete”. 

The First reason is, I essentially “disqualified” myself from the main prize reward the very moment the event went live, due to the fact of one single shovel being issued under Royal Patent. The simple truth is that this time is not my turn to take it away. So, I made sure that I would not go for the most obvious selection pool of items. 

Although I have not one, but two serious long-term digger projects that hope to achieve a diamond shovel at some point in the future, and these two are running only besides nearly two dozen other minor diggers, well…I do plan on putting on my war-paint in the future! ;) However, currently, it is not through mining that I maintain my economy. What’s more: I already own a diamond shovel on one of my diggers – who has been, and will be busy doing nailthieving on TA, and spending about 4 months on the main island once he hits lvl 42 in the very near future. I’m not even using the one I have currently. Yet, a Diamond Shovel is an incredible treasure to behold, and really helps those who actively dig. So, if there’s only one out there for all of us, then I humbly step down from the real fight. The decision itself came shortly before the event. Upon anticipation of the start and nature of the event, I boasted to others to make the most out of the event, and potentially arming up my digger fleet to the teeth with DS’s…but I also volunteered to completely withdraw, or at least to botch my attempt(s) in favour of others who would also be thrilled to be the happy owners of such a relic, should there be a limited supply of shovel rewards.

At first, I must confess, I was a bit upset, and expressed little personal interest in the event. But I did have a few suggestions for those who were interested, and more importantly, a somewhat deeper understanding of where, when, what, and how to do to optimize things in the lower levels for certain builds and certain aims. I was more than happy to lend this experience out – it was my way of participating in the more heated part of the live competition. And in the process, I was getting ever-more fired-up, too. I was really getting addicted to it. Also, it was somewhere in the middle of march that I added one and one together, and realized where my share of the fun really lays: the 40k clicks. With the option of more to be added. Per character. And while there’s a limit to entries per digger, there’s no limit on entries per player. 

This brings me to the second reason for my choices: Upon realizing just how good we’re having it, and what TRUE potential lies in the event other than just a DS, I really wanted to unleash the kid inside of me, and to challenge myself to a “hardcore version” of this already awesome event. 

My primary focus was now on filling a certain gap in my fleet now that we have so many clicks offered to us as a gift. I wanted to do this in the most fun, and challenging way possible. To combine my recently - developed love for “non-traditional”, “concept-character” builds and the incredibly nostalgic feeling of being able to relive my nearly - forgotten past, when I had but a single character, with no outside support from other chars. DSPForgotTheName is an embodiment of it all. All that was left was the challenge element. Which showed itself soon enough.

After a few shorter and longer discussions with fellow players, two of us ended up confused on “where exactly the 40k clicks are supposed to go”. Everything seemed just too obvious, and hardly any combination that we could possibly come up with required anywhere near a quarter of the click allowance. We were suspicious. Even after calculating for errors, like nearly endless hunting for a forgotten or lost item, non-stop digging, etc… we just couldn’t make it out. We were actively screening larkinorguide, our inventories, shops, the market, everything, just to find what on earth may be needed. Then it hit me like a brick. “The Silver Plate! A part of Parcilo’s Grail, the weapon used to fight Atworth!” We started calculating, and I immediately launched another test-character to do some build-testing and an approximation of required clicks and errors along the way. It became obvious after a while that aiming for this was actually well beyond the 40k click limit (it’s all fun and games until lvl 30, that part is actually doable in 40k clicks. But what comes from there on gets rough, as two pretty big walls actually hit you from nowhere if you didn’t do your research right – which I didn’t). But by that point I was lost to reason – I found that bit of challenge I was missing, and I was hell-bent on achieving it. In all honesty, I was a bit cheeky, already calculating for a refill, and thus a higher-level end-result character when the event ends. I only dared hope for a full refill in my wildest dreams and was mostly expecting some negotiations and coming out somewhere between in terms of extra clicks. Once again, thank you, Eze! In all honesty though, there was one thing I didn’t calculate with, at least, not in terms of numbers. My character’s strength up to lvl 30 would suddenly be buffeted by the general buff monsters have from lvl 30 upwards (you really need a solid hitpoint pool to be effective, otherwise you will rapidly start losing fights against +4’s and even +3’s, at least at ballooning health). Due to this, I barely pulled off getting my hands on the silver plate before I would run out of clicks, even with the super-refill. I have about 2.000 clicks left. It was a close fit. 

The silver plate was just part of the challenge. The main goal was to come up with an answer to all the riddles, including interpretations to the later hints, too. The items should and would be both very likely incorrect in terms of the competition in at least a few cases (and thus, increasing the chances of other players), yet still perfect solutions in their own, weird way:

Silver Plate: In all honesty, I found the coincidence of “finding dinnerware so high up” so brilliant and yet so utterly stupid at the same time, that I hoped Eze didn’t even remember this item being in existence, let alone choosing it as an answer. I was hoping for similar results as when someone asks you to let a fresh breeze in the room, and you blast the wall open with a cannon, all smiling and thumbs-up. The true reason was, the ultimate goal being, to find a single high-level item that is suitable to be either a valid backup to the theory of needing approximately 40k clicks… or a blunt excuse to ask for even more, if the opportunity presents itself. Of course, here it has to be pointed out that the 40k click estimate is well-understood to contain a buffer for mistakes, and sub-optimal levelling, but we still took the liberty of viewing this sum as a challenge to veteran contenders. And that it truly was – I nearly failed with twice the amount, lol!

Ruby Gemma: going with treasure was my initial solution as no one came up with it during the planning phases. But as the event drew on, I was more and more worried about this being a possibly good candidate, so I moved on to composium on the head. The concept was based on everything being a gem if it was related to digging, and precious being a reference to price. No one said anything about needing to dig it or forge it. As long as only diggers can get their hands on it, it's a gem, lol. This, and the other concept being that hopefully I would overthink this one, too, hehe. However, when I wanted to somehow put a twist on the all-too-obvious acid crystal in the next part, I actually ended up intending the composium in the left-hand slot, so the head became free. I swiftly changed it to this also-mission-item, which…I confess… this time it was me who completely forgot about its existence, in turn. Serves me right! Still more rare than hyperium, though. :D 
Also, an interesting fun-fact: The hint of needing a certain allocation of stats was all-too-dominant in my quest for items. The surpriseing fact is that both the Silver Plate and the Ruby Gemma (and anything from missions beyond M38) are hidden behind a wall of at least 57 luck. If you're running a no-market, every-character-for-himself event, you need to dig out a hyperium to construct Ogoshi's glass sword. Therefore, technically, both the Ruby Gemma and Silver Plate match the hint in a strict fashion. 

Composium: This was the item which I initially linked to the hint “you need a certain stat distribution for it”. Not only does it need high luck to get the elements…you also need mana from IQ. At the character levels obtainable during the event, you actually need at least a moderate investment into IQ too, not just luck. 

Lizard Skin: Crocodile Skin was the first thing that came in mind, but that again seemed a bit too obvious, and easily reachable. Lizard skin was the next-best-thing, and similarly to the Silver Plate, it was supposed to be found way further out than the simplest and perhaps most correct answer. The only general catch to it is that it can be collected prematurely in M17. So in this case, although it means no technical difference, I made sure to kill a basilisk for it (hardcore challenge mode). It was a young basilisk first, but when I killed my first adult version of that poor critter, my pride tempted me to switch the trophies. A VERY wrong way to get the wrong answer still right. *cries in basilisk*

Mole Hide: I’ll be honest. This was not my initial choice, up until the very last moment. Most literally. I was planning on the dimensionblade. As an alternative to the fan-favourite antiballast, or the one we “equip without equipping”. The dimensionblade was the perfect candidate for an ultimate fail in this slot, both providing grounds for a good laugh and for a flex of achievement at best. It has nothing to do with a cloak, nothing to do with invisibility, but it has all to do with a digger, and again needs mana. It was intended as a double - testament to the stat distribution concept, needing luck and IQ, besides the composium. I was going to have some silly flavour – text about originally having the perfect, brilliant cloak, but it cloaked my dagger and I stabbed myself with it – now the cloak has been sent to another dimension, and all I have now is this dagger sticking out of my tummy. I was just in the middle of scrolling down in my house for the required items, when this single mole hide came into my view. After weeks of the event, I was struck by lightning. I just sat there, and gazed blankly at my screen, with shivers running down my spine. After coming to my senses, I immediately shared my revelation with the only other player I could contact at the moment, then still hysterically laughing, equipped this last item. This happened just hours ago, so the whole sensation is still so fresh. While writing these words, I have sincere worries about this item actually being a spot-on bulls-eye, but this is just too funny to pass at this stage. Just writing these last few sentences choked me up with giggles again. 

I believe that this event was a superbly entertaining and engaging one, with an already obviously great reward. The further, more subtle possibilities this event offered were also incredible, perhaps on par with the main reward, the diamond shovel itself: If anyone wants to or wanted to create a digger, or any kind of character from scratch, and have a clickpool worth many months of waiting at your immediate disposal… and all this for the first… and hopefully not last time in the existence of the English version of Larkinor… then by all means, NOW is the time to register them, and play them out to one’s heart’s content. I was seriously considering rerolling a few backup-accounts with “only” 10k/character banked clicks, but in all honesty, my cheeks are already blushing from how much I abused this generous offer already. I really loved this event and am now feeling both sorry and guilty for not seeing how good it the concept was on first sight. I hope there will be more to come!

I apologize, I had no ill will when posting. I realized my possible error when I just saw you burning an excess of 1k clicks on a 128 xp gain yourself, and immediately understood what happened. 

I didn't expect to influence the outcome in this fashion - writing down personal emotions that drove my choices could put an otherwise neutral item in a much more "obvious focus" just because I personally stated how perfect it is. 

On the other hand, I must point out a few things:

1. Unless we are ALL badly mistaken, and by badly, I mean REALLY badly, the deadline is today. Eze specifically stated that there would be no "exact" ending moment, which in a sense could even mean that she will go for allowing "safe finishers" by shutting down the event at the generous date of April 2 - and even that at pacific time, which could end up being April 3 here in Europe. I understand that, with the seasoned and competitive mindset all three main contestents (okay, two and a half lol) it is exactly in these hours when everything can and will be decided. Yes, all three of us are perfectly capable of creating a winning entry in the literal last few hours of the event. By me posting in a very timely manner, it was actually part of my agenda to try and shut this all down before it happened. In a honourable, face-saving, courteous manner, where everyone would, on queue, lay out their hands on the table, and show what cards they have. To avoid exactly similar incidents where the real competition would only start today, and even so, not just yet. I understand the dangers this event can pose due to an undisclosed final hour, and due to the fact that rewards are scarce. By posting, I expected the exact opposite: a flop of cards, something like "wow, nice interpretation, never thought of that, now how do you like my thoughts?". Now indeed, it seems more like a funny game of rocks, paper, scissors, where the locat idiot holds out his hand "3", and the others suddenly wiggle their fingers to form the correct response. 

2. I promised that when I finish, I will post. I know it sounds all sentimental and over-romanticized, but as I said: for various reasons, up until this point, I essentially disqualified myself from the reward. Not because I initially wanted to. But because I felt morally obliged to do so under such rules. I "chose another reward" a very good one, mind you. Part of that being the sheer enjoyment of it all, and sharing my experience. Including my choices in actions and chosen items alike.  I feel nothing wrong with having posted in itself, and I have no reason to, either. For the following reason:

3. Everyone had a month. Almost a full month to think, click, rethink, click, rethink, and click. We all had our concepts. Some shared, some kept private. These thoughts than materialized into characters, potentially finished ones by now. Again, understanding all three contestents have an incredibly competitive mindset, with any further joining players demonstarting the exact same trait too, I still choose to see Eze as a referee, and interpret her words as an anchor-point:"At that point, if you don't already have the items, it probably wouldn't be very helpful to see what everyone else has equipped." Even though the current incident clearly proves the opposite, with not two, but actually _4_ DSP chars spotting each other online. The only two ways to see an end to this is to either abruptly shut down the event without any further entries possible, or with a gentleman's agreement of not doing any more clicks apart from equiping our choices. Otherwise, we're left with whatever this is called. 

4.1: The item choices. There are the favorite items, which for one reason or another, seem too obvious. However, it doesn't really matter if I sing about one as a bard, and make it look perfect, as long as Eze doesn't post her solutions, the others are just as likely spot-on, too. There is a very good reason for all of us why we have gone with our earlier choices up to date. I'm not sure what yours was, and even though I mostly know Will's and perfectly know my own specific reasoning behind specific items, the background is the same for us all. The earlier choice seemed the best at the time. It is now funny in a morbidly uncomfortable way to see what I started, and to know and see that everyone is suddenly chasing moles for a last-moment saving grace. Let's not try to take each other for a wig - I can very safely state with what I've recently seen and known that up until about 12 hours ago, no one even considered the mole hide seriously enough to dedicate. If at all. Which may, however, actually be more of a doom than a desired outcome. The good thing about this event is that the items, with perhaps a single expectation, had at least two very strong candidates, if not more. The difficulty of the event was not to figure out the hints. It was trying to read between the lines, or with just blind luck, and perhaps some out-of-the-box thinking, make the correct choices.

5. As I said above, let's not try to mislead each other: with a grand total of three known participants, we were like open books to one another. Even without saying a word at times on chat. There are so many ways to know who's been aiming for what. I've also mildly referred to the fact that I've been openly discussing my ideas and concepts with other participants, whenever I had the chance. Will and I communicate a lot, partly due to the convenience of close timezones. He has been familiar with probably almost everything I posted - in fact, certain ideas are actually his to start off with. So after a quick math, the only one who could actually benefit from these hints, would have been you. And any other player who, at the point of posting, has not even registered a char yet. Due to not finding you on chat at the time of discovery, this was the only way I could share with you too, before it was potentially too late. I knew you read the forums, after all. Again though, I must point out that apart from my intentions being both sincere and a bit naive (I only wanted to post my personal experience, after all...), these may result in potentially catastrophic results. If my calculations and hopes are correct, I have only a single item equipped that has a realistic chance of scoring a point, by my subjective point of view. 

6. There are no spoilers. Only ideas. Which should by now only be seen for what they are - a lookback and a review of the past month as a whole. NOT a guide as to what to get/how to modify an entry. Spoilers could only come from an inside job. If I somehow acquired Eze's list itself.

7. As a final note: As for "all the dsp characters running around thanks to my hints"... upon checking the toplist, very thoroughly, I have still yet to detect a single other participant beside the three of us. Although a certain DSPnicramsucks has emerged. *wink*. *wink*. The others I all know of and can link to the respective players. Naturally, I accept the accusation, as indeed I made some very strong suggestions. On the two particularly simple items, I dared state them because on our very first discussion, we already directly pointed them out, on the first days of march. And ever since, it seems there is no one else left for this info to concern. We're talking among ourselves here. Nothing's 100%, of course, but say it is for these two items. The challenge itself is not to get a 1/5 or a 2/5 correctness. The best candidate characters are going to fight it out for the 5/5 slot even, or at least a 4/5. It's not getting two or even three items right that'll win someone the competition, unless I am yet to be mistaken, which I'll humbly accept. It's getting a single one wrong that will more probably decide the game. Hence, even if I was directly giving out solutions (did I mention, that by default, I wasn't intending to?), it was more of a respect and high-thinking of others, that they too, would have already found it of little challenge to at least realize those items. If anything at worst, this was a friendly gesture amidst competition. 

8. I respect you, as well. I hope you do understand that! However, you must understand that whatever it is here we have, it's the somewhat dying, but nonetheless functional remnant of a close community...a family of players. We simply get together in what has become mainly a "co-op game" rather than one of competing or directly outbesting others. Sure. Some of us focus on creating the ultimate duel-character of them all. Others strive to be the greatest monster-killers and army-annihilators TA has ever seen in either the hungarian OR the english version. Others do other stuff. But we all have our projects, and it is much akin to, say, an open world coop like Minecraft (no advert intended), where we co-exist while building our own projects. The atmospere has always been that of a family, including numerous love affairs and BFF-relations. Sorry, had to be said. That in mind, we very seldom, if ever, try to seriously outbest each other, but instead are all close and rather help to further each other's game. 

Such a reward scheme is perfect for some form of competing. But it can also easily bring out the worst of us, and can be quite detrimental to the community if we let ourselves get engulfed with the sole goal of getting that darn shovel - and deprieving others from it in the process when there's only one up for grabs. It was Eze's choice to allow us to have such a good competition, with so many possibilities - and I thank her again for it. But Will also had a big part in it: he alone has been nagging Eze for at least a year now (since I returned) to have a shot at least for a shovel - one he has been craving for for the past 15(!!!) or so years. The fact that this has been the first shovel comp in a loooong time, and it is unknown when and if we'll have another in the forseeable future, results in the stakes being quite high now, especially with a single shovel at hand.

Don't get me wrong. I am NOT saying that the only right thing to do is to lay down our keyboards, and out of respect for Will's 15-year-effort and patience, we should all start cheering him on as the sole legitimate contender. On the contrary - give him a run for his money, now that he has the chance, and now that there are actually quite a few old veterans with also 15 years of patience in their pockets who have also patiently been waiting, haha! If I wouldn't have a DS already, I would quite possibly fight all-out myself. All I'm asking to is to "open up a bit". With a few minor exceptions, all active players are veterans who know the game inside-out, and then some. I feel that any form of suggesting said "spoilers" or "hints" being overly compromising the event, on the day of the event ending, should be waaay under us all. My post was intended as a friendly communication in the spirit of old times, and a modest, soft call to ending this competition, among other stuff. However, it seems to be on the contrary - it probably was too much to have asked for to have hoped for everyone happily sharing their concepts, and then eagerly waiting for the results. Now, literally the whole competition is reducing the mole population like some form of pest control. Had I only said Life Essence is the most precious stone or whatever. And we are not even close to calling an end to the day. I guess it really will be a fool's night, too - with probably a dozen new entries or so. All because...never mind, you already know. One shovel, competitive nature, etc. Good luck with that. 
Well today is the day we find out if Eze has pulled off the best/worst april fools prank ever haha,

As you two have both equipped then I shall too, 

The more I thought about this comp the more paranoid I have gotten that other combos could be correct and the more characters I have made.... anyway it has meant that i've basically not played my main at all this month, they're all sitting on max clicks near enough now!!

I'm not sure how others feel, but hopefully Eze is reading the forums today, is it possible to end the competition now? or to stop new characters from being made? Just due to time zone advantages, i'm going to be tucked up asleep and others across the pond could check my characters and choose who they want to emulate... 

Oh and I forgot to say, despite creating a fleet of chars for this, if I am fortunate enough to win, would I be able to request the digger the prize goes to?
Congratulations, Will! :D 

And thank you very much again Eze for this competition! :D I really-really enjoyed it, and I am looking forward to more similar comps in the future - would be really happy to participate in them! :D 

Don't worry about a thing - it was amazing just the way it was! Please don't feel like you need to apologize for anything - it was us alone who were responsible for yesterday's incident, and I think we're all over it by now. Your acted correctly in my opinion: We, the contestents have already realized quite a while back that this last day might indeed cause "ripples", especially if our assumptions were right (and they were, haha). But by the time we indicated it, it wouldn't have been fair to potentially shut out new contenders by retrospectively assigning an ending moment. 

Regarding the above, I would only like to make three suggestions for the future:

1. No need to change anything that was already technically or theoretically related to this event: clues are perfect, clicks are perfect, limitations are nearly perfect too! I would, however, really-really like to stress how great having so much clicks for buffer or any other reason is - please continue to allow such a generous pool of clicks in the future! :)

2. If we had similar events more often, 2-3 times a year, or even just one where everyone can earn shovels or other unique items, than I'm sure everyone would be much less tense about getting the main prize. With news perhaps spreading ingame to other players too, eventually. 

3. As yesterday's events showed, a precise ending moment could save some troubles for everyone. I really like DigSlut's idea on a possibility to hide all event participant's gear (if it's technically possible) - that could solve the time-zone issue. 

As for the the hints related to the items: they were perfect! Not because they were easy, but because they all had that little twist that made it fun. Apparently, all players immediately deduced 4 of the 5 items correctly. Mole hide was the only one leading us in another direction - only to have an explosive realization on the last day, haha! Like in the movies! If you ever do such an event again, please, by all means, DO use similar puns - makes the event all the more fun! :D Regarding the click estimate - that was a great choice, too. I personally loved it, and would be saddened to see this being reduced in future events. Having highly limited clicks and an even more limited clickpool as opposed to the hungarian version and thus, such a heavy IRL gameplay time restriction may well contribute to Larki being a little less catchy here than there. Opening such a large window for movement upon character registration, similar to the one that was allowed during DSP is a GREAT thing, and the perfect opportunity to not just compete, but to test builds and make characters as well. For me, this meant the most second-most catching feature of the event the first being the great challenge of the hunt! :D

I also forgot to add in either of my posts that it was a huge relief to see how certain limitations can be implemented into the game - while others can be lifted. This has HUGE potential for both future events, and possible ways to perhaps alter game features to some extent to make the Larkinor Experience an even better one for starting and veteran players alike. I will be happy to perhaps share my thoughts on this matter at some future date... but for now... I just hope to see numerous similar events - and I salute all participants! Good job, Folks!

P.S.: Digslut, don't consider it stealing at all! I was happy to share the info, as I've stated earlier! :) If I would have wanted to keep it secret, I would have gone through extensive measures to do so, haha!
Hi Eze,

Awesome :D I can’t believe that after all these years I finally have a DS!! Thanks for running the competition and see you all in chat soon :)

My only request is that could I have the shovel placed in the house of $hoveler please as he is my main digger? 

Ah I see that the shovel is already in Dugraals house, can I request a transfer? Or is that not allowed?
* Shoveler - can't even spell my own char's name correctly!

Thanks for hosting Eze, was really cool to see we could set parameters and restrictions on char's, hopefully we can keep doing fun things like this in the future :)
"The only way to transfer a diamond shovel would be through a clan storeroom."


This is still sinking in...

Eze, did you just do what I think you did there?! :D :D :D

Of all the things I thought about testing... Of all the little details in the game that have caught my eye... Of all the tricks and turns I came up with... How did this elude me until now?! :D 

Talk about how this game can still send a cascade of giddy shivers down my spine after so many years... First the mole hide two days ago, now this... :D :D 

I'm still only just beginning to grasp the magnitude of this statement!... Thank you A MILLION, Eze! :D <3 Literally! <3 :D 
The only trouble is I don’t know how to even get accepted for the digger clan anymore?

Can I throw the shovel away and you credit Shoveler with one instead? 

I really wanted to make sure I won it but at the same time it’s not on the characters that I regularly play :(
I don't have the resources to set up a clan, all my  characters on the main have completed all the missions, 

I'm not sure what to do.. can we set a time to meet in chat and maybe do a drop shovel and put into Shoveler's house?
Will, it only took me 10k clicks. Done btw ;) 
Hey nicram I know are throwing the competition but for the few of us that are trying for the 1 shovel it would be nice if you limited spoilers to the clues. I too figured out a clue after my run was done and had to grind to find a lower level monster for an item. I have noticed a lot of DSP characters going and grinding for items because of your hints in this post. Part of the challenge was trying to figure out the clues. 
Yeah I guess the fact that worn items are still viewable on DSP characters meant this was going to be a spoiler day no matter what. Maybe the april fools day joke is that there isn't a diamond shovel and were given golden shovels that break on first use.

Sea turtle jumped out at me in this article and since it was the first dinosaur cousin Google search I thought I hit this one on the head. I knew skin being the largest organ triva too but a tortoise shell was large. I didnt deserve to win anyway because I stole mole hide from nicram on April 1st anyway, can't believe I missed that one.
to be honest getting 50 antigrav thingies 15 levels before I can even get them naturally on a digger is a big help, I would have participated in this event even if that was the prize! It was a fun little riddle i first played this game when the dig competition for the shortcut east out of city center was being constructed. However at the time I was in 5th grade and had to sneak the game in a different window so the teacher wouldn't notice. Eze i'm not sure where the best place to post this but I cannot access forums on digslut's account because when i started back on larki I used the "play with facebook" option and now that is the only way I can play. My account name is also childish and should be changed so when I chat with people it isn't the eyesore it is now.