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Dear Moderators
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Dear Moderators
3 against 1 in tanx tourny yet you do nothing it happens every week. virusantrax  tornado & deathnote, well done mods. USELESS
TORNADO'S stats for that Tournament:

TORNADO 5.49 - 1.60 Vs virusntrax score = 5/1
TORNADO 7.10 - 4.00 Vs Đℯαтн☠Nℴтℯ score = 7/4

@Moderators, does it look like they teamed? No, it doesn't based on scores right?

Allow me to explain how teaming like this works in Tanx.

Whenever all of them are in 1 room together in a match, they will only target eachother whilst ''police'' is already eliminated.
When he respawns they repeatedly all shoot him together completely ignoring eachother.

When someone spectates they pretend to be trying to eliminate eachother until said spectator is gone then they continue to team up against police..

That's why Tornado has results against all of them and won the Tournament. He did indeed team with them but in order to know you have to understand how it works or see it with your own eyes, literally.

If you're there, as a spectator you can clearly see that happen. I was there as a guest, and I saw it.
They definately teamed up against Police which is just sad honestly. I'd like to point out that his happens every single Tournament that they are in on Tanx. I'm not sure if Mods are aware or not but teaming in Tournaments on Tanx was always forbidden years ago, just to re-inform you guys in case you forgot or didn't know this.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.
Kind Regards, Jeff.
I agree with the police, These guys cheat a lot of tournaments ago and they never get punished. and it is not only in tanx, also in darts and fodball they help each other.   cheating is very evident
ahhh but when you made a team to beat ĶÏŋğ¤Ŧǿŗήǻđδ there if you didn't say anything, hypocrite.    Everton, really? When you lend yourself the account with your brother Equidad, when you give away points in every tournament you can (darts), that's why they ban you and you brother
Everyone should byc blocked and every player should have only one player! Not more. It would be then honestly. Flyordie wants there to be a fair play and isn't following it. these principles should be changed and everyone should be forced to have one garden hoe and of playing only one!!
@Virus, me teaming? Lol that's a good one mate.

One day he logged in when I was about to participate in one and he told me to let him win the Tournament. He knew he couldn't beat me so he tried to get me to lose it on purpose. Proof? : 
 What happened? I won of course. 

Tornado once begged me to play for him on his account on skype because he had to go to college and couldn't get online for that Tournament. He offered to gift me a subscription to play for him in that Tournament. It was A Snow TANX Tournament and i declined. After that, I beat him in the next Classic Tournament which is where that screenshot above came from. After I beat him there he blocked me on Skype, stopped going in Room 1, and avoided me every single time I logged in to participate in a Tournament.

He only won Tournaments because I didn't want to stick around and bank off of players taking part in those Tournaments, it felt wrong. I could have easily won hundreds if I had stayed but I choose to let you guys play people your own level..your own experience, instead of bullying you with my own 10 years of Experience on there..

You calling me a teamer is laughable mate.
With all due respect sir, have I named him? I was referring  police , but what a beautiful story of his life on the page.
I almost forgot, in the rules I do not see that it is forbidden to make a team, only that you as users have put it, if so then nothing happens :)
I was pretty certain you were talking to me but alright, if not then my mistake. Just assumed you were, as I doubt anyone else here would beat him without a lot of luck.

Teaming in TANX Tournaments is, and always has been forbidden.

Ask any Senior Moderator about it if you have doubts. People have been disqualified dozens of times and even banned over the years for Teaming in Tournaments there.


Category 2 (Cheating), Rule 2.6. Clearly states Teaming in Scheduled tournaments is not allowed.

Thanks for the information.

and no, they don't talk about you, have a great day!
These are the new rules already updated, the ones you have are the ones that were before.

Tanx rules have been the same since roughly 2001-2002.
Just because they are old doesn't mean you should ignore them like you have been doing all this time, which you showed you clearly did.

If those rules weren't valid they would not be accessable on the website on the TANX page which is where they have always been.

The ones you refer to are more up to date but primarily due to multiple account abusers.
Why are you worrying about virus torn and death note who are weak players, just focus and beat them, They are bad players. :|