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Paintball Freaks
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Paintball Freaks
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Hey NERO, get rid of the bouncing bat and the American flags in the background (they are ok) and the words on the mouse "cant shake me" :D
could you put anymore dumb things on one site
dark sage. 
shut up.

Im goina paintballin in two weeks :). Friends birthday party... Was pretty good last time, i might buy more smoke grenades... gas them out then shoot em dead :) [img=
]ŠỤỈŦ Ǘ ŠĬЯ[img=

AAHH !! i try to upload some pictures..
BUT THEY WONT UPLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it stinks..
i put the bat there for halloween..
and the americanflag is a tribute..
and the words are just funny..

i love paintballing.. i never used a smoke grenade before..does it really work ?
i use my own field.. we play there free.. its cool..
i wanna by a paint grenade:D blast em away:D:D:D:D
ok guys click on my link again i seriously made a change and tell me from this rating below how good it is

1 being the highest 10 the lowest..

P.S. i added another page at bottom.. bouncing letters ;)