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Cheats in tournament
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Cheats in tournament
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Cheats in tournament
Dear moderators, during the darts cricket tournament on 2020-05-28 the players Biffo and BOBBY cheated. Biffo left the game with pidgy at 20:52 with 3 moves in 41 seconds. BOBBY left the game with Fuzilero at 20:59 with 0 moves in 4 seconds. If you read this please disqualify these players from the result and give the punishment that goes along with it. It is very sad for me to inform you on this, but players who cheat must be punished.


LeGeNdArYpLaYeR it's funny, but you type just like cud ;)
Hi!this is a regular problem..I agree with you!
he sees fraud the same way!
only the blind cannot see...or who does not want to!!
very sad!!!
Lol crying about cheaters on a game with like 5 players avg online. You must be very bored guys

Lol, my foot, we have now about 22 regulars at The Othello-Reversi Tourneys, same problem no matter how many attend. It's gosh darn frustrating!

However, Now, our dear Death_Star is publishing them on youtube! One can even see the private messages being typed!

This methinks is just the perfect solution!

Thank you FlyOrDie for helping us accomplish this!

And a SHOUT OUT to Death*Star! She has a slightly different nickname of which I am too, too sleepy to look up! Lol.

Love to all and Depp gratitude Y'aLL. Have a BaLL.

Just Judy*

Đℯαтн☠Nℴтℯ always helps virusantrax, he is the most cheating player of all
Juan, accuse those who really cheat, why do you only accuse me?  It's frustrating that you only attack me, did I do something to you?

I hope this year I don't cry so much, seeing that the only one who gives you battle for the grand prize no play more and you have to play with only people who use the program.