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Deleting or Locking Posts
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Deleting or Locking Posts
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Deleting or Locking Posts
why can's post just be Locked instead of always being Deleted, this way we at least know the reason ur doin it, sometimes i come on to check a post i replied in, to my surprise it has magically disappeared, can't u just lock em like the old days, there seems to be alot more deleting of posts lately then locking.
i'm going out to brunch now with my family, i hope this aint deleted as well when i get back home :|, at least lock it if u find it offending in any way, which i doubt u will cuz its not.
Yes i Agree!!

I myself Posted a Topic here and it has been Deleted!!
It was just me saying  bye to my friends!! and no one else...if you dont know me then you need not have replied,
also if you are not a friend, then you didnt need to reply.
As it was not aimed at you!! not that it was a bad post,  because up until the last time i replied to it, there was nothing wrong with it...whatsoever!!! if someone put something on it why not just delete what they had posted rather than the Whole Topic??
if anyone would like to see the topic just let me know and i will happily Send it on to you ;)

Once again i would like to Thank everyone who Replied :)

Love 'N' Huggzz 

Nikki :)
yea, its screwed up, we should protest :p i will make posters and banners, hehe not, anywayz erm thanx for the reply nikki and gl to ya if ur still leavin this place :)
my post got deleted but i asked for it all it toke was one guy and me fighting
the variables are many in regards to messages deleted, edited or locked
it's at the descretion of the forum moderators (and there are several not including the staff at FlyOrDie)
anyone who visits these forums knows that they are often abused in an effort to harass, degrade or insult another user.. however, the tools are in place to prevent and discourage that activity.. a user does not even have to be on the site to be moderated or banned. 
perhaps this information would discourage one to post flaming messages..  but it often does not.. 
all I can suggest is... if your message was not in violation of the forums rules of use..  re-post it, and as always.. the thread will be monitored for abuse by others by the moderation team.
FlyOrDie moderator
thanks Dark Sage very nice of you to reply ;)
so have you made those banners yet? lolol :p 

Nikki :)
anything to help in fact i've got a few deleted myself 
yes what u think of......No Deleting and No Cheating!!...??thats the best i got so far :|
Posts are deleted for a reason to remove them from view if we find an abusive post its removed for that reason and we dont  see why people have to read it so locking is not an option hence the reason its deleted.Its unfortunate that a lot of posts are hijacked by some people who start a flaming war when that happens a lot of the time there is a lot of posts and we just dont have the time to go thru and sort them all out so we remove the whole post....

Forever.England Flyordie Moderator
if people hijack posts....Can't the Mods ban them From Forum??
yes people who abuse the forum for one reason or another are not only banned from the forum but also the games
but they are only banned for a certain time allowing them back to star all over again :(...

OMG its 4am im off to bed Night xx

Forever.England Flyordie yawwwnn moderator yawwwn
They like lock ur post for what point pplz can still read it or go make another post about it lolz whats up with that??
a refresher on the forums rules of use..  reproduced from the moderation page
this should pretty much answer any questions on whats deleted or edited and what's not.

section 4. Forum 

All messages ruining cultural conversation will be deleted. 

Apart from the rules in section 3., in the forums these are considered as inappropriate as well:
4.1 Technical destruction: large pictures, empty messages or any other action which changes the size of the forum or hinders its regular use.
4.2 Content destruction: aggressive or offtopic messages hindering cultured conversation strikingly and intentionally
4.3 Flooding: if a message is unintentionally posted more then one time, then all instance except one will be deleted. Intentional flood means if one posts a message in more then one instance or topic.
4.4 Copying back a message, or parts of a message, which was deleted by the moderators may result in permanent banning.
Moving topics 
4.5 Moving: Moderators move a topic if it is opened in a forum other then the forum corresponding to the content of the topic.
4.6 Joining: Topics with similar contents may be joined by the moderators. 
moderation page can be viewed here:

ok Thanks to all the kind Mods who replied, i just hope the peeps that like messing about will get banned enough times to learn a lesson :|, otherwise bye bye posts.
now he starts on me :|, wonder what i ever did, but ya see i do the smart thing, peeps lookin for trouble? ignore them, saves ya all the fuss and perm bans later on; gl to ya DarkSage, hope things in ur life get sorted and u can be a happy peep.

This post can be deleted anytime, i rather peeps switch their fussin to here and leave Granny's post alone, ur whining and fuss has run her off now :(. All i wanted here was a question answered and i got it, so now i dont care what is posted here. Ta Ta
well i have no reason to keep any friends on here i'm already gone
aww i liked da songs u were postin sage and i reckon ur cool:D hope ya life goes well whateva ur doin. gl
Don`t bother, you can not change the system. Soon I will send "on air" a new site for 3D games, and there will be no rules to stop you doing and saying whatever you want. At the matter of fact why to put so many rules when "natural selection" still works?
Look at the "civilized" world and look at the Mother Nature: do you think that all the rules dictated by politic leads to something else than domination? What`s the definition of Democracy? Rules to limit the evil. And it does? What`s forbiden is always a temptation (since Adam and Eve).
And, for God`s sake, I love apples.

By the way: the change with the java doesn`t work in internet centre. It can not be installed on terminals and they are not interested to put it on server. Try make it easier for all.
i feel the same as you holly lets do it the way it was ment to be done whats strong lives whats week dies
nothing wrong with dark sage i know cus it's my cuzin well one of them anyhow got so many
well i guess we all are a bit twecked