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No competition required...
No competition required...
No competition required...
...though there might be one later.

Wow, so many people coming back!  It's good to see all these returners stopping by, even if the circumstances aren't the best.

So, speaking of birthdays (thanks TC for the inspiration!), how about a quick and easy larkinor celebration?  And what better way to celebrate than 1kg of free backpack space? :D

If you have, had, or will have a birthday while we're stuck in lockdown, post here with your character name and at some point, you'll find 10 thingies in your home.

Rules: post birthdate and character name, 
1 prize per player (not per account), 
and sure, character's birthday can count too.  
Open for the next month (until June 1, 2020) or until I feel like I've introduced far too many thingies into the larkinor economy

A very nice incentive! :D

And a very warm welcome to our returners! I hope you are all well! Stay safe - and do some clicking - it helps with staying safe! *innocent look* :D 
great gesture Ezekial :)

My birthday is not til the end of June though, so if anyone wants to donate their birthday present my digger will happily accept them :p
Hey hey, impact from one post, nice. This is a nice incentive too, good thinking. I'll hop on in the near future when I've sufficiently persuaded myself to burn clicks for a few days/weeks to 
 accept a character birthday prize, considering it's the only one that has or even would hit :)
Birthday already passed in early March but I wouldn't mind something for DiggerDave if you feel so inclined :D.

Thanks and great to see so many people around!
Just a note: it doesn't have to be your actual birthday to enter.  Also, I don't check IDs.  I do however need a character name in order to distribute "birthday" presents.
Awesome, in that case, Shoveler please :)
hey everyone! hope you're all doing well these days (or as well as can be expected). my birthday was in late February, but I'd be super grateful if you wanted to drop a prezzie for Goldblade  :)
Well, my birthday happened just 2 weeks before lockdown and cancellations started here.  But since I only see my birthday once every 4 years, heregoesnothing would love a little extra pack space!
After long consideration, I would like to request this great gift to make Minas Morgul so happy that he would be 1 kg closer to floating off the ground in joy! :D Thank you very much! :D 
What a nice thought! I have returned to Larkinor after more than 10 years and am loving it. I also didn't realize the forums were so helpful and fun. My birthday was March 19th and my work had to cancel a co-birthday party for me and a coworker :( My character is Biedle (level 14) she would love a surprise! Thanks Ezekial!
To anyone who might have been holding off until the last day, I'll give you until the end of the week to claim your birthday prize, since the forum was down for the last couple days of May.

Yay forum being back!
Thank you Ezekial :D

I may enjoy to have that gift at karmina (lvl.100).  This is very nice of you. Thanks.