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8 Ball World Cup
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8 Ball World Cup
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8 Ball World Cup

I will now officially take over the tournament.
The system will be a Single-Knock-out. Each round has a week. So please be relaxed. Think about the time zones etc. 

First round: race to 6
Second round race to 7
Quarterfinal race to 8
Semifinal race to 9
Final race to 10

Registration is still possible until February 10th

Participants for the moment:

Khalili - Denmark
Shaun Murphy no1 - Germany
Wяoиg≈Ѕнот - Morocco
Roger Rabbit- Germany
яɑδнωɑиɘ - Algeria
Mr Vanian - UK
Servente Skillado - Brazil
wilk0 - England
Eduardo - Hungary
xmissnatx - uk
anderson silva - brasil
SoIzi - Canada
SCARFACE - Portugal
Balairong9 - Malaysia
imJxC (Jesus) - USA
sHEBATheKing - Chile
Anthony - France
Armada Music - Algeria
Џ฿Ṝ кєℓѕєу - India
Alex - England
Shimizu S-Pulse - JAPAN
Kobe Bryant - Algeria
matador22 - Algeria
°•.Oиε Mσяε.•° (Kieran) - Wales

Maybe we can get to 32 players to avoid byes. 
If anyone has changed their account in time, they should name it here.
After this long time, of course, I cannot guarantee that everyone is still active. The one who is active in the forum would of course be given preference for the victory. Otherwise, the principle of chance applies.

See you around, 

Hey it’s Ant I will be back with « Magical Skill » ‘nick then you can write I will play with this one ... Mαgıcαl Sкıll’ . Something like that :) 
Kobe Bryan = matador22 you can delete one of this two nick and I think he will play on riillex. 
Hi im using this nick now not Vanian. ta
Going to enter with "Sunrise Vodka".

Thanks Shaun.


《.¢ℓαяк кєหŦ.》 (Malik) Morocco

Don’t change I will play with Anthony , I’ll be back In few days I’m in Germany atm for holidays if you want play a real game Berlin to 8/02 Anthony 
Just use your "Blinding Lights_" nick Anthony no need to keep making new ones m8
It would be nice to avoid unnecessary comments.
Here is the draw for the first round.
Race to 6, move on. Rated or unrated room are ok.

Wяoиg≈Ѕнот : Sunrise Vodka
Alex : Shimizu S-Pulse
riilevx. : chui406
anderson silva : Armada Music
Enigma : please no ban
《.¢ℓαяк кєหŦ.》 : Player_No1
SCARFACE : xmissnatx
Anthony : phenomena
ServenteSkillado : wilk0
imJxC : °•.Oиε Mσяε.•°
floods56660 : S.Hendry
RESERVA : Roger Rabbit
Miracolous : Џ฿Ṝ кєℓѕєу
Eduardo : Shaun Murphy no1
яɑδнωɑиɘ : .Scotty.

Players can still be replaced in the first round if they show no sign of activity.

Good luck everyone and have fun. :)
Hello Shaun, I would like to participate in the 8ball cup.  nick: TOP123
floods56660 1:6 S.Hendry

Eduardo give me a sign when you can play. :)
Player_No1 6 2《.¢ℓαяк кєหŦ.》 gg and gl for next match for tourney
 malik :)
wilk0 got replaced by Im Back147 2
Hello top123.
If someone doesn't show up, you'll replace them. :)

I am to play Wrong Shot. Anyone who knows if the person has changed nick or something?.
Havent seen that nick in ages. 
Shimizu s pulse let me know when you can play thankyou 
ill play :) discoveredTalent USA :)
DiscoveredTalent / chris USA count me in tommy 
Updated Matches with replaces:
Servente Skillado : Im Back147 2
Armada Music : shrewdoperata
Anthony : top123

Another replace:
QUEBEC✮BOY : DiscoveredTalent
hey shrewdoperata
tell me when ur available 
Shaun. i been logging into 8 but my opponent never online.
Top123 ? Where are you ? I’m on game tonight between 6:30 pm to 0:00 pm 8ball room 1
Won 6-2 vs riilevx ggs ul ty. 
15/02/20 [23:44] top123 playing Geoff Ogilvy room1 8 ball , i ask him for playing our games for tourney he say ok ! 
[23:46] the game is finish top 123 leave the room and i waiting him 10 minutes ... 
[23:55] top123 playing SADITA in quick snooker .. 
[23:57] I ask him for playing our games (AGAIN) top123 leave the game and no reply to my question. 

It is 0:02 (16/01/20) I think he doesnt want to play the tourney. 

Havent met Wrong Shot this weekend. So anyone who hasnt played first round in the tourny, let me know and lets play. 
Thanks for games TOP123 ! 
Poor games, top123 playing unfair and snooks on every shot 
Floods every frame with him friend NATA and Rick Minotauro , 
And leave the rt6 on 3-1 with an insult in room tchat ! 
WELL DONE !!!! , all the screens are give to tommy in private fb for prove it ! muted perm Nata , Rick and top ! 
Don't recall ever seeing u online armada but I'm on in the evenings 7pm gmt onwards usually, when can you play? 

7 days are over and we start the 2 round.
It is race to 7.
Matches are: 

Sunrise Vodka : Alex
chui406 : Armada Music
Enigma : Player_no1
SCARFACE : Anthony
Im Back147 2 : imJxC
Roger Rabbit : Miraculous
Shaun Murphy no1 : .Scotty. 

1 Week time to play.

I think the activity should work well now.
It was clear that the first round would be difficult.
Players who asked about their opponents in the forum will of course be preferred. Otherwise, the principle of chance applied. So nobody needs to complain because the rules have been clearly explained before. :)

Good luck to everyone and have fun!

Scarface hasn't logged in for 2months so it should work well, gl all. 
Sunrise Vodka 5 Alex 7 ty ggs
Scarface im available this week end only or maybe thursday 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm 
Won 7-1 vs Armada Music ggs ul ty. Played quite well after 3rd frame
Enigma 6 - 7 Player_No1

close, wp ggs
Shaun Murphy no1 7:5 .Scotty.
vggs thx mate
Good evening.

I'm going to start the quarter-finals now.
Matches are: 

Alex : chui406
Player_No1 : Anthony
Roger Rabbit : Shaun Murphy no1

It is race to 8, 1 week time. :)

Good luck to everyone and have fun. 
Roger Rabbit 4:8 Shaun Murphy no1

vggs thx mate :)
Won 8-3 vs Alex.. ggs ty. Alex.. was very unlucky in the last 4 frames, have to say that...
Since Quebec prefers to warm up rather than play, the semi-finals begin.

chui407 : Anthony'
imJxC : Shaun Murphy no1

It is race to 9. 
Good luck everyone and have fun. :)
Hello, I have accounts like chui404, chui405 and now chui406. But I have never opened a account named chui407 lol :D
Hi .. I work so much atm every morning ... and morning for me is afternoon for chui and he is only available when I work ... it will be hard .. I work to Sunday I’m off day Monday and because I’m off I will sleep for sure ... 
chui406/7 1-9 Anthony maybe ggs ty
imJxC 0:9 Shaun Murphy no1 ggs thx
So here we go for the final.

It is race to 10. 

Anthony : Shaun Murphy no1

Good luck and enjoy :)
It was a very exciting final. First of all, congratulations to all the people who participated, special congratulations go to Tommy, who won the final against Anth 10-8. 

Congratulations Tommy!

Lose 8-10 congrats Tommy thanks for finish Aladin’s tourney 

Final is done. :)

Anthony' 8:10 Shaun Murphy no1

very good games mate. 

I thank all participants and I hope it was a little fun.
I hope that there will be some tournaments in the future in which the activity will improve.
demerit > getting destroyed every time