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Strange Score ?
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Strange Score ?
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Strange Score ?
I have just played UBR Kennyr20 and see that previously he had beaten vsam 257-0 ! 
When I asked him how he did it he said he played lots of games with him.
But when you look at the info each game only lasted 2 or 3 seconds!
How is this even possible? 
Hey Shearer.

You lost against him 0-2 before you are trying to report to the moderators like a wannabe fair play guy using LOL's in chat insulting/harrasing players in chat.

Game was fair and well deserved.

Your new and you dont understand the game neither the community so stuck to your own buisseness thank you, and mods should check your negative attitude in chat badmouthing people who try to enjoy this game with lack of players in general, your neither gonna play fodball any further so i dont see why you should act like a dramaqueen. I never heard of you and im a 2008 player LOL

Your just another envious man with asocial ideology.
it's a bank of points it's very recurrent on FODBALL I already made a post on it not enough control unfortunately.

《.¢ℓαяк кєหŦ.》  and
TheFuturSoldier did both point banking in fodball room 1 which is cheating/unsportmanship behavour in flyordie months ago stop being so hypocrite, youll only played 0 players who gave you and Futur free wins and as long as one beated you you guys started trolling, ignoring and swearing and leaving the game which is also against the rules "leaving the game on perpose"
"insulting harrasing other players in battle"

Moderators need to check out your previous games of 5 seconds isnt that alittle bit weird and its childish and unrespectfull to report on forum but you guys started and its seems to be allowed so ive no other option than putting you in the spotlight :|

shearer is a new nick from a report abuser like .FIFA. or cud who disrespect and hate anyone whos better in the games or have better clans and teams in the games who are one of the reason FODBall has daily visitors. :|

You guys need to learn to respect the values and meanings of competition and understand what a community needs to create competitive gaming experiance, dont pretend and curse others in a game you share no meaning in, thats very annoying and low educated :| compete and use anticipation to have a positive meaning in flyordie games you wanna be a part of :| stop being envious :| :| :| :|

Where to start with this waffle? 
Firstly I was not even talking about my game with him. 
I did not harras him, I just asked how on earth he won 257-0??? 
I may be new, and no I do not understand how 257 games can last just 2 or 3 seconds each? Perhaps you can enlighten us all on how this happens??
You may never have heard of me as you are a new nick yourself, so why have a new nick if you are a 2008 player???? and as you were not in the room at the time how do you know all this? Unless you were there as another nick;) 
I think the truth here is Clark Kent knows the score and it has rattled you;)
I,m just another curious player with a fair ideology.
ah !
thank you for putting me in the spotlight :) on those for me it is closed anyway it has been almost 1 year that I no longer play FODBALL so good luck to all and above all show proof of fair play: p
a last chosen after for me it will be closed I am not envious but super envious! haou the virtual points it makes me the happiest in the world ever I thought that I would get there in my life "I laugh of course" go we will not get angry good luck to all and especially be happy
malik ^^
What is fair play?

Means fair born skill? No
Fair means equal.

Equalty doesnt excist in online gaming which makes fair play unvalid.

People who use progs are cheating but its not more unfair then being good based by intelligence because people use it in advantage to be arrogant, hatred and annoying towards others which is a disaster for weak players who get insulted/harrased in the games which can lead to very bad situations like people get mental problems and such.

About point banking.
When you wanna enjoy a death game theres no other option then playing yourself when no one's online thats not unfair towards anyone who legitly have the right to be bothered because people like you guys dont care about the games in general neither plays it.
You guys only thing you want is to disrupt the games activity like darts and it will end up the games getting deleted or the activity is getting erased.
When TCA NightWalker came a mod, and he banned alot of players he didnt liked.. well they didnt came back and even if he tried to make Tanx better. He surely didnt done that the way he did. 
Sometimes you need to understand the communitys needs to be active like goddess. She knows what shes doing and i respect her in some point but she came to late :|

Have a nice day,

García Muñoz da Silva - Nova Hamburgo.

Senior flyordie participator.
I am a fodball player since 2009, good times the room had between 30 and 40 players daily. And because of a moderator who from that time banned everyone without having proof the game began to run out of players, I was banned 5 accounts without cheating, that moderator called "D8" was dismissed, the community Fodball began to get smaller every time, new players do not understand how to play fodball and go to other games that need less skill. And the few remaining players cannot reach 400 points. UBR is a clan that stays in fodball and I'm always going to support it, I don't know if they cheat or not but still keep some fodball alive. It would be a shame if the moderates or normal players like shearer (I doubt it is a new player) end up reporting so that fodball ends up completely dying. If they had played fodball in my time they would understand me. And if you are not going to play fodball at least refrain from sinking it further. Thank you

This is a page that brings together many fodball players of all time. I had the pleasure of meeting most of the players and I have pictures of the best fodball times