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vip days/tournaments
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vip days/tournaments
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vip days/tournaments
Could someone explain me why vip days earned in 2019 were taken away by this website?
Some people had even to pay again to be able to play tournaments,while some of them had still months vip days and therefore subscription.
All just taken away without any explanation.And if written about it to the site,no answers ofcourse.
Another remark i have is about a tournament fodball ,the first fodball tournament in 2020. There were 5 players,they just played and the result is not mentioned at all.
Also when we look at the ranking so far in 2020 ,we only still see the 2019 ranking for the grandprix.
Is it so difficult to fix these 3 things i just mentioned?

Due to a system fault too much VIP's have been awarded in the past few years (noone complained about it). Players received VIP multiple times for the SAME tournament.
This problem has been solved, the wrongful VIP's had to be removed as well.
Hope this answers your question. 
That's ridiculously unfair.
Earned VIP should expire when it's meant to, not at the start of a fresh calendar year, that's just sad.
Hi MasonVerger.why is vip important?
f you go to a tournament and win, you think the vip day is important?
They caused serious damage so at the end of 2019 the vip days were frozen and deleted quite rightly.
I still suggest deleting vip and grand prix.

in my opinion there is no need for it!

hi, cud

VIP is a subscription based extension rewarded by Winning said Tournaments and finishing as a runner up depending on the quantity of users taking part in them.

VIP has been part of the Tournaments for what, 14 years or so? You can't just say oh DELETE VIP AND THE GRAND PRIX because you, yourself don't care for it. that's not how it works, if anything you only showed a incredible height of ignorance and disrespect towards every single USER who has competed for the Grand Prix and all of the Tournaments ever in FlyOrDie. I can't believe you would actually make such a demand, that's just ridiculous.

You can't just remove something so vital, people compete in them for that VIP and have for 15 years, you seriously believe removing such a thing would benefit FOD? Impossible. It would DRIVE USERS AWAY who have competed for years on here.

Put some thought into your words before you make these kind of responses bud, this is far from what's needed on here and that's a certainty.
Absolutely right FW Undisputed. Cud you have no clue what you are talking about. This site needs people to compete.
Already it s getting less and less.Let alone if they would execute your idea.You could play darts tournament alone.
And yes you are very disrespectful for players in the top of the grandprix.You have no idea what it takes to be on their level.And all you can say is everything is a scam.
In all sports you see on television they play for a reward.
The same goes for the games here.If it is points,vip days or gp ranking.They would shoot in their own foot if they would skip it.Actually they did already by giving vip days late or not giving at all,or take vip days earned away.
Also by not doing what they write in their own rules.I mention the 5 top players in gp get trophys for example.Not happening.When people chat to each other and use normal words,giving fines is another thing.
At last the voice of authority has spoken and confirmed the real truth. I'm glad, now there shouldn't be more of these posts relating to this issue as it's clearly been solved. 

Good Stuff OP :)