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I did my 
 on Dec 29, 2019 :) against DJ.

To my knowledge this is 2nd 147 break in the modern times on FOD after Gary's. Very proud moment for me :D

Well done my friend. :)
But to be honestly in 5000 open smash red games it should'nt be too hard to finish the 147 at some point.
Now it's time to get 147 out of the rack. :)

Anyway nice one. :)

You sound a bit salty shaun :D. If it is that easy (open reds or not) you should have got it by now since u been playing for a long time. Whether u like it or not  It is staying in the highest break stats forever :)
That is your wrong perception mate. :p
Congratulations! Ofc, it is really hard to make a 147 in this site. Especially for ranking games, since very few people play this site anymore. It's also my dream to make a 147 in a ranked game, since... I've made 4 147s in my practice, but never in ranked games....
Not so hard when u play from waking up to going sleep each day for 6years.
Unlike u trying to get 147 even playing yourself on new accounts everyday :D u just nobody but angry jealous kid
Congratulations on the 147 Rookie, Shame I didn't get to see it but well deserved.
Thanks Kie :D. where u been? Are u retired for gd :(
retired lol this isnt a job m8, maybe for u.
Nice one but you are wrong it is the 3rd...
Its not in the high break stats. Any proof?
Nice, congrats :D
Now beat my 149 :)
Wilko holds the record for the highest break here and I don't recall him making such a huge fuss about it.

Guess some people are more confident in their abilities than others.