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French Flood
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French Flood
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French Flood

Has anyone noticed the constant flood of the chat by the French players in room 1? I literally have to mute about 15 players every time I enter the room otherwise I wouldnt be able to see any English messages.

Is this allowed? Whats the point of having a French room if they arent going to use it?

Hi the Room 1 is for All is not write « English Room1 » 

But I’m ok it’s boring to read all stupid trench’s guys who spam h24 .. for stupid stories 
Anthony, In room 1, the main language is English. 
Unfortunately there are too many who spam the room to do something about it. Also you don't see any moderators anyway, so it's pointless.


Could you please have a option to turn off chat,the french are using room one for a chat room 24/7,why can't they go in to a french room and chat it's always empty.
If it somehow came to be, that all the french players used the french room dedicated to them. The main room (1) would stand half empty all the time. And for a first time visitor to the site, or just billards games, its no very appealing seing a room with 60 people in it(also consedering the huge gaps between peoples ranks). And if you're not french, I doubt anyone would want to join a french room thats getting flooded all the time. All in all, its just a bad idea to somehow devide the allready smal player base that billards has. 

Disabling chat completely sound like a good plan to me. So its at all times, instead of only when you're in a match. 
I would rather it's half empty than have to mute 20-30 players every single time i login there.

Not hating them, they're allowed to talk in their own language as is everyone else but this is a little ridiculous..i mean there's a French Room for a reason..

I can totally understand, that you would rather see the room half empty. 
But imo you have to look at what's best for the site, with how many players these games has. And making sure the room is half empty all the time, isnt a smart move. 

But thats just my opinion though. 
If I started over in a game and they spam the room so I would run away again.
It's not a motivation to get or keep players. 
You can't even talk to someone and look away for a moment because otherwise the entire conversation is gone.

I just don't understand why they don't use the French room. There's so many French players..it would be highly populated for them.
It could be that there is less people because of all the French conversation in the chat area.  That said how can you change it to make it work for all those French people who are speaking there. Would it work if you made a change in how would you do that?  No easy answer to this problem.  It seems odd there aren’t more people playing pool.  There is a reason for a French room

Anthony you have been permanently banned from the flyordie games on your 'Wanted You More' nickname any further names will be considered evasion and banned also. Good luck with your future.
Hello moderators and Don tico in particular 'Anthony 2.0' is the new nickname of the recently permanently banned 'Wanted You More' he is clearly in evasion. Ty. 
If one of your accounts is permanently banned, it does not mean that you will be automatically banned with the next one. This is only the rule when you are temporarily banned.

Making a new account after a permanent ban usually leads to another permanent ban for ban evasion. 
One of the most illogical things I've ever read.

It is not automatic because the person who understands the reason for the ban (Don) has not been informed yet. 

"FlyOrDie will not tolerate using multiple nicknames in order to avoid banishments."
Then 70% of the players should no longer play at Flyordie. Because most of them have gotten a permanent bann at some point. You are definitely among them.
You will only be permanently banned automatically if you have an existing ban evasion.
If you still getting permanently banned, you should maybe think about yourself.

Now let us get back to the topic!

If you can please reference your statistics "70%" and outlandish statements that would be appreciated. You can talk for yourself but do not slander other members.

In addition i understand you probably believe you should be a moderator but you are not for reasons such as this and in the first instance my question was not directed at you but you felt the need to add your 'two cents'. 

My advice would be to calm down first and think rationally before posting any further.

Oh dear please stop talking in forum :)
You are making a fool of yourself.
Abdou, you're better to just let it go mate. Not worth arguing over it. Maybe take a break and comeback with a clear head and keep to yourself. Causing drama like this on the forum is honestly not going to benefit you at all in this situation. 

I understand you're infuriated over the banishment and the matter of the evasion..but there really isn't much to argue over..if you got the ban it was most likely deserved. Not often do Moderators make these errors. They have reasons. Even if you feel the rules are a bit strict..that's just how it is here now. Better to take it on the chin and just let it go mate.

I've been in your position far too many times to even count years ago and i can confirm arguing over it leads to nothing but more bans, iv had countless perms years ago myself when i was younger because i refused to let people tell me what to do. Being stubborn only makes it worse.

Kind Regards
I've been noticing this so much recently and 9/10 times it's always French flood. I was watching a game recently between two players and two other people (watching) just started talking in French and completely flooding the chat. This is seen so often and it's almost like they just have no manners, there's a whisper feature for a reason and they need to start using it..;) 
Yes, and now Anthony has a new nick called 'Tactical Skill.' to avoid permanent ban and is still harassing, getting free wins and nick sharing with other french players. Will the mods ever do anything about it? How many permanent bans does it take?
If he's buying subscriptions..i think you've got your answer right there..
Buying a sub can also lead to a permanent bannishment or ban evasion so he could be banned, nevertheless players can be a eyeapple of a moderators wishes which was simular to Jeff and Lewis romance in 2011, It cost fod too much money and admins need to take action against it, nevertheless i dont think French flood is a problem, you dont understand it, mute it and leave on. It doesnt sound like a big deal anyways. :p
Room 1, 2 and 3 are gaming rooms, not chat rooms
Being sterile on forums doesn't solve your problematic sensitivity issues.
When you wanna play, just do that and ignore the french talk or mute them, don't act like a queen who want to remove anyone out of your perfect point of view. 
The world was never good enough for yours and never will and theirs no way to change that as much as you guys try to suggest, grow mentally and laugh about it, its a language you guys don't understand and you should keep it that way. Maybe try another website where chatting inst possible and drink vinegar before going to sleep some more often. ENJOY IT. 
When you try to hold the world on your shoulder you guys are ending up worse.
Well said ubr, 2 many snowflakes 2021
I totally agree why come to a pool site when u do not play but just chat ? It is annoying as there is a French room that could be used for their endless chat.
The only active room is only the room1 now.
New english room is empty most of the time, so french is basically the same...
So dont blame people to speak in the only active room.... 120 people only, yes only 
I couldn't agree more with boost boss, something needs to be done about the French players and the way they flood the chat room. I look away for two seconds and the entire chat room is flooded, I can't tell it someone messaged me or not because the chatbox will get flooded.

If flooding really bothers you why not just mute the person? such a simple solution...
Imo. What happens in the room chat, given the amount of players, it shouldn't even be something to discuss. Afterall ,the chat would be totally dead if they didn't flood it. They're just enjoying themselves. 
Those who enter matches, and start flooding there, however, is another story. Even if you have the ability to mute the spectators, it shouldn't be something you have to do. 
Je suis tout à fait d'accord avec cette indignation !
Mais c'est une minorité de pseudos, toujours les memes, qui floodent et insultent !
Pour preuve, des pseudos qui ont été bannis permanents, qui ont eu une chance de retour, et qui ont continué à flooder et à insulter 80% de la salle. Et ces pseudos là sont réintégrés...2ème chance, 3eme chance...Est normal ??? 
En parallèle de ça, certains se voient démérits sans même savoir pourquoi. Pour exemple, un pseudo démerit pour "insultes et harcellement" alors qu'il n'a jamais écrit un seul mot sur la room !
Ou bien encore un autre qui se voit supprimer directement, en 1 fois, les 4 points sur son dé !
Des choses à revoir à mon avis ! 
Ce qui est en train d'arriver, c'est que tous les "vrais" joueurs désertent progressivement le jeu.
Bientot il ne restera que ces personnes qui utilisent flyordie comme un réseau social ! C'est très dommage, ce site est convivial, bien fait, mais un noyau de perturbateurs veut détruire ça !
Et ils y arrivent puisqu'on leur donne l'occasion de le faire ! 
Bien triste 
Oui Alebri,
là je rejoins toutes les personnes qui sont insatisfaites de la façon d'agir de cette minorité d'individus venant d'un autre site connu de tous et c'est très décevant de lire chaque soir les dialogues français qui ne s'adressent qu'au sexe et aux fantasmes d'un bon nombre de joueurs. Pourquoi utiliser un chat room' à des fins de provocation gratuite, humilier et critiquer les joueurs qui ne sont pas d'accord avec leurs façons de parler, menacer et insulter ceux qui demandent le calme dans le chat room.
Certaines décisions ont été prises en fonction des multiples pseudonymes utilisés afin d'échapper aux sanctions et ce dans un but bien précis...... sachant que les pseudonymes pénalisés utilisaient un vocabulaire des plus vulgaires. A suivre dans le prochain épisode. La vigilance restera essentielle et présente. 

good! quickly on the muti-niks: more than 2 is a disgrace.
For French food: just open one of the many empty rooms to more than 10 only and your problem will be solved