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Quantity: [Most Members In A Clan]
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Quantity: [Most Members In A Clan]
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Quantity: [Most Members In A Clan]
Which clan has the most members in history of Tanx, I only know UBR has a big crowd in our Facebook Prime like TPK and FTW but are there more? (Multiple Games in the Community are allowed)

Do you also experianced clans in other games who deserve it to be known by their size of members?


Since 2013.
I'll go with UaG, in their hey day ever player from Brazil was a member.
UAG and FTW were a reason to login in room1 and see the fights. I wont forget UAG players like General, Blood, Tornado, Chicken and Ronaldinho and FTWs like Warrior, Eliminator, Sentinel, Strike and such, Thats why:

The modern generation was the best :)

UAG was big in Tanx but not in flyordie like UBR is in 2020. UBR will come back soon especially for all the people who supported us in the bad times through social media, they are why i want UBR to be the best Month Winners in FlyOrDie History.

UAG played over 1 million games on a list most great members have not been in because of removals so definitly one of the Brasil clans.
Forgotten communities with tags who are beyond noticable.

RED (UBR members using those names)

UAG definitely

NBK comes close but not too close ;)