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C4 World Cup
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Four in a Row
C4 World Cup
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Four in a Row
C4 World Cup
Dear all,

If you are interested in joining the C4 Pop World Cup, you can comment on your nickname below.

We will start on August 27, 2019

We will make a system of hens then of direct elimination

Please mention your username and country.

Let's make C4 a great success again!

Count me in..
Џ฿Ṝ кєℓѕєу-India
count on me.
Sorry guys I can't join, but good luck to massimo playing against perfect progs! :)
j-10 for tournament
I present the rules for the tournament

you must play all participants twice in the return match without running.
victory in red 3 points break 5 points.

8 best players will qualify.

2 phase!
the last quarter will be in bo3
semi final will be in bo5
final will be in bo 5

If other players had to register, it will not change the rules.
do not hesitate to bring more players.

see you soon malik. :)
good luck all participants.
it will be possible to play in unrated for those who wish, but do not forget to publish your results on the forum. If you play in the normal room, try to keep your results in your stats.
see you .
malik :).

Me vs ThefuturSoldier 1.1 ggs (we are played unrated)
varimathras vs me 1.1 (play unrated :p)
Đℯαтн☠Nℴтℯ vs me 2:0 
death note vs me 1.1 
death note vs mel 0.2
death note vs vari 0.2 
virus vs me 2.0 ggs 
me vs r2d2 2.0ggs
me vs csle 2.0
mel vs csle 2.0
vari vs csle 2.0