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Player of the Month [FODBall]
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Player of the Month [FODBall]
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Player of the Month [FODBall]
I made a website for player of the month award, counts numbers of wins each nick and each group/community.

Nr1 Zozo won 20 months, and FC won 19 months so @Washington FC, @FC Beverwyck or @Boca Fc: Try to win 2 to be the best tag in fodball ;)

@UBR Thanks for all the support i get from you guys, especially Undisputed, Godoy Cruz, Super Roy and De Reus, Wish you all a good time in FOD. ;)

García Muñoz da Silva alias "DANNY DE 2E" in 2010.

I like the site aswell.

Adding stuff from clanwins and such are really intresting and every week im visiting your website from time to time.

Good job mate.
Cya in room1.

Alfred Clausen
UBR will overtake No1 within 3 years :)

Were just unstoppable! :D
I know its a hard job for you and i care about you and respect you so keep up your head and continue the good job.

Good luck and be wise.
Why is anyone scared of UBR, because they are afraid of losing so stop playing? :|
Thank you Kelsey for inviting me to join! :D
García is a icon. Happy life anyone!

Pride is getting closer for us, same i can say to Shaun Murphy 1, He wins tournies like a werewolf fuggles a nest with hopeless baby birds who cant even scream for justice after 2 weeks of pushing and pushing..

It was a nice experiance and i wouldve do it again straight now and it wouldnt lose effort even beside that, winning month 15 times give a little clan's measures to the game :)

Most important is respect and you cannot give a online gaming room full of players without respect. :)
Especially respect the most loved onces. The onces who dream of alittle luck in the world full of posers.

Tc, Thx. :)

Games Played List also fun to see.
18 wins is a good statue, be sure to continue it, were so close its incredible.
UBR Shonisaurus is the best UBR in FODBall All time.
UBR won month 23 times which means that we are the best in month in FODBall all time.

GL & GGs.
Again great job you are trying really hard. :)
Sentinel is honestly the best fodball leader all time.
I want UBR to win month 30 times in FODBall.