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8 Ball World Cup 
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8 Ball World Cup 
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8 Ball World Cup 
Dear All,

If you are interested to join the 8Ball World Cup you can comment your nickname bellow. 

We will start in 1st August 2019 

Please mention your nickname and country.

If we have so many participants from the same country, we will proceed to make an elimination system in order to keep one player from every single country.

32 countries will be in this World Cup.

Let’s make FOD Great Again !

I'd like to join aswell.

Khalili - Denmark


Are there any information out there, about at what time of the day we will play our games, and how long the WC will last?. Cant seem to see it anywhere.
Sign me up

imJxC (Jesus) - USA

Country : CHILE
This is so fabulous game, I played 8 ball world cup matches with friends and peoples, Mostly I win matches and At the last moment, This Game is so interesting.

°•.Oиε Mσяε.•° - Kieran - Wales
>Let’s make FOD Great Again !

Yeh unlucky Aladin, you failed.  When you starting this competition exactly?
I have spoken to Translator and I will now run the tournament.
For this I will open a new thread. The previous registrations remain. Unfortunately I do not know who is still active and who is not. But that will soon become clear.
In a few days the thread will open with all the details. New registrations are welcome.

so i had a good idea tommy: p