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TANX PC Game disabled?
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Dear Moderators
TANX PC Game disabled?
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Dear Moderators
TANX PC Game disabled?
Hello there,

Seems the tanx PC Game version of Tanx no longer works, why is that? I don't play, however i went to login as a guest and it doesn't even load the option to login, just times out every time. I don't see why anyone would disable it but i spoke to a couple of other users and it doesn't work for them either.

Any ideas what happened?
Kind Regards
Well unless you and the Developers can update TANX, a game with barely any users left and somehow attract people to it again there isn't much more to be said.

That game was heavily neglected as were us, the TANX COMMUNITY..and now look, the game is dead. I have no idea exactly why was meant to have been changed/updated throughout this process but i can tell you for certain that tanx hasn't been updated in anyway at all since the new emoticons were added around 2010-2011...

We asked countless times for updates, provided so many suggestions, ideas, posted our requests back then and the only person that bothered to respond was Nightwalker..and that's because he was a TANX player since roughly 2005-2006 himself before becoming a Moderator.

Tanx is dead..and unless someone heavily updates it and re-advertises it on other sites/publicly..it's not going to change.

PC DOWNLOAD VERSION of tanx was critical for so many users..and not being able to use it anymore makes no sense..TANX hasn't been updated at all..so why would it be inaccessable all of a sudden when it doesn't even require java to run the PC Version? that's what i don't get..

That game is ruined for me and so many others now and we havent had so much as a single message from the Admins in years..

It's very disappointing for old players..but me more than any, i cared so much about that game and still do even when i can't play it anymore. I just wish you guys would do something and bring some life back into it..Tournaments do nothing...Tornado wins them all unless i show up and those people in them aren't even regulars on TANX..they only play for VIP/Grand Prix Points...

Tornado never EVER logs into the game except for Tournaments..leaving me (A seriously skilled player, not to boost my ego, but it's a fact i was better than everyone except the odd few), with absolutely NO opponent..and a part of me still wants to play that game..teach new comers and keep it going..but there's 0% support or encouragement coming from anyone on FOD at all..

If you can somehow get that game updated then you will satisfy your users..but then there's the task of getting them back first..that's the hardest part of all. They left for reasons..

Boredom due to no competition, sick of seeing the same faces constantly, ignored by the admins when asking about updates..and posting our ideas..dozens quit for that..and most others quit because they moved onto other games, bigger things in life too.

You want to satisfy your users? Bring that game back somehow, someway..that's the only thing you could do.

Remember that game had hundreds of users active at a point..long before you were even here as a moderator..im talking when Harrydog WG, Veriac, GHOST MP, Macca ect were Moderators...

That game was released in 2001? It's got a lot of history behind it..and i was part of it for roughly 12 years..so it's a major low blow for me to see it become so forgotten and made so irrelevant here..

I understand you cater to those around the more active and frequently played games here..as it adds to more overall revenue..but neglecting one of your own games also lowers your revenue, revive Tanx and you will bring back old players, subscribers..and bring in new ones..

If you can't do that, you can't satisfy me or any other former Tanx player who invested thousands of hours into the game..and hundreds of £ in subs over the years..

TCA Nightwalker once hinted at TANX 2 being a thing..an updated version of the game..and now look 8 years on and there was never a single update for us...

Can you understand why it's so disappointing for us?


FlyOrDie brought a new version website for all the games, that's why you can't login anymore from the PC game which is the case in Billiards.

I'll personally look forward your request in order to satisfy our users.

I spent over £500 on Subscriptions over almost 12 years yet not a single person can be bothered to give one reply to me?

No wonder the website is losing players so frequently..no efforts and no communication at all with us players..

Sooner or later the only game with people in them will be the board games.

7 Days without a response :/
Come on OP..