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Can't set # of ends
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Can't set # of ends
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Can't set # of ends
I seem to have lost the ability to set the number of ends or choose skins format. has this happened to anyone else?
Same. I think you have to be a suscriber now to do that stuff. Such a poor business decision by the people in charge. I won't be playing anymore unless I can set the number of ends.
sigh* now i got to subscribe which i'm not going to
FOD have changed the rules, you have to pay a subscription fee if to want to access the the game setting’s ie. # of end’s,skin's format etc. this will stop all the multinicker’s unless they are willing to pay for all there multi accounts, and i cant see that happening. so another way around it is to have an agreement at the start of the game to see how many end’s you want to play and hope they stick to the agreement. I will wait in anticipation to see how many new member’s come on board after this new ruling.

yes-since today it seems that it is not possible anymore. that is a shame:-(
I've played over 8000 matches here since 2012.  Every time I've looked at ads.  FoD has extended me the option to set the number of ends and now they take it away?  I will never play again until I can set the number of ends again.

There are many more non-subs than subs here.  It seems that FoD wants to kill curling.  I hope all advertisers pull their ads until the end setting option is restored.  
Have been playing for years. This ruins the game for me. 
No ranked games and always one end if you dont pay for membership? I'm off...
No ranked games and always one end if you dont pay for membership? I'm off...
Might be an idea if everyone scrapped their account and started with a new username and the number of ends you wanna play as part of that user name EG howardfh*4e
I also played several 1000 games since 2008, this can be a reason to stop playing. Its totally absurd to take this measure. Ill never subscribe !
yes its a shame...  I am also done
Must be a system glitch. Will check what's going on asap.

Thank you for your patience.


This is not a glitch according to "Why should I join as a subscriber" from the subscribe tab at the top the home page:

"Special Game Settings

Our subscribed members can select how many ends they want to play in a single match, and can select "skins" format for the match."

Normally i don't like changes in games, but this is very good to stop all multi players.. Is easy to subscribe, it cost you very litle, and nothing is free in this world. 
Well, They noticed the negative posting, lets hope they come to their senses. :) 
Its not free, we have the adds to watch ! And I don't think it will be change anything about multi nn
And they change it backwards they say it a view reactions before. 
Multi players like Arthur Morgan (S2H2, Mr Robot etc)gonna hate this new rule!! Bravo Fod (L) 

Now i think i will play here more, real game vs real players!