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Anyone still playing nowadays?
Anyone still playing nowadays?
Anyone still playing nowadays?
Recently felt like experiencing a bit of nostalgia and re-visited Larkinor again. Now I'm back here on-and-off trying to pay off my ransom to the King (something I never got to do many years ago) and finish off some quests.

Anyone else still around? 

The war effort is ongoing on the mysterious island of Thord-Artin. :)
I don't think that was around when I last played - when was that added and how does one get there?
It was added a 
 time ago -- over 10 years. It was initially flooded with monsters but a significant portion of it's been cleared and rebuilt. 

To get there, you have to go to a port and purchase a boat (requires 5 million silvers and the payoff of the 1 million ransom) then make your way northeast on the high seas. [url=
]Here's a map;
/url] LG is a pretty good resource for help.