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Huge billiards tournament by Rising
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Huge billiards tournament by Rising
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Huge billiards tournament by Rising

I would like to invite any billiard players to my first tournament.

Information about the tournament :
Start Date : 2019.01.25 ( First Brackets will be shared ).
Type : Double Elimination

Prizes :
1th : 3 months subscription
2th : 2 months subscription
3th : 1 month subscription
(Gifted by me)

Rules :
In the tournament you'll have to play all billiard games with your opponent in Bo3 format. Pro rules are always disabled, all other game options are default. ( Unrated games are accepted if point difference is too high, but make sure to make screenshots if necessary. )

List of games :
- 8 ball pool
- 9 ball pool
- Blackball pool
- Straight pool
- Bank pool
- Snooker
- Quick snooker
- Snooker lite
- Sinuca

The player who wins in 5 games will proceed to the next round.

Since this is a double elimination cup everyone will get a second chance, so if you lose your game you will go down to the losers bracket. You'll still have a chance to win the tourney from there.

The bracket will be shared on the start date.

Each round takes 3 days so you'll have actually 3 days to play down all matches against your opponent. If someone is unable to reach, you should post there, so I can DSQ him.

Any application to the tourney can be done here with a comment in the following form :

"I'll participate (playername) (country)"

I hope lot of players will be interested, anyone is welcome.

Regards, Rising Insane.

I can be in, but note that there may be even less than 8 players to play, so I dunno whether this tournament can run smoothly.
Forgot to tell the Info: chui406 (Hong Kong)
I'm in too , Shallow (France)
Great tourney man (y) i'm in
↨Mคтєยร Sтøqยє↨ - Brazil 
Well if we don't get at least 32 applicatants then I won't make the tourney.