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Five-rock rule 
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Five-rock rule 
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Five-rock rule 
Dear Curling players

In order to best comply with the new official rules of real curling for the 18/19 season, FlyOrDie rules will change accordingly starting on 12 October.

This change will mean that a rock in the free guard zone may not be removed from play by the opponent until the FIFTH rock has been thrown.

(you can practice with the new rule in practice mode starting today)

Just as with Football. Rules have been the same for decades then someone comes along and wants to change it! Trying to justify their existence.

Fllyordie well done on implementing this change, I’m honestly surprised.
could you set the game having the mixed doubles' style?i think this will  attract more people play the game .Mixed doubles' game is interesting .Thank you for your reply. 
in the match,each team with four persons will be more funny.
I have a question about this new rule. So you can put 4 first rocks in guard zone and oppenent can't remove any of those? 


Anna S. from Nepal
Awesome! Gonna try it out now!
Just tried the new 5 rock rule in practice mode and it's still the same as the old free guard zone,it is now the 13th October, FOD said the 12th October ? but they never said what year lol..
to: Anna Sidorova, Yes.

The first 5 rocks {combined with you and your opponent} can't be taken out. 
Topov stop that,  your sounding as sarcastic as me.
Nobody can top you with sarcasm mate. You keep your crown )))
thnx, wow its weird I haven't been here in months and found this today didn't know they changed that rule there will be some cluttered games now, I may resubscribe 
Glad to see your still alive & well Wolfie. 
Great rule.....What's the free guard zone? I've been away a long time.  O-

Great change

What' the free guard zone?  Been away a long time.
Google is amazing. Try it some day.

The "Free Guard Zone" Rule. (1) The free guard zone is the area between the hog line and the tee line, excluding the house. Interpretation: A stone which comes to rest biting or in front of the hog line after making contact with a stone in the free guard zone is considered to be in the free guard zone.
@Mark Wallinsburgh
to: Anna Sidorova, Yes.

The first 5 rocks {combined with you and your opponent} can't be taken out.

Except that isn't correct - is it?!!!!!
If you read the rule, the 5th stone 
 be taken out by the 6th. Why are you posting false information?

Here's the rule from a curling website:
If,  prior  to  the  delivery of  the sixth stone  of  an  end,  a  delivered  stone causes,  either  directly  or  indirectly,  an  opposition  stone  to  be  moved from  the  FGZ  to  an  out-of-play  position,  then  the  delivered  stone  is removed  from  play,  and  any  displaced  stones  are  replaced  to  the original positions, by the non-offending team, to their positions prior to the violation taking place.

The FlyOrDie rule is the same - once the 5th stone has come to rest it can be removed. Previously that applied to the 4th.
Trust us Scots, we'll keep you all right.
To clarify, I don't mean just the fifth stone. Any of the first 5 stones can be removed by the 6th or subsequent stones.
EveMuirhead Yeah I didn't make it clear. "The first 5 rocks can't be used to remove any rocks from play" would be a better way to say it.
I think you meant .."The first 5 rocks can't be used to remove any rocks 
in the free guard zone
 from play" would be a better way to say it.

Valoisman, yes of course. This is the problem with explaining something. I just assume people know the rules of curling, even though... I was explaining a rule of curling. Anyway, it's been said now a few times. I'm sure people understand now.
Mark I'am not sure what you mean
I think Mark had his tongue in his cheek. He knows the rules of curling, but he explained them incorrectly.
EveMuirhead No, I just didn't think it through before I wrote it. People asking questions about the more common rules of curling probably don't have a good grasp of the game, so I should have been careful about describing a rule.
Hi...what is a rock ? is it a curling stone,and why do some players call others bowlers ? or scots language @ boolers
I believe they don't know what game they are playing. What's interesting is Lawn Bowling is actually very similar to Curling.
NHL and college American football too have messed up rules.