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Video - How a Veteran Plays TANX.
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Video - How a Veteran Plays TANX.
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Video - How a Veteran Plays TANX.
Hello there you wonderful people.

This Video was created to show less experienced or beginner players how i play and perhaps they can learn from it how to play differently. 

The Music Audio in the video = Disturbed, Serpentine.
Noting this in case you want to mute before you open it.

I assure you the link is Safe.

TANX Gameplay Video - 

(Youtube Link)

I play with very high sensitivity although it's not necessary, however SPEED is essential in Tanx. 
How quick you are to move and fire back plays a great deal in your results. Being quicker than your opponent will aid you in defeating him. 

I hope you learnt from this, that was the only purpose of this post and video. Take care everyone and enjoy your games!

Dear Moderators, Please approve this post, I assure you the link is safe and not misleading. I made it just to show the less experienced folk who play in Tournaments ect how a Veteran plays the game so they could learn from my gameplay.

Dear Moderators,

If you would be so kind as to remove this entire post for me it would be much appreciated. I have recently been developing a few more ''useful'' and detailed tutorials more in-depth ones, without music and way easier to understand.

I also feel that this video realistically would not really help a beginner because they are new and unaware of how i make use of the controls to play like i did in that video.
I have unlisted the video itself and intend on providing much better ones for each map, in-depth guides on how to play those map efficiently and i can safely assure you that those will be posted at a later date once i have thoroughly completed doing them.

My sincere apologies for taking up your time and you have my gratitude if you do indeed remove this thread for me.

Many thanks.

I like this players attitude. not rude or disrespectful to anybody and he is willing to share great hints that would benefit new players like myself. I am very interested in learning the game and this guy is the best there is from what I have seen in the past month or two since he arrived back. It is great to see him waltz in from out of nowhere and hand a good whoopin to the former champ. (Which BTW is rude, arrogant, and very unwilling to help anybody, especially newbies). Thank you for helping to level a very uneven playing field.  You deserve much praise for this. I solute you. 
I really appreciate your kind words. It's nice to know that i helped someone to some extent. I would love to help more but right now i'm at quie a hectic part of my life and have barely no time to use a computer. Whenever i get more time i will do as i stated in the post above and create efficient guides much more useful than the video in this thread here.

Until then keep practicing, you should download the PC Game and practice on there, it runs much smoother than the Web Browser Version. I seem to be unable to locate FOD's direct link to download it, not sure where it's been relocated to but i can assure you this link below is 100% Safe. It contains an Installer which installs the TANX PC Game on your system. It's only around 2mb in Size and you just use it as you would the browser variant. 

Here, take a look at this screenshot.


Don't worry the link is safe, its a picture from TANX.

That was taken from the Tournament on 19/07/2018.
He asked me to let him win..and no i didn't let him. keep in mind this is the person that brags about beating new players..he asked me to let him win..Just thought i would show you the real Tornado.

Just goes to show if the game had old players like me around still it might be different..not everyone was like Tornado..not everyone went around picking on low ranked players..it was once a fun game..and full of great people..it's too bad times had to change..