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top 10 9ball players EVER, plz post wot you think , ty
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top 10 9ball players EVER, plz post wot you think , ty
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top 10 9ball players EVER, plz post wot you think , ty
2.▒ کŋỉρεr ▒ 
3.world cup winner
sniper lmao im like 7-2 against him where does that put me?
hasnt a 9 ball been posted like everyday and still no 1 cares
best 9 ballers 

well lets take a look i cud start off pot 1 till 8 ball
and get crap position on 9 hmmmmmmm and lose which makes the other guy win
9 ball has no best players
onli way u cud be good at this is if u cleared everytime and dont do no cheat breaks and just do a combo on 9 hangin over pocket afta break
yea im the best ty ur very honest, no ty 9ball is skill and 8ball and snooker is just fluke;\:|:):((a):o:S:@:*:$
sed like a tru 9 ball player ;\
Hahaha sounds like someone is kissing up to some mod's. Anyone care to agree with me???
9ball was a good game befor the cheat break came in now there is no Top 9ball player its gotten so bad u cant even get to a (6) anymore without cheatbreak.
lol ill seeyaz  all soon  hehehe we will see aka MESSIAH
Nah way, Skyline is the best. even if he doesnt have a rating.....
9 ball is all cheat breaks now so there isnt a top 10, and freak...stream and zz dont even play 9, or if they do once in a blue moon. so yes i agree with ice queen
No order and most of em gone:p

4.Mystical Mindz
5.Top Gun
6.Rocket(John Higgins)
10.masterman2 (in ol days he not so good now:p)
 One thing most players forget while playing is that there is more to the game than points. Good sportsmanship is a main part of it. 

Winning a game fast with the 2-9 break is just a well planned and executed shot. 

Real skill comes into play when you play the game like you would real billards. 

ie: 1. If you foul, you shoot from behind the starting line.
    2. Taking time to shoot balls in numbered sequence, leavin 9 ball for last.
    3. Having a good time. Laugh about a missed shot or a lost game. Enjoy the time you have while playing a player. You can learn a lot and make some great friends.

I know there are a few that wont agree with this and that is fine with me. I only want to see harmony in 9 ball, instead of all the anger players have when someone wins with 2-9 break. 

Unlike most, my opinion of what makes a great player it that they are friendly, out to have fun and play a fair game.
Good Sportsmanship is right SunDown and 9 ball cheat break is taking it away from the game as it causes players to get annoyed and hate others.
wheres my name name i may not have the highest rating but by for i play the most and have won more than i lost
is it me or did i type that way to fast
if you take time to look at my player info i have played over 9000 games
and oh all billiards is 50% luck
i've got a idea how about we make everyone that gets a vote play etch other to tell who is the best of them
i totally agree with u SunDown, playin full games without moanin if u lose cuz other player might have accidentally fluked is the bast thing, doesnt matter, they usually say sorry, u move on play another game, it aint money ur playin for, its for fun "Fun" peeps in 9 ball dont even know what that is anymore, i myself havent played in a few days cuz im just tired of everyone moanin when they lose, and that bloody cheat break, it used to be fun a while ago, now its just races to 3's callin u names if u fluke a shot by mistake, and still callin u names if u beat em fair and square, i dont like combos for the most part unless its right there, its not my style, i enjoy a full game 1-9 how it was inteded to be played, i hope one day i can find some good players who think like me, maybe we can have a few games and some laffs....:)

Well,  SunDown & Fine u both hit the nail on the head.
The game IS supposed to be FUN, back in the 'old days' it was, u could have a laugh with ppl but as has already been pointed out now the abuse flows should u happen to fluke a shot or the 9, tell me one person who ain't done it???  Face it, it happens.  I'm not bothered about points etc so long as I have good games with NICE peeps and I have met some really nice players here who I have become good friends with. The way it is at the mo i dread comin on here 2 play.


how about if they moved the 'next' ?
Lord gary is a class player, hammerd sharky1 5-0 lol, in a toruney, and hes always got the crown, wen hes on ! :D:D:d
i still say i'm one of the best
& Slayer, DoniningtOn, 9 ball king, Nigthmare or u want call me ;)

Another good players..- Sniper, Who_Dady, Shady, Shadyroc, FastNfurious, 9ballplayer, Luckyshooter, Justindm, WSPanic, WarriorN1, Sixers, 9pack & dpak
I totally agree that sportsmanship is a key part of having an enjoyable game or match. I enjoy "real" 9ball but it is too common here to run into the type of player that smacks the heck out of every shot, with the hope that some ball will manage to find it's way to a pocket and takes wild swipes at the 9 ball at every opportunity.

It's especially annoying when an opponent makes the 9 with the "blind luck is better than skill" style of play, upon which they immediately flee back to the lobby.

I do have to disagree with one point made by SunDown... taking ball in hand behind the head string after your opponent fouls has nothing to do with "real" 9ball. In fact, in "real" 9ball, ball in hand is taken anywhere on the table. The same holds true in 8ball except for a scratch on the break in which case the ball is shot from behind the head string.

It used to be that in FlyOrDie games, one could only take ball in hand behind the head string... this resulted in players intentionally fouling as a defensive play, thereby leaving an impossible shot for the opponent if the next ball to be made was also behind the head string. That's exactly why the "real" rule is the way it is. it actually prevents unsportsmanlike play.

I also don't buy into the thing that it's somehow "cheap" to take ball in hand upon the opponent's foul... it is a legitimate part of the game. In ANY game, it's acceptable to capitalize on an opponents error. In fact, it's often the person who makes fewest errors that wins a contest.

Ok, nuff said. I hadn't posted one of my "essays" in while, so I figured I was due.

Y'all have fun.

hehe, nicely put Magician, couldn't agree with ya more, we should play a few sometime, i'd like it :).
I think that there is no greatest 9ball player.  Some people have good days while the others have bad, so some people will loose and some will win.  And plus, with the cheat break, there is hardly anymore skill in 9ball.