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Super Secret Splat Competition!
Super Secret Splat Competition!
Super Secret Splat Competition!
It’s so secret that it started yesterday and you didn’t even know it.  So secret that if you happen to run into someone else splatting, you should ninja-hide.  And so secret that even the prizes are a mystery.

For the month of December, any conquest will count towards earning you a secret reward.  If you think you might have fallen off the toplist (there are only 54 of us), be sure to post your starting conquest so I can add you to my list.

Also, I know it’s been a little slow in larkinor lately, but I will try to hang out in chat when I’m on and I hope to see some of you there! (Chat now does this thing where it automatically gives me the brb check if I don’t click on it every two minutes.  Chances are I’m there if I’m logged in.)


Just thought about this game today, and decided to check it out again. Do I have to be a subscriber to participate/what level do I have to be?
You don't have to be a subscriber.  All you need is a charcter who is able to fight on the other island of Thord-Artin (most characters can accomplish this somewhere in the early 30s).
Thanks Ezekial :)
It was a nice surprise to have a secret competition. :)
BAM! - 25350
Tempus Fugit - 15500
oh ya - 15254

Late to the party
Thanks to everyone who contributed to the ongoing effort on TA.  In a few days, a ninja will sneak into your homes to deliver your secret prizes.  If you notice I made a mistake, or I somehow forgot you, let me know and I'll fix it.  Prizes will be given to the character who earned them, unless otherwise requested.

Kristal: 39771
  Peach - 7600
  Parsley - 7600
  Apricot - 7600
  Apple - 7100
  KRÎSTÂL - 4346
  KARA - 4000
  KRISTAL - 1400
  ZzZz08 - 100
  karmena - 25

ezekial: 11475
  Blum - 10270
  Dunkel - 907
  Kristall - 298

sn82larkinor: 1900
  By-Tor - 480
  SNOW - 420
  Broon - 520

  LADRON - 560
  DRACO - 500
  LOGOS - 510
  Lucha - 310

uoxhbzrd - 566

poof masta floof: 152
  Tempus - 100
  BAM! - 52

Flambeau - 23

Eilanach - 2
Thank you ezekial,
wonderful gifts, thanks. :)