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About Rating reduction formula
About Rating reduction formula
About Rating reduction formula
Hi guys, I suggest indicate in the Rating reduction formula (Rn = ( Ro * Ro ) / 125000) that the result of this is rounded to the larger integer in any case. For instance if the result is 0.1 or 0.9 finally is decreased 1 point in rating (each day) in order to have a best understanding of this rule. Thanks.
P.D. Rn is the new rating. / Ro the old (previous day) rating.
I highly doubt they would they change a formula thats been used for over a decade without any issues lol.
Hi, I don't say change the formula. I say add an additional comment. Since the rating has a whole score only, then if the result of the formula is 0.1 (by example) then in 10 days a decrease of 1 point is obtained (10 * 0.1 = 1) which is not true,because the decrease in the score will be 1 point if the result is 0.1, 0.2 or 0.9, etc. Therefore I think I should have an additional comment where it is indicated that after applying the formula it is always rounded up.
   Basically changing the present formula.....here's one for you,because your not making sense.....if it's not broken..don't try to fix it.
A suggestion that is what this post is, does not necessarily imply a desire to modify something. It only remains as a suggestion. Example: "I suggest you wear a jacket because it's getting very cold." It does not imply desire or order to put on a coat. Therefore it remains in the decision of the administrators or programmers of this software to add a comment in the rating reduction formula or not to do so. For my part I have nothing more to comment on this post that I opened. If you wish to do so, be free to comment.