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More emoticons Petition
More emoticons Petition
More emoticons Petition
Dearest MODS, Those of us in reversi, and, perhaps others, would like more emotions here. Think they'd be very welcome. I was asked to begin this Petition. All players at all games, of course, are welcome to sign it and/or Comment. With love, Tessa

I agree with Contessa's request. FOD is a great site where we made lots of friends. We connect almost daily to chat and play with them. To have more fun conversations, we need more emoticons. 
We appreciate your approval to the above request.
We need more emoticons or we are going to do a bloody revolution >:>
 Might be a good idea if we could play emoticons instead of some rude players :D ;)                                             
A friendly one with one ear that wiggles please.  >,<
An emoticon that is condusive to promoting a depiction of a good listener..I feel' would help to give many the sense of well being and acceptance that all of us need in one form or another.. empathy can be expressed in many ways. thankyou all for listening and caring,>,<
Aww...Lol, and, perhaps a mouse for you 2? : )))* tee hee
I use emoticons to express how I feel in the moment. I would prefer one that shows I am  listening. a mouse with big ears.One that wiggles as it tilts its head to the left  would be very mice indeed :P 

glad u found my first comment so funny .have a mice day