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Congratulations to CurlManitoba
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Congratulations to CurlManitoba
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Congratulations to CurlManitoba
I believe congratulations are in order to CurlManitoba for obtaining the crown and joining the likes of Trout and Lionking as one of the games all time greats!! CurlMB has contributed so much to the fly or die community, with his countless hours organizing our spring, summer, fall, and winter bonspiels respectively. CurlMB is also a true sportsmen and personifies everything the playcurling.com and the flyordie community stand for.   

It has been an honor getting to play so many matches against CurlManitoba over the years and I must say there is not a more deserving person to obtain the crown then he is. 

Well done CurlManitoba on becoming the best player in the world and obtaining the crown!!!!!!!!

Lets remember that cream always rises!

Cheers!, aggrind  

-I will see you all at the annual Spring bonspiel! Please sign up by messaging the crown CurlManitoba fast as the entries are limited.   
Cheers to that!! 

Congratulations CurlManitoba. Truly one of the toughest feats in sport to accomplish so well done!

Enjoy the taste of being #1 in the world. 

Thank you Aggrind!

It's hard to put into words right now, but I'm just beyond thrilled at finally grabbing the crown for the first time. I can remember my first game with Trout many years back when he himself had the crown, and thinking to myself 'boy, wouldn't that be cool to have one day.' And now here I am. 

A lot of hard work and grinding goes into getting the crown. It's a tall task but if you're up for the it, you can do it. Just gotta persevere. 

Remember people that at the end of the day...Cream Always Rises. 

Also, yes I am accepting entries for the Spring Bonspiel on a first come first serve basis. Hope to see everyone there come springtime!

Cheers from the Misfits!

Clearly aggrind has had a bang on the head, either that or he's taken up comedy.
Literally transporting lol all over his info and game history. Can we get some mods on this...