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Please help! My nicknames was stolen
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Dear Moderators
Please help! My nicknames was stolen
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Dear Moderators
Please help! My nicknames was stolen
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Olá, meu nome é Isaac, o verdadeiro proprietário dos nickname TerminatorAzteca e ITS FINAL DAY. Quero defender a minha reputação neste site e explicar uma situação embaraçosa para mim. Sou cliente do FlyOrDie há mais de dez anos e isso nunca me aconteceu. Eu estava ausente por um longo tempo e recentemente tentei acessar minhas contas e estou tendo sérios problemas!!!
Alguém descobriu minhas senhas e acessar Minhas contas sem minha ciência, causando ao meu prejuízo a permanente a punição de contas. Já mudei a senha dos dois nickname, mas como as contas continuam banidas não posso jogar com elas. Peço a liberação de acesso das duas contas para que eu continue usando os serviços do site quando quiser. Já fiz várias solicitações por e-mail para Moderator@flyordie.com mas sem resposta!
Muitos jogadores me conhecem e sabem que nunca teria uma atitude para uma pena tão grave.
Por favor, OPERATOR ou qualquer moderador me ajude


Hello my name is Isaac, the true owner of the nicknames TerminatorAzteca AND ITS FINAL DAY. I would like to defend my reputation in this site and explain a embarrassing situation for me. I am FlyOrDie client for more than 10 years and this has never happened to me. I was absent for a long time and recently tried to access my accounts and I am having serious problems!!!
Someone has discovered my passwords and access my accounts without my science, causing to my prejudice the permanent punishment of accounts. I already changed the password of the two nicknames, but as they remain banned i cannot play with them. I ask the release of two accounts so i can continue using the services of the site. Already I made several requests by email to Moderator@flyordie.com but no response!
Many players know me and know that I never would have an attitude to receive a penalty so serious.
Please operator or any moderator help me.

OBS: This is not an attempt to ban evasion, because my nicknames were stolen and I am the true OWNER defending what is mine.
Dear OPERATOR and moderators
I insist on asking for the release of my nicknames, because I have an identity with them during all these years and I would not be known by any other. It is not fair I have been stolen and not be able to recover my nicknames. I have my e-mails in that these accounts were created duly assets.
I do not believe that it is impossible to meet a request fair
Hello Flash Vlader,

In regards to your account "TerminatorAzteca", the ban for this nick has been lifted.

Wow thank you!
I am relieved to be able to play with my account now. Is there any possibility to retrieve the account too the nickname of your last day? I simply do not know if I can reactivate the email.
Thank you so much.
Hello. Is it also possible to unbann my stolen nick Next_Generation☺ then ?
nextball banned it when it was stolen for safety.
But I never got it back yet.

My situation is in no way a circumstance to open opportunities that all who have their nicknames permanently banned  retrieves them arguing "theft". In my case specifically, had as prove the theft and I made several requests to the moderation team of FlyOrDie before creating this post.
Please moderators, feel free to lock this post, and I need you give particular attention to the release of also nickname ITS FINAL DAY.

I advise those who are in a similar situation send email to moderator@flyordie.com before insist with a post.

Thanks moderators
Wow do you really think I lie?
As I would be a person on Flyordie which needs to lie.
Moderators does know the facts - not you. ;)
Also you have in the games history on that accounts that it got hacked by an brazlian player. So stop acting like god now. :)
Dear Moderators, Good afternoon!
I would like to know why my account ITS FINAL DAY was not released from punishment, due to this nickname was banned on the same day that my account has been stolen? In other words, have banned my account ITS FINAL DAY permanently by reason of avoidance of banishment ( nick secondary to avoid banishment) on the same day that stolen my account TerminatorAzteca, correct??? Then, on the same day that released the access my account TerminatorAzteca, after being proven that my nickname was stolen, would also that release the nick ITS FINAL DAY!... I see no reason to continue blocking access to my account ITS FINAL DAY, I already proved I am the true owner and  the fact that they stole my account and someone tried to enter using the nick ITS FINAL DAY also characterizes the theft of nick ITS FINAL DAY too!!! I know the rules of the game and the terms of service and I see no reason to maintain the account ITS FINAL DAY blocked by consider it "nick multiple". Please release my access to this account, because I hope to sign it as a member of this site. 
I haved sent several requests to the e-mail  of moderation@flyordie.com about the case of my nickname ITS FINAL DAY and not give me your reply.
Hello! Good night mr's moderators (I'm sorry be bothering)

I want to thank you for having responded to my request for recovery of my nickname TerminatorAzteca, I also thank the support of my account, Including is already signed.
Gentleman's, I feel ignored in the question of my other nickname called ITS FINAL DAY, that was stolen on the same day that my nick TerminatorAzteca, I used this nickname for a decade and have never been banned for serious penalties. You claim that may not return my other nickname to characterize multiple nick...How much inconsistency and injustice! It was not I who stole, but I who was stolen away! 
The administration does not considers have two nicknames something intolerable - Look at this topic 

Please! Cmon...This is only a game, there is no need to be so rude!...I just want to use my nicknames again,  I've always used the same accounts all these years and everybody in Tanx know me and some moderators - canTANKeuros, Harrydog WG, M.A.S.H.4077, Unidos Revolution, Humpty Dumpty, TCA NightWalker, Interpol, Papatru- Br. They know I never use my nicknames for disrespecting the rules and not created for this purpose.My e-mail in which registered nick ITS FINAL DAY still inactive and I cannot retrieve it, because it is an e-mail with signirature and I wont to pay for this, I just ask to unban my nick ITS FINAL DAY and open my free acess to him.
Have a nice day!
Thank you!
We generally do not unban any banned nicknames, neither we support using multiple names. So I must say, please try to enjoy our games with your other nickname that we have unbanned for you according to your request previously, in spite of calling us "rude" and other nice things.

Thank you for your understanding.