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My Final Farewell - R.I.P TANX
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My Final Farewell - R.I.P TANX
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My Final Farewell - R.I.P TANX
The game is dead, Iv had no competition in like the last two years other than the Hungarian players & Alex in Tournaments and dueling Tornado.

There's nobody left for me to play to actually get any enjoyment out of the game now at all so I'm done.

Unless the game one day becomes active again with new or old life I won't be coming back this time. It's pointless when there's like 3-5 people online all the time neither of which are skilled enough to give me a difficult game which is what I prefer the most a "Challenge".

I would like to say thank you to everyone who made my time here worth spending. I spent years here as you all know, I'm from 2008 and played probably more than anyone in those years other than a select few no lifers who still to this day play for fun and not to dominate. I played to be one of the best and I no doubt became one a few years ago and I love how people denied me being good when they couldn't even beat me at the time, truly amusing.

Anyway, thank to all my friends and clan members iv teamed with throughout the years. You made it all worth the time and I will not forget you guys. Especially Ftw's obviously. You guys I had the pleasure of leading into clan battles on here are some of the nicest people iv ever encountered on the internet and despite past arguments I will truly miss all of you, I already do to be honest. Especially, Sam, Alex, Nitro, Jason, Tali, Luna & his brother GraveRobber. You guys were always there helping me at one time or another throughout my years on here so thank you all, especially Jason for teaching me how to play better in the first place. People don't realize how good a player Jason actually was at times but I do, thanks old timer. Hope you read this some day. Nitro, thanks for backing me up over the years despite the fact me & XC didn't mix very well at all. Sam, thanks for all the great memories and loyalty shown by you in FTW, always stuck by me and gave me Leadership of FTW for many years and that I took seriously as you know. I went out of my way to make sure FTW lasted as long as possible and dominated this game and it truly did. Not one clan in the past 5 and a half years has outplayed FTW while me Sam and Alex were playing the clan battles and I think that says it all. We had the chemistry to be the best on here and that we were. Other clans deny facts because they are incapable of proving their own and that indeed made my day, seeing people beating me to being absolutely destroyed by me a few months later was a hilarious feat yet I enjoyed it so much. In fact, it was harassment that turned me into a top player. People trying to bully me into quitting only gave me a new reason to play, to destroy them and that's exactly what I did. I would never have stuck around so long if it weren't for the players here. Thank you guys so much, especially my rivals and enemies. You motivated me to become a competitive player here and I thank you for it, even if you hate my guys, you at one point helped me become a stronger opponent. 

@TCA Nightwalker
You were probably the only Moderator other than HarryDog WG who actually treated me well. Every other mod I encountered other than Streamline was pretty much out to get me in most scenarios. I always tried to be "nice" to them but sometimes my efforts were useless and a complete waste of time, especially one mod in particular who will always hate my guts for nothing, too bad he means nothing to me. Thanks for teaching me many things here and motivating me to sort my health out, I truly appreciate the advice and information you gave me last year but most of all, thank you for being a good opponent, one of the smartest players I have ever had the pleasure of competing against so I thank you.

@Cody aka Luna & GraveRobber
You guys are without a doubt the best people I ever met on this game. You kept in contact with me and have been good friends every since I met you on here many years ago. It's been a blast playing with you both here and Grave, if you read this, you were honestly my absolute favourite opponent out of everyone iv encountered over the years. Thank you for the games bro.
Cody, you're the best friend I have ever made on the internet and you know it. Just glad I met someone like you.

To Everyone from Tanx, enemies, friends & rivals, I would like to personally thank each and every one of you for making this game fun for me. You provided me with competition, entertainment and friendship and I will never forget you guys.

I hope you succeed and reach your goals in life, I really do.

If anyone wants to keep in contact with me reply to this post with a way for me to contact you and I will send you my contact information.

Once again, thank you everyone.

Yours Truly

Jeff, Aka FTW Warrior 2008-2016.

@Moderators, please approve this post. It's not asking a whole lot and it sure isn't inappropriate to my knowledge. Think of it as a last request from a loyal subscriber who has been here over 8 years. Iv lost count of the payments I sent you guys for subscriptions over the years to support your website surely I deserve one last farewell post, right?

I only talked to you once or twice.  You really are one of the few I could have a good conversation with.  Good luck to you in the future!
Bye buddy 

Keep safe Jeff 


i coulda logged in more but hardly anyone was on so i logout after 10 seconds for another few months :\ 

hopefully FoD shine up there glory games rather then releasing dead new games that no one wants. 

remember we made "private" names :D? could do that again if this game becomes worth playing.
Adios guys.

LOL those private names caused a lot of confusion. Nobody knew who we were and that made it fun, too bad we didn't get general on them or something, would of been pretty funny seeing two privates with high ranks tbh. I was too busy playing clan wars on my FTW name at the time as points weren't what I cared about at that point lol.

@Everyone who replied, thanks for taking a moment of your time to say goodbye, kind of you. I'm defo going to comeback and visit, unless the game ends up offline. I won't be back to play tho. Unless it gets new life somehow.
Lol am i meant to be offended because someone who has never posted before doesn't care? :D
Why did anyone care that somebody with 2 posts was leaving the game that I own daily - Tonx.
i think taterz likes you jeff .
Too bad nothing he says means anything to me lol.
lol you will come back after 2 days so nobody cares.but fyi nobody wants you to stay or comeback or whatever
Wow that's alot of paragraphs hahahaaa I got bored after a few lines then seen the rest, it's only a game man. Your giving paragraphs of a "farewell" speech... It's a game....... It's not like you've just spent the last 10 years of your life on something that matters hahhaaaaa.... Maybe you should quit this game ey... before it's too late!!!!
Too bad it's up to me whether i return or not and not you lot then eh? :)

Love you too Random.
Thanks for making me leader of F.T.W, together with Taterz, I spoken to you with skype last night and i feel glad leading this big clan, good to hear how good your dads doing and that you lost 45 lbs, congratulations, He must be very proud of you now hearing who was the best in this popular game, i gonna shade a tear now goodbye. :p

Thanks for all the moments youll wrecked, destroyed, and verbally owned me, this things i gonna use in the rest of my entire life. ;)

PS: F.T.W, Here i come. B-) :p 
@Sentinel I don't have you on skype and I never will. Keep spreading those lies if that's all you have to do these days in your life, but boy that's pretty sad. You can go make fake accounts and put my name on them and then talk to yourself with them, take screenshots of the conversation you had with yourself and then you can show them to people to try and convince them that it was actually me talking to you telling you this and that when in reality It was never even me doing it. Imagine, someone making fake accounts just to try get leadership of a clan on a game with like 3 active players LOL.

You got problems buddy.

As for the rest of you trying to bash me for this thread, I just want you guys to know I appreciate your hilarious attempts to get on my nerves, you truly do amuse me with your harmless replies. :)

Jeff back it again with the "i'm leaving tanx for the 200k time".  P.S Nill if you read this add me back again to skype :( 
"I'm quitting tanx, yes i've said this as many times as there are stars, but i'm serious this time!"

Agree with Max
Bye, Jeff. Take care of yourself!

Hey Balazs, long time no see buddy. I'm still alive & kicking xD. I don't play this anymore as you can tell, you never see me on here anymore. It's good to see you're still around. If you wanna contact me ask Sentinel or Tornado for my skype since i can't post it here.

Not sure when i'l be back here but i'l see you whenever, take care old friend.

Well guys it's official I'm quitting tanx...

Oh wait I quit this game like 10 years ago.. -_- whoops

a pleasure to play with you jeff, I also have good memories of that great game that gave me hours of fun and friends
well, well, well....if it ain't smokey aka the green man. I hope you're ok with the earthquake...or were u 2 high to noticed it? jk....P.S Jeff must've been in Mexico eating tacos and he trip and fall down. 
''Granny I Owe You (L) Max''
Remember that Max? I bet Acid or Nitro still have one of those kept away for you somewhere.

At least Max sides with the onces who care about him..