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Hi.I wanna report ''s2h2'' for bowling vs D0menik. Ip ban ty.
you must be seeing things,, did you eat some rancid sheep head soup ?
s2h2 here curling no bowling "grow up"(k)
How is making takeouts against the rules?

These no mind non curlers drive me up the wall with their "bowling" comments. TAKE OUTS are a huge part of the game. 

Hi.I wanna report ''d0menik'' for exaggerated number of guards in all his games. 1 week for every guard, ty!!!
I totally agree with Valoisman, anyone who knows anything about real curling, would never cry "bowling". It's these armchair curlers who don't understand the real game outside of a computer screen, complaining of this normal strategy. 
i want to report for AIYANNA. cause she is seksy Lioness
Not just a normal strategy but the only strategy. What real life curler doesn't use guards? Even in skins games guards are very important. 

Let the complainers spew, they will tire themselves out. 
i want to report d0menik . he didnt bringed to LionKing3 today ESSPRESO
I want to complain about Jock Kuta simply because he is Jock Kuta.  Jesus Christ get a grip OP
I  want to report Aiglon for not giving me my crown
a very serious appeal to all: keep a close eye on who is doing: too much bowling, too much freezing, too many guards, too many post in the forum and last but not least, with Jock Kutas very suspicious behavior!!!
It has bean brought to my attention that some people just take themselves a little toooo seriously on this sight. Pleese liten up and have a laugh where it is intended. Rub the funny bone sumtime everyone.
Can we have Kuta's reply translated into English please?
I would like to report the people participating in 9/11.  Like c'mon who can read that fast?  They went through 80 storeys in 8 seconds!!  It's not fair!
i want to report ERTO for his 18CM
i want to report Myself - for running out of games when my game-control not working properly. 
That renegade Scot living in Ireland can't speek the Queens English, so what is he on about : > )

The Queen can't speak the Queens English mate so what hope do we have?
I want to report Saint Andreas - it's his fault
i want to report MineraCurling for her,s fite.
cus locked? OMG Lion u are so childish! Grow up.. Muted!
I don't talk with WIND cause he love gabi
I want to report whoever or whatever created God for creating God who created us who created more of us who create more of us.
I want to report Wulliebhoy for pretending to support a soccer team. He is a timposter.
Haha Eve, Scotlands champions for the 5th year running. Fair play to you's for coming up & we welcome the challenge. Hail Hail :>.
I wanna report Hayday (vanhassan) for reporting me. 
Maybe you should attend a curling club and learn that hitting is actually part of the game.