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Greatest ever player
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Greatest ever player
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Greatest ever player
Just a debate, in your opinion who's the greatest ever to have played curling here?

Sensible answers only!!

Talent (The real 1)   Vinnie Jones & even though I did not really like Trout he has to be up there.
Trout (Not a nice man though) Vinnie, Wind, Lion King3 and of course erto
Back of Burke and all of cashprovider's other nicks are the best 

Maybe vanhassan would make him break a sweat :p
Nah we talking top players here ,so sorry Cashprovider even if you have 20 nicks you def not included lol

We talking about 300 er ,talent1 ,Benji Boy , pikachu 
WIND , hassan that should be it ,maybe aiglon ;) 
Talent1 is the best I've seen and played against
How could I leave Talen1 out of that list. Shame on me
Not to brag, but i am the greatest :D Trout, Talent, 300er, LK and Aiglon are pretty good aswell <3
Talent 1, BenjiBoy and as the most dangerous outsider, not to forget JockKuta! :D
If you in "Greatest" combine skills and good behaviour my votes go to 300er and Snella.
All around player = Talent1
Best tactician = 300er
My favourite = Vinnie Jones

there are other very good players, i dont mention all, cause i dont want to offend if i forget someone! 
Guys this is fairly locked down at the top...talent is the greatest early era player and trout is the greatest new generation player,,I honestly think that if u go by stats trout wins talent more than the other way,,I hate to say it but trout will always be king when he's on,,
Next comes vinnie. Back of Burke ( he is not cash provider ) and if he played more would be all time best ,,,he once took trout five times on the trot,,,,hassan( on his best days) lion king ,mialdews,dragoun(pika )
300er,,,wind,Aiglon( there are question marks about his top level consistency but no doubt a top player recently)
Few honourables..circuit,,,rechko(boss).and it starts to whittle down to a lot at this point,,,u have to say trout really,,,,,,
There is some players with cheating program u guys have voted. my 6 years in here i think LionKing3 is the greatest when he play real and not crying. 
nobodys in flyordie are greatest players only in reporting some have class lol
I miss playing curling..I miss watching others playing curling..also I miss the chatting too..My highest(genuine)rating was 478..so I think I'm entitled to know a good player when I see one..Vinnie Jones at his best for me is the best..end off     Best Wishes All                                 
Hi Paul, I hope you are well and all is ok, but miss you here. 
Hi Anna so nice of u to leave message like you did..yes I'm fine and well ty Anna..hoping your doing good too..I'm sure u are cos I know your a strong and determined young lady..easy on the whiskey eh ;-) but make sure u have good times..best wishes..Paul
There are many great players here,talent1,trout,vinnie jones,vanhassan,lion,wind,nobodysfool,burke also salakino aiglon(hihi)and others,their level is very high,and for many of us unreachable,i want to mention in particular Wind,becouse this player is always to find the perfect shot in his playing,even if this means ,also to lose an end or a match to reach it ,very salakino, but very show player and big big interpreter of this game with much brain always.ty to all great players ,and,i would say, ty to all the players of this game!
I would agree with Breakfast Club that Talent1 is the greatest early era player and Trout is the greatest new generation player, but Vinnie is the best player for me of all time, moreover he is also quite older than those above.  Who is wowser by the way?, he plays very well too. 
Talent1 is the best, but Vinnie was my favourite to play
@Breakfast Club: Do you know my head to head matchup with Trout? I don't think so. From memory the first 8 times we played I won 7. Then I stopped playing as much. I started playing snooker, because I needed something new to challenge me. I got pretty good at that too, scoring a maximum in quick snooker and a max break of over 80. Later on after I had a 1 year break in 2013 we played another 8 or so when I think he won 5 and I won 3. I can tell you right now, that my best playing strength was probably in late 2012. If you want me to prepare myself professionally to play this game, I can raise my game to a level you may not even imagine ;) 

If you think I am an old school player, you are just too young to know. I tried this game for the first time during the Torino Olympics in 2006. I started playing in march 2008 with the nickname Seiler. The real old players are those who started back in the early 2000s when the site was created. 

I think I had the crown for almost 2 years straight, starting from a one month subscription, winning tournaments to keep it. The time span was from 2011 to 2013 if I remember correctly. I don't believe this streak has been beaten by anyone. 

I saw a comment that 300er is the best tactician in the game, and I have to disagree there. 300er was great at execution. Not that his tactics where bad, but I think there are a few who tops him in the tactics department.  

Now I will share with you my three best shots ever. They resulted in the score of 7 and 6 and 4 respectively. 

Let's start with the 6. I am playing a 600 rated player at the time, having the hammer. My opponent has a covered 1 but I have 5 stones in the house. I had a lonely guard on the side, and I reverse angled it from the hogline straight through traffic and hit the shot stone on the nose.  Easy pickings as they say.

The 7 was quite incredible indeed. I had taken a break of 3 months from the game, and the first game back I played against VINNIE JONES. I had a nice buildup through the end, but Vinnie made a great shot to lie three before my last. The only problem was that there was a triple available, and you guessed it. I made the triple and the three stones went through the three only available gaps around my other stones. 

Now for the 4. I was playing bonobo57 the legend himself, and he was lying shot rock in a packed house. I had a medium long center guard with a tight line down to the shot stone. I played a soft raise hitting the shot stone cleanly on the nose just pushing it out of the red 4 foot line. The end result was 4 of my blue rocks (yep I remember the colour too :p) glued together inside the red. Maybe the best feelshot ever played on FoD.

When it comes to rating, you may have known that we had a different scoring system before, where every score counted. I believe I was one of the players who helped with implementing the new system, which rewards winning a match over winning big. In the old scoring system, noone could even compete with my rating, since I was not losing many ends at all. The new rating system encourages more hits, and it's easier to score many points against slightly weaker opposition. This is why we saw the ratings increas from an earlier record of mine of 621 to a new rating record of a bit over 800 set by Trout boosting the rating for months :p I don't remember my 700 score exactly, but I believe it was in the 760s. 

Best regards Seiler (my original nick for two years before I made Talent1).
Trout later wud beat u more than early days talent sorry and u are one of the older players maybe not the oldest ,,,I have watched u many times and trout is a better shot maker on consistency
Also u. Say. U have won 7 times but I have seen u beaten by trout many times,,peeps hate on trout but he was class,,,and u were not around later when trout was coming into his best ,,later games he mostly won with you,,,,,read what I said,,properly,,when u beat trout he was in earldays of playing ,,,,,…sure generation of players before I were there I accept,,,u can tell us about them,,,but please don’t take offence at my opinion,,,I put u on top two like,,lol
Lol talent u
I think u are buying into the myth abit too much regaling ur three best shots lol,,,there are many many great shots on this site ,,
Firts of all i want to greet talent1, i hope he can back here to have fun,it is,probably,true what he said about the best ever here ..but i agree with breakfast about back of burke,he is a player that could be better of talent1 if he only play here more than he usually does,i played him ,and according my experience here,he is more precise than Vinnie,and more solid than trout's playing, he would be very dangerouse for talent1 leardership,greetings!
You must be confused Talent. Curling game in this format came in 2008. Seiler was registrated 28.Feb 2010. So get your facts straight. Best player: Back of Burke. No doubt in my mind :D
Oh really? I probably just remembered the wrong olympics :P Curling has been on FoD since before 2008...I don't think I said I played with Seiler in 2008. I just tried with a "guest" account way before I actually made an account. Wasn't this game around during the 2006 Torino Olympics? Obviously I wasn't here from the start, so I wouldn't know when it started for sure. Curling accounts exist from 2002 as far as I know.
Somehow for some reason the comment about 2008 and Seiler did not mean what I was trying to say, should have been I played the first time in 2008, Seiler was of course made in 2010. Someone has to show me that curling did not exist in 2006, because I thought I knew this game back then too...
Tommy.Gun and wind are the best players in my oppinion.