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Hey guys [message from old school]
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Hey guys [message from old school]
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Hey guys [message from old school]
Wow, Tanx still exist!
I playied it long long time ago. I don't know if here are players who know me currently.

I just playied few minutes ago, i'm crap, but I still know some movements ;)

Well, it's just a message from MASSACRE U.p.R, old ULTRA U.S.A.

FlyOrDie, you need to build a mobile version of your games!

Nobody is on anymore Ultra. It dwindled down to 10 players a few years ago. In that time I became the champion on the game and dominated everyone whilst posting about it in the forums. Now nobody will play with me.. 

Sarcasm aside, good seeing you.
who are u Twister? No see u while iv played this game for years :$ Play with me. Ill change ur mind :D

Colors with u - Yellow <.<
That is because it has been years since all of the good people left this game. I like your name....it is pretty.
Hi Massacre
I remember u...the best player ever hahah
Nice to see u again
^^^ no best player ever was Land_Lord..i was there when he owned minni 10/5 that day. 
hey ULTRA ,

big fan here , watched a duel of you vs pancho. it was v. helpful for me to improve. i was wondering if i could see you anytime soon on tanx if not , message me on skype on 
" yoha-1903@hotmail.com " and ill try convince ya to come back for atleast once a weak :p . please respond , much thanx.