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Suggestion for FlyorDie to stop people like Stone of Scone from padding their rating by playing 0 rated players all the time:

Someone playing an opponent with less than half your rating, shouldn't be awarded points for a win, but should still lose points for a loss. 

Example: If i'm a 300 player, I should have to at least play a 150 player to obtain points towards my rating.

This would stop the padding of points and force good players to play closer rated players to obtain points.
Also, how do people who only play super low rated people get over a 350 rating? 

Any long time player can crush noobs.

The other side of that coin is that some of the lower rated players or newer players complain that none of the better players will play them & therefore they have no chance to improve. For those of you who care about points (I don't) I think Newfoundland's point is well taken. However, I think FOD already has some system that takes the point difference into account. I have fun playing this game, good curling everyone!
Low rated players can choose not to play the higher rated players. So that argument isn't really valid. 
I think there already is a built in disincentive to play 0 or low-ranked players. A win adds very few points but a loss results in a huge point degradation. If Stone wants to play only low ranked players, who cares...whatever floats one's boat.

FoD COULD look at implementing a point differential limit, but that might punish the elite players who are in the 500+ level - they would have no one left to play. If you WERE going to implement some sort of restriction I think you would have to take the number of matches played into consideration as well. A 100-point player with a lot of experience is often capable of knocking off someone at the 400 level. 

I like to use the ranking and dot-accumulation to try to pick an opponent that will give me an even match - the best games are the ones that are decided on the final stone, either way. Of course, after a while on here you find people that you enjoy playing...for me, those are the ones who combine sportsmanship and reasonable skill. 

My main regret on this site is my lack of ability to understand other languages...I am probably missing out on some great friendships here because of that.
Newfoundland have a good point here. Look f.ex. at Aiglon. He goes around and talking how many times he have had crown.. Vs? Underrated players. He pick out his opponents he can beat easy. So this should not be rewarded. 
I just calculated the avg of Aiglons opponents the last 10 games. Totally 2658 points, 265,8 points avg opponents. Its around the half of Aiglons points just now.Regards Anna.
Minera/Namtra you are obsessed with me. :D

Thanks Anna some players on here just can't handle the facts.  :D
Yes i agree

Minera you make yourself totaly ridicelous ,aiglon oponents got double the points your oponents have last 10 games lol ,and now al can read you behave like a total spoiled kid ,grow up pls and stop behaving like a litle jalous kid ,better keep practicing ,and me sure 1 day you will improve and may clean aiglons shoes ;)

AIYANNA. Rating have not much to say in here. There is some bad players with over 240 + points,aiglon challange those players (thats my point).. Why he never play me fex or other strong  players in here? He play only for points. If u have seen other crown holder's last 5yrs Trout Lion, they only played top players. 
Maybe a  special room designed/programmed to challenges for a competition rating could be a good Idea, where f.eks. Blue meet Blue, yellow meet yellow, brown mest brown,a competition room whith different levels.
We keep the current rooms as friendly games rooms. A "competition room" will be used for the system controlled struggles, like we have in FoDs tournaments :D
Lol right on point Rolling-Stones.  Thanks.  His opponents are much lower rated, and even if they weren't, that wouldn't be his business.  The funny thing is I challenged MineraCurling a few days ago, but he clicked the decline button and went on to play someone he could actually beat.  There's a little handful of players that seem to focus on others while not even trying to improve their own game.
well one time i was in house of Mr.bubbles and Mr.bubbles showed lesson in curling to one pointhunter :p