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Ah a good look on governments
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Ah a good look on governments
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Ah a good look on governments
Well...we see this all around the world. And this is how America is becoming. Please visit 
Does anyone understand? Do any folks my age even care about what is bein taken away from us, and what is going to happen in our future? Freedoms are bein taken away slowly...and our freedoms in the far future don't look too bright.
Thanks for the link. Good to see that not all young ppl are brainwashed by the bad guys.
I have God to thank, that I was not brainwashed by the evil people. God gave me a good Christian family, and a good Christian school, which helped me to spot out the evil in this world.
just sayin sumthin.confederate u believe that god cleared the earth of dinosaurs for us to live safe.im not bein rude but there is evidence of a culture before the meteor hit earth.if u wanta know more ask me
is it my computer or is that site really slow??
Makes me think.......(which is really quite hard to do) what will this come to or what 
 it come too.
Liger...I never said that. No one knows how they died out, and really who cares? It's just all bout God's Will; and most of the time, we will not understand His Will.
my family knows alot! how this government we are living in is going to be.. and we know how its going to turn out.. im sure every 1 has seen all these people with the name 666 writen on there names.. does any 1 know what that really stands for ?  its stands for death !
ETERNAL DEATH.. whether you beileve in God or not that mark is very real and it is concieved bye Satan (a fallen angel that once lived in Heaven but thought he was better than God so he got kicked out)..0h if you people only knew.. .... only knew what kind of world we are living in.. 666 is Satans mark and God said that in the End Times.. War will happen.. people will rebel.. and im sorry to say this but some of you arent in tune with God and you know it.. God is Real! i know ive seen things beyond your wildest dreams and i know through experience.. and what Confederate just showd you is 
lol this just goes to show u fed that he really is a retard hahahahaH!!!!!!!!!!!!
i know where the government is going it's going to hell and you don't need god to see that all you need to do is take a close look at the schools and the fact everyone is geting dumber everyday i know the meaning of 666 it's the mark of the beast it's also some believe when the world will end 6:06 and 6 secs thats the time of day the world will end 
Dark sage, please don't post sites with that much cursing...
david blaine, it is only a matter of time before you are banned...
clean up your act and dont be unfair on confederate just because he beleives different things....

dark sage, please syop posting poems and lyrics you found on website please, if people want poems and lyrics, they will go looking for them, OK? trying not to sound rude post something worthwhile that everyone agrees with

thank you and goodnight, suit

i loved the music thanks for the link

j/p it was good watched half of it had to go was kinda like tech class.
for you info some of what i post i don't find on sites virus 1k1 
Confederate, do you beleive in the old testament?
Yes, I believe in the Bible, New and Old. Jews use the Old Testament only. But, Christians, use both Testaments.
the old testement...
how did god have a concept of time when he was creating the world? 
and its proven that humans are here because of evolution. 
It says in the old testement that moses crossed the red sea, when, due to a translation error, he only crossed the reid sea, which is only 5 foot deep at its deepest point... but big nevertheless.

Darwins "theory" of evolution. Evolution is still a theory. There is no evidence of evolution. 

And the Red Sea may have been deeper...I mean Moses crossed the Red Sea like, 4000-8000 years ago?

It is not about the music people..lmao...
I'm not gonna get into this, but I agree with Confederate...
im aint coausing an argument but ,
Darwin himself said that he was wrong. he said in a speech that it was not true. and it hasnt been proven that it is true niether.. god had a concept of time but there was no time when he was creating and its confusing and nomn of us no it but God knows everything.. 
*-NERO-* #~Forever~#
the thing about it is....nice music;)..good points :p
Evolution is a theory but there is more evidence for evolution than the old testement. 
"Proven" evidence...I have never seen any real evidence yet. How bout ya give me something (suit). Give me some evidence, like a site or some facts instead of saying there is evidence lol...
"Darwin Himself say he was wrong"...hahaha...that one always cracks me up.  I'm not throwing myself into this argument - simply correcting some factual errors.  The reference to Darwin admitting or "saying" he was wrong - is uh....wrong. This is where this "fact" originated...

"I may, of course, be egregiously wrong; but I cannot persuade myself that a theory which explains several large classes of facts can be wholly wrong." - Charles Darwin, November 13, 1859, in letter to L. Jenyns 

Not quite the same thing is it?  Darwin may, in fact, be wrong however..Darwin stating this is NOT a fact.  Being a good scientist he simply allowed the possibility that further research and new evidence my disprove his theory.

Another factual error - There IS NO "Darwin's Theory of Evolution".  Evolution was already a theory for decades if not longer.  Darwin came up with the idea of Natural Selection which he put into the book he wrote, "The Origin of Species".  This was published in...you guessed it...1859.  Same year as the quote stating "he was wrong" above.  Natural Selection was Darwin's attempt to explain how "Evolution" worked. Darwin died in 1882.  He never recanted his theory.

THe problem with this whole argument is there are few things in Religion that are provable or even universally interpreted in the same context.  In Science the problem is that because it is - by definition - and continual and rigorous process of postulation, testing, theory, testing, etc....many scientific FACTS are often really just theories.  They are often disproved and replaced.  

Isn't it interesting that Religions often have Scientists who endeavor to PROVE religious doctrine?...and that Scientists often exhibit RELIGIOUS ZEAL in defense of their THEORIES?  LOL

Here's a question for you...have you ever considered the possibility that EVOLUTION is how "GOD" put the whole world together? MAAAaaayyybeee...GOD...created.....*gasp* 
! Of course...lol..that's just a theory........
Scientists have not been successful in explaining how the stars came to be. Evolution was not God's way of developing us. Genesis (the first book of the Bible) says that God created the earth and that He created man in His own image. So God and evolution do not go together.
im behind confederate all the way..

Some people may say that evolution is true, some say it aint.. but the truth of the matter is.. it doesnt matter!!

All the time we spend on trying to figure out how we came to be.. was put into praising the Lord.. it really would matter.. because we were put on this earth, by Gods grace, to praise Him!

Now look what we have done with our lives.. all the time we have to praise God is really a limited time.. not long at all you may say..

In the book of Revolations, John the disciple and one of Jesus's closest friends, explaines that he had a dream of what God was going to do in the end time.. or the last days on earth for us..

it says that God will come back for us and we will be *caught away* in the sky to finally see our 
 face to face.. or spirit to spirit you might say.. lol..  but anyway those last days are upon us.. you can already see it in the way the world is forming.. 

The bible says that there will be a 1 world government.. and *gasp* look! there already talking about a #1 world government#!!.. the bible also says that there will be an anti-christ.. we have many anti christs now but there will be one that steps up to the plate to bat..

just think of all thoughs precious minutes.. hours .. days .. weeks.. months.. years!! Darwin spent on figuring out our existence.. i admire him for his perserveirence but it didnt do anygood for him now..

people also say since God created us we are god.. but God does not need anything to survive on.. if we were god why do we need food water and all that to survive.. people open up your eyes.. u aint God

*NERO* #~Forever~#
It really wouldnt* matter (at the top)
The anti-christ is looked as a whole...another being. He is already here. He will take the form of a human...so that's what I heard. 

Who cares, It dosnt really matter? Look NERO I want these people to know the truth that evolution did not occur. God created everything. God did not create evolution. 

A 1 government reminds me of...the UN. Nothing good can come out of the UN.
UN s-u-c-k-s!!..i know but im saying that evolution is not real.. and that if people didnt waste their time on perfecting the theory then it would matter.. all trht matters is God right ?

by the way this is NERO.. i changed for u fed ;)
well if god put us on this earth to praise him he most me pertty self absorbed and another thing if all he wanted of us was to praise him and all he wanted from angels was to serv him y did he give us free minds 
see what i think is that we are just gods play things and god is just a lil kid that loves to watch ppl suffer

eh oh spaggetio its happening again....


Confederhead, there is plenty of proof about evolution , mainly fossil evidence and the anatomy of our bodys, like we dont have an appendix...

-suity ;\
* sorry we 
 have an appendix
my bad...
There is still a problem you guys run into...

Evolution/atheism cannot say where the stars came from. You might say gases; where did the gases come from? Was there nothing before the world? 
ALright thats it .. no 1 says anything about my God!! so if you want to get technical about it dark sage, lets see...  If God wanted us to suffer why would he put us here in the first place? and why did he come down from his heavenly throne to DIE for US??? why did he give us free minds ??? why did he let you chose to have a bad life ??
I'll tell you why sark dage, HE LOVES US THATS WHY!!!
he let us choose the path that we want to go, and obviously by the way u posted your little snickering comment is that ure having a bad life that 
so dont even go and take it off on your Creator!!
God dint want us to suffer, he wanted us to cherish the fruits of life in the garden of eden. but becuz WE sinned we have bad lives sometimes..
evolution is not true i can prove most of it!
if we creatid are selves what substance did we use? 
where did that substance come from?
where did that come from?
where did that come from?
where did that come from?
where did that come from?
where did that come from?
ect. ....
i thought that scientist were smarter than this.. even they know that something cant come from nothing!!
even if they get to the furthest they dicoverd and are still discovering.. the question is always going to be,,
Where did that come from?  ......
*-God-* #~Forever~#
and learn to spell sark dage!
or ill say wirdy dords !
im supposed to be leaving flyordie... but i will have to reply to this before i die nywayz...

Stars and planets were created by a point of singularity.
that is that a few billion years ago the universe was crammed into a tiny space smaller than a small atom...
In fact in was 72 trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion tonnes per cubic centimetre.
look, i have just finished reading stephen hawkins' book "the universe in a nutshell". i suggest you pick it up and read it...

p.s then it all exploded ;)
its to hard to explain on here... but thats the general idea..
\¯\/¯/ |¯|)¯) /¯/\¯\ \¯\/¯/ 
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\¯\/¯/ |¯|)¯) /¯/\¯\ \¯\/¯/ 
>>Xbox gamertag: suit u sir<<
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No I will not read an atheist book sorry. Your life resembles John Newton's life. Some of you would know what I mean if you have done some studying about John Newton.

Still where did the atoms come from? There is still a flaw in your theory.

I cannot give you any proof of God. You will have to find that proof yourself. You would only believe in something you can see, or hear. But you cannot hear or see air. God is like air. You cannot see or hear Him, but he gives you life. 

The Bible does contain actual events, actual places, and actual people. Noah's arc may have been found. They found pieces of the arc on Mt. Ararat. But that's all I can convince you with, the rest is up to you.
An interlectuall post for once in a while....

For starters 66 isn't the sign of whatever the original guy said, its the number of the devil it means devil and thats probably just fabrication. Secondly, confed - you cant believe the world just popped up out of no where like fairy dust, the big guy musta had something to do with it, but not just waves his magic wand. Also, saying "god brought me into a good family etc" isnt that slightly snotty, believing that god made unfortunate people in bad families etc, isnt that one of the bases for what christianity stands for. As much,as you want to be a christian and want the gates of heaven to open for you, whats the point in wasting this life to make yourself another, make use of your original one. Not saying christianity is wrong, just the way in which you follow it. Why does church etc. make you better christian ? Why does reading the bible make you a better person ? However, I do agree with you nationality crisis, in 60 years everyone will be the same colour and probably the same nationality and...hold up thats another topic and I can go on for hours about how England has become--stop.

Kisses and Hugz

Like darksage,  I believe god put us on earth to live freely but also to observe us and be entertained because without life,  god would obviously be very bored.  Something disturbing struck me a few months ago,  I thought to myself that part of god must be evil.  Why do I think that? I think that because *it* allows evil to exists and I feel that part of god is entertained by the evil things people do.  Besides, without evil the definition of good would be a strange almost uncomprehensible thought.  Maybe you're right about the bible Nero and about evolution.  I personally don't believe in the bible,  but anything's possible. Now I'm not saying what I believe in is true at all, they are just my beliefs. Obviously one thing is for certain,  that god, the supreme being, whatever you want to call it is real, otherwise we wouldn't be here.  I'm jealous of god in one thing though,  i'm jealous that god can be with any woman it pleases....maybe god is with every woman it pleases every second of its existence :D I know I would be :D
o my gosh how can people be so blind.. how many times must we tell you! jeez i thought you were smarter people than this.. jeez suit how can something so small.. smallr than an atom fit the universe ? gosh what the heck is the matter with you!! my gosh uyou believe that crap!?
and another thing, just because me and fed are Christians does not meen that we are better. we just happen to know the truth about existance... and now its useless trying to argue the piont with you thick heads.. i really dont care anymore what you believe.. fine believe a lie that the devil has sturd to people, fine be a moron and go strait to the pit of HeII!!  
fed please dont post on this topic anymore..because the bible says not to cast your perl among the swin and im not casting mine and please dont cast yours.. if thats what they want and chose to believe there aint nothing we can do about it..
wow, all of that coming from a christian, nero, you really are a moron, you think you know about the universe because you read a book that was made by man and which has no proof that it was the word of god. idiot
well yes, smaller than an atom. the universe didnt just get pushed and squeezed into an atom, on no, it was created that way...
and one day the point of singularity imploded on itsslef, and there is even proof for that im afraid...
NERO, we are supposed to be a testimony wherever we go. Well suit u sir, I will not argue - you go your way and I will go my own. 

Don...Yes I believe God created the world. 
sorry bout the caps lock...
yeah anyway i posted that a bit prematurly lol

Someone had to put a stop to it lol...
thats my small secondary school!:)
that car parked to the left is my tables tennis coaches car.
its an old catholic secondary school named after the local marter blessed george napier.




George Napier was born in the Old Manor House, Holywell, just outside the walls of Oxford City about the year 1548. 

In 1568 George Napier opposed Queen Elizabeth's nomination of a renegade Catholic as President of the College. 

The Queen forced the College to elect her candidate and expelled George Napier and his friends.

He returned to Holywell. With his brother William he built a house on some property they owned in Cowley as a place of shelter for priests.

In 1580 he was arrested with three other Laymen and St. Ralph Sherwin. We do not know how long he remained in prison for his Faith. 

A soon as he was free, he went across to France to the English College at Douai to continue his studies for the Priesthood and was ordained at the age of forty eight. 

On the death of Elizabeth in 1603 he returned to Oxford, living at Holywell Manor and at Temple Cowley.

For another seven years he was able to work as a Missionary Priest, saying Mass, hearing Confessions, and administering the other Sacraments to the Catholics in the area. 

On July 9th 1610, while carrying Holy Communion to a sick person, he was arrested in the village of Kirtlington in Oxfordshire and brought before the Justice of the Peace at Heyford. Some months later he was moved to Oxford Castle. 

At the Autumn Assizes was condemned to death, to be hanged, drawn and quartered because he was a Priest.

The ceramic plaque on the outside wall of the school tells his story and celebrates his memory. It was blessed by Maurice Couve de Murville, the Seventh Archbishop of Birmingham on Wednesday, September 2nd. 1992. The ceramic artist was Mr A R Pope of Wolverhampton. 

all that you see i did for a project for my GCSE work. I did it for the website as well :p.
sit there aint no proof of crap..
and yes god did create the world an unierse and i dont vcare what you say i aint posting here again
well, there is proof actually.
that proof is 
  and was predicted by a man before it was even found.

-suity ;\
i'm usually on your side of things suit, but i have to say, all of your posting was annoying. everything from the information about your school to your excessive posting about the universe.
sorry chess warped :(
i am am annoying but; appreciate what you've got, cos basically, im fantastic.

i will stop pasting now ;\
Pasting, posting...what has this world come to??
My question to you Confederate is, what's this have to do with tanx and why is it posted in the Tanx area?
Other than that, not a bad message and one that needs to be said and should be taken to heart. But unfortunately and sadly enough, it ain't gonna happen in this corrupt world...

canTANKerous :D
Yeah it should be moved and the title changed coz I can't even remember anything about governments.

Anyway, just to clarify something....Confederate - Do you believe God made the world and if so in what form and how etc. or did he make the 'big bang' happen ? You canna believe God walked around the world popping a tree here and putting a lake there. I was also wondering, from someone who never read the bible in their life, what is the Bible's view on evil ? Does it believe in it or what ? Who wrote the Bible ? Jesus ? God ? Who's God Aand who's Jesus ? Jesus was born from Mary And Joseph and God asked Mary to do it and she was magically concieved but how was God brought about ? Or is he the supreme being that did all of this ? Do you believe that Jesus is still alive and/or does the Bible say Jesus is always alive ? 

I really should read the Bible one day but it is sooooo long. The Sun is taxing enough for me to read each day.
I have heard some reports that the editor of The Sun is actually The Devil and Dominic Mohan is his sidekick, the latter of which I can definately believe.
God is not 

God creatd the earth. He made man in His own image, which may be tough for you to understand, if you havnt read the Bible. Remember - God can do anything, except sin. 

Yes the Bible does believe evil, if I can understand what you are sayin lol. The Bible says humans are evil, and describes evil as sin. 

Here is a site for you to go to 
If you are looking for who God and Jesus is, go here. If they do not give you a clearer definition of what you want, go head and email em your thoughts and questions. 

you email them, about your belief on how the universe was created. I'm sure they could come up with a more understandable answer than I lol :p I think if ya do email em, you could get a better answer than me...
no such thing as god and if there is one he sucks a big one 
heres a thought whats your saying is something can't come from nothing well lets see here where the hell did god come from 
dark sage...let's talk about something else...

Now get back to the government thing. What did yall think?
ha you don't want to talk about it cus you know i'm right
go ahead tell us where did he come from if something can't come from nothing
All ya want is an arguement. You just want to hear what I say and twist it around. Even if I did tell you, you still woudln't believe. So whats the use in arguing??
na you don't know thats y you want say i was smart enough to get you on something if you can believe god came from nothing y can't you believe anything els did
your better off just believeing in yourself and forgeting about this crap cus there is no prof either side
I am trying to put a stop to this argument. Act like a man and do the same. I only have one thing left to say: 

We will all find out the truth one day. 
well you said it yourself something can't come from nothing but if god made everthing where did he come from nothing your mind is just a twisted wreak
I heard you were the one who spent 3 years in his house...
Do you have any friends...or do you live in these forums?
couldn't get any if i wanted to so who needs them
well, i need them. whether they be on flyordie or in real life, they help me get through a lot of things [img=
] , they can be the most important aspect of my life...
This beers for all my friends [img=
cheers [img=

]ŠỤỈ Ґ Ǘ ŠĬЯ[img=
Isnt it ironic that i have fell out with quite a few of my friends due to this topic? lol

]ŠỤỈ Ŧ Ǘ ŠĬЯ[img=
you just like buging me don't you suit
im sorry, but point out the bit where i am "bugging" you?

everywhere i go you seem to show up
im wid suit u silly cow/hag (mooooooooooooooooooooooooo)
no i'm a silly lile cow tipper 
shut up bluefire.
its not your problem.

sorry, bluefire is my 9 year old brother

dont worry, you should hear what he calls me, and hes applying for moderator.
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Lmao he is really applying for mod??!!

IF the cow wakes up...u got a couple a thousand pounds of pissed off hamburger trying to eat ur shorts...

God Created eveolution

Good Music

THanks for the beer!

laffin my tanx off Squid..
P****d off hamburger   hahahahaha :D
Squid, don't start the argument all over again.
By the way...have u noticed that just before it rains...cows will lie down?  They EVOLVED this behavior too.  Its a documented fact that Cows used to carry umbrellas...really..its in ALL the old Prehistoric Cow fossils....but the dinasours kept eating the tops off 'cause the cows - who are short compared to the dino's - kept walking under them on thier way to work...and poking them in the stomach with the pointy tops of the umbrella.  This aggrevated even the gentle Bronto's who - would summarily chomp the umrella tops RIGHT OFF!  Rendering, of course, the umbrella useless.  Now this really ticked off the Cows - 'cause they had to get to work.  And now they were all wet.  But, what could they do?  They were just Cows...granted there was that whole "Let's shoot milk in their eyes" revolt but, as we all know THAT didn't last,  because some nearsighted bovine who'd lost her bifocals squirted a t-rex right in the eye as he was getting ready to munch on a triceratops...no need to tell u what happened then  - but it was messy...ANYWHO...the point is..after that the cows 
...they stopped walking upright, quit their jobs and said " Screw it! You know what?  We don't NEED jobs!  We make our OWN DAMM MILK and there is PLENTY of grass!  SO you big B***ards can just get along without US thanks you very much..We're just gonna hang around here in the field!"  Well, eventually they lost the ability to talk - on account of 
 and not wanting to talk to anyone else - and they only way they could communicate their still festering anger was...comon now...are you with me?  Yep!  That's right! They just plunked their big ol' milk producing butts down anytime it was about to 
, and GLARE - at the Dino's!  Now everyone thought this was wierd and kinda pathetic but, what they forgot was..the Cows..they were the A
...so when they quit working...well pretty soon nobody ELSE got PAID!..NO MONEY....NO FOOD..NO HOUSE...next thing you know...BAM!! EXTINCTION...all but the Cows!  And THAT's why they still lay down when its about to rain.  Its a WARNING.  A MESSAGE.  "Don't MESS with the COWS!" The power of the lowly cow...fearsome ain't it? Some say its reqression - going from an upright walking, talking, bovine accountant to some grass munching, milk bag but, oh no...its EVOLUTION allright!
I wanted to keep this thread dead, because of all the religous arguments here. I figure there is no more reson to argue.  
No suit not here. We may get banned. 
Tanx and religion do NOT go together, Confederate.

Let me tell you something, being the genius that I am. Everyone is entitled to their opinion...but it's when you cross over the line and try to force them on others that problems occur.

Personally, I believe the Bible is a bunch of monkey crap...it's worthless, evil reading, unless you have a real brain, which most humans do not...it is NOT to be taken literally...otherwise we'd be stoning homosexuals to death, and killing wives who talk back to their husbands, and beating children with rods, and...you get the point. The Bible can be interpreted like 20,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 different ways....so that's 20,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 different possible opinions for everyone on this planet.

The only evil in this world are people who can not think for themselves...you're clearly a bright kid, and keep studdying and figuing things out for yourself...eventually, if you work hard enough, the truth will become evident to you...you'll feel it...
one more thing--evolution is more than a theory, it is a FACT...there IS evidence to support it...overwelming foscilized evidence...there's evolution going on right now as we speak.
Those who deny the Bible have been unable to explain how the universe and
planets were formed or created, or how the planets were placed in their
orbits around the sun at  their proper speeds. The 1700s evolutionists
believed in a theory (which is used today) that the solar system condensed
from a large cloud of dust without the need of a Creator.

 There are difficulties with this theory. The most obvious is, where did the
cloud come from? Another is that the particles in the cloud would not stick
together to form planets. Gravity is far too weak a force to draw the specks
of dust in the cloud together and make them stick. Only in bodies of a
kilometer (0.6 mile) or so in diameter does gravity play a significant role
by drawing chunks of material together. No one has figured out how these
large bodies could form.

 Certain things about the planets spell trouble for the evolutionary
theories. If the solar system indeed condensed from a cloud, everything in
the system should have inherited the same spin that the cloud had.This would
mean that everything in the solar system would be turning the same way. But
at least two of the planets, Venus and Uranus, spin "backwards,"and about
1/3 of the moons in the solar system revolve "backwards" around their
planets. Evolutionists believe what changed the planets and moons rotation
was a accident had to happen to change some rotations. It may be even
impossible to imagine an accident that would reverse the spin of a planet or
the orbital  direction of a moon without shattering it.

These theories are constantly changing, due to all the defects they find in
their current theories.

 Big Bang Theory

If a person that does not believe in a all-powerful God that created the universe, then how can he explain how the universe began? He must put his faith or trust in a theory that later becomes unworkable. The Big Bang theory is now a popular theory that a huge explosion created the universe. 

According to this theory, all the matter in the universe was originally contracting or falling together under the pull of gravity. The phase has been called the "big squeeze." Eventually, after falling inward for many eons, the matter became so densely packed that a violent elastic rebound occurred-the "Big Bang." Extremely high temperatures generated by the explosion restructured the simple matter that then existed and formed it into chemical elements. Hundreds of millions of years later, debris from the blast came together in just the right way to form stars, galaxies, and planets.

The Big Bang theory has several scientific problems. The "big squeeze" could not have compressed the matter to anywhere near the necessary density. Even if it could, matter of such density could never expand because of the titanic crush of its own gravity. There is no feasible way that the debris could come together form stars, galaxies, and planets. The fragments from the explosion would keep moving off into space, moving farther and farther apart. Human observations have confirmed that explosions have a stronger tendency to disorganize material matter than to organize it.

im sorry.
but thats rubbish.
research it a bit first.
Confederate--you're trying to look at these things as something that the human mind has to wrap around.

The answer lies in that we can not understand it...our minds--the human brains--aren't fit to grasp it. There is no explanation for eterinity TO US other than God...God is there to fill in the holes in our brain...but realistically, there just isn't a God...or maybe there is...but there's no more reason to assume there's a God than to assume that we are just figments of someone's imagination...

You are using HUMAN LOGIC to argue your case, but in fact, human logic is faulty. There is no eternal proof that the human brain is 100% consummate in its ability to forsee the universe and its surroundings and the explanations that lie wherein--so trying to make a case like this as fact is just a waste of time, as I see it.

OBVIOULSLY, you all missed the point about the Cows...I could go into the how the Big Bang was just a Methane Gas explosion...on account of the ORIGINAL Etheral Super Cowseating too much cosmic grass...but that would only distract you...

I could point out that if you ever saw a Cow chewing its cud...its clear that ANYTHING could be reduced to even INFINITESMAL size...but your minds would wander...

And Anti-Rotational SPIN?!?  Please...watch a Cow cross its eyes..THEN tell me about how a planet can or cannot be conversely rotating..HAH!

But I digress....the point is simply THIS...Cows.  It is ALL COWS!

-nuff said...by the way..can somebody milk me?  I'm feeling kinda backed up....