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8ball Tourney, winner will get 1year sub
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8ball Tourney, winner will get 1year sub
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8ball Tourney, winner will get 1year sub
Hello guys,i'm trying do a 8Ball tourney having 8 players in total, 4vs4 and then 2vs2 in the end 1vs1. the games are bo3 .the winner will get 1year sub . post ur names if u want to participate!

Jeff (dark/shadow prince)

Call more friends :) we need more players
okay then, finally there are 8players. Lets begin
first round: 
woboy vs Lindomar Stoque 
↨Mคтєยร Sтøqยє↨  vs Shаun Murphy no1 
αιит иσ ѕυиѕнιиє vs Ðȧʍő Ðèѕ†ɾőŷèᴦ™ 
Shaun Murphy 1  vs Wяoиg≈Ѕнот 

don't forget bo3... gl
il be online thursday night after 6pm uk time shaun murphy 1
↨Mคтєยร Sтøqยє↨ 0:2 Shаun Murphy no1 
ggs ty mate
lindomar i was on last night you wasnt here. next time thursday night 6pm uk time i will be on. i told your son to tell you but he was busy playing so i cant wait all night.
sunshine, il be on every night this week except thursday
tomorrow night damo is that ok in unrated about 830 cheerz;)
lindomar, i will be online at 6pm uk time tonight. then next time monday, so hopefully play tonight.
You do know that Nine Mens Morris got banned permanently for using a program during the Reversi tourney last week on Firday?

There's very good odds that this tournament is over & the player will not be giving away a 1 year sub.
Hi, sorry my nick was banned im Nine mens... Lich King(mason) im not banned from using program in reversi, but using 2nicks with same ips thats why :)

woboy and lindomar DSQ we cant wait with weeks for your games.

now : Shаun Murphy no1 vs Ðȧʍő Ðèѕ†ɾőŷèᴦ™ 
the finalist will play with : Wяoиg≈Ѕнот 
Well that's good to hear Jeffrey. You was running 2 nicks during a tournament with the same IP's, if true when you play'd yourself during the tourney the games would not have been taken, so that means you gave a nick to a friend? in order to give wins either to you, or you to him in order to win the tourney for VIP & extra sub.

you must be very proud. But it still stands that you do program during the tournaments, bullet chess you auto prog, reversi, C4, Mill... whichever game has a prog available you'll be there :)
Dsq cos lindomar has no intention of playing me? Haha stuff your tourny then you weirdo. 
Woboy i will be online 16:00 hr in Brazil, maybe before too ok.
just played lindomar I won 2-0 if you wanna count that, if you wanna keep us dsq do as you want!