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Splatters Unite!
Splatters Unite!
Splatters Unite!
It's been a little slow on the forums and it's been some time since last we had a competition.  During the month of November, we cleared over 50k monsters from the target square, so let's have some incentive to do better.

I will offer 1000 silvers per splat for the month of December.

In addition, if we clear 85k + monsters (get below 75k on the target), larki santa might pay a visit to the homes of good girls and boys on Christmas and drop off a few thingies.

Your enemy cries out, then collapses. You've won!
You've eliminated 58700 monsters already!

TCA NightWalker Try to spend next trny backgammon or tanx, i' ll be in room. Thx.     

Hi ezekial, thanks for organizing this, I am a bit surprised to see myself being included with 97... that looks... ugh :$ ...
Also, sending you greetings back, Joyce, as well as greetings to everyone out here. Hope you all had/are still having some nice holidays!
Prizes have been awarded.  Kristal and tyler, I gave all your silvers to your specified character as well.  Thingies should be in your homes. 

Thanks again to all our splatters.
Thanks for the contest Zeke. :) Go ahead and allocate the thingies to Irelia (if you haven't already; it's not a big deal)

We all did a good job.

Thanks ezekial nobodys says no to thingies :)
I like all of my thingies to KARA please.

We love you our dear moderator. ❤


Forgot 1 ... Me ..(kidding)

Thx for your wishes .. My turn u mine ...

A special hello to TCA NightWalker

Regards ... Joyce.

Oh, and if you notice any mistakes or omissions, let me know.  My 1AM math might be a little off.
Happy New Year!

We cleared at least 
 monsters during December.  You guys are awesome!

TCA NightWalker
: 97
B-commer- 97

: 530
Lucha Libre- 120
LOGOS- 120

: 540
By-Tor- 80
Broon- 200

: 1599
Sir Strength- 1226
Zeitgeist- 211
Irelia- 162

: 1761
uoxhvbrzd- 1761

: 50169
KARA- 6299
Peach- 6500
Apple- 6500
Parsley- 6500
Apricot- 6500
karmina- 6820
Lavender- 2800
Lilac- 1000
Thyme- 1000
Olive- 1000
karmena- 700
karmenaa- 650

: 58834
Blum- 10813
Donn- 10814
Kris- 10341
Dunk- 9850
Scha- 3663
Nach- 2960
Fins- 2922
Rabe- 3300
Morg- 2452
Smar- 1719

I'll be giving out 1 thingie per 100 splats (don't worry, tyler, I'll round up :p ).  Prizes will be heading your way sometime this weekend and unless otherwise specified, will be going to the character that earned them.
An army of 
 monsters is awaiting you towards north.

Looks like Larki Santa is going to be busy.  He probably won't be coming around until Friday though, so if you have any special requests (all your thingies to one home, split between two chars, etc), please let me know before then. (Same for your silvers.)

And remember, if you don't see your name in this thread, I don't have your starting conquest count and you won't be receiving your rewards.
At least I was active enough to not fall out of the toplists this time :p
For reference, this is our list of current conquest:

Blumschatten     301800
Donnerschlag     288580
Kristallmond     273710
Dunkelstern      263518
KARA             161001
Peach            157000
Apple            157000
Parsley          157000
Apricot          157000
karmina          149366
Schattengeist    148840
Nachtlied        141012
Finsternschutzer 138265
Rabenschwarz     133432
KRÎSTÂL          121500
uoxhvbzrd         98401
Big Boo           78350
THE SNOW DOG      61190
Lilac             50400
Thyme             50400
Olive             50000
Lavender          49700
By-Tor            47980
Bortreslagghörne  47297
Broon             43030
Sir Strength      35757
Morgendaemmerung  32323
Dr. Boo           24700
Lucha Libre       19510
LOGOS             14020
DRACO MAN         12990
karmena           12300
kamenaa           10450
B-commer           9679
Xynan              9165
LucyHunter         8622
Dschungelkrieger   7500
Little Boo         7186
Zeitgeist          5786
Blauereiter        5549
TigerToo           4318
Flambeau           4235
Smaragdaugen       3608
KRİSTAL            3550
ZzZz08             3500
Irelia             2000
B-ginner           1942
Turms              1921
podur              1824
nemesis2            705
Larthi              445
Adric               245
-Flintlock-         222
Flam                135
Trillion            105
karamel             100
digger bee 2        100
digger bee 1        100
Rhiannon Fae        100
Omni314              42
trockar              12
QuickHare             2

As usual, if you find yourself fallen off or just starting out, please post here so your character's conquests can be credited appropriately.