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9 Ball Championship
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9 Ball Championship
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9 Ball Championship
Hello everyone.
It is time to make some new tournaments.
Some people asked me to create a 9 Ball Tournament.
So here we go.
It will be played with 16 players.

1st Round: Race to 7
Quarter: Final Race to 8
Semi Final: Race to 9
Final: Race to 10

Prizes? Just for fun! :)

4 Players are already in.

Greetings Tommy! :)

Just a quick information.

The games have to be played without pro rules.

Combination on or not? 

You can decide with your opponent.
If you both 
 decide it will be 
with combo

 3 Fouls are allowed always!

Each round you have 3-5 days time to play your games.

Any more question? 
Feel free to ask. :)
I wont be online till sunday evening.
So i hope we get 16 players untill sunday so we can start it then. :)
Tell some friends about it so we might get it quickly.

See you then
mmmm and as the " sweety pie's " play their false tourney, :) the rest of us can continue and have fun (y) fk the " so called " top 16 :)
i'm in bro,good idea - ↨Mคтєยร Sтøqยє↨
Lets go.
1st round:
DeLuXe PlaYer : Wяoиg≈Ѕнот
αιит иσ ѕυиѕнιиє : Gary Ridgway
Phuzz : The Real 9 Ball
Judd Trump Nr1 : KingZ.
 liquid_lizzard :  Ðȧʍő Ðèѕ†ɾőŷèᴦ™ 
✰Owen✰ : °•.Oиε Mσяε.•°
Shaun Murphy no1 : Mαgιcαl Sкιll'.
↨Mคтєยร Sтøqยє↨ : woboy

Good luck everyone it is race to 7 :)
mateus il be available tonight maybe 7pm uk time or thursday  6pm uk time.
Lost vs °•.Oиε Mσяε.•° ggs :D
il be online 6pm uk time tonight
↨Mคтєยร Sтøqยє↨ 7 x 6 woboy
very sorry!!  Judd Trump Nr1, mates, i will not be here for a while..
Well it is ok KingZ.
So p dash will replace you.
Judd Trump Nr1 vs p dash then. good luck :)
Hey p dash i am home in a hour so if you want we can play let my know cheers (y)
DeLuXe PlaYer  , when we can play ?
Hey Judd I can play this weekend near enough any time (y) Normally found in 8 ball or 9 ball room 1. Or 8 ball league room 3.
Gary Ridgway 3-7 αιит иσ ѕυиѕнιиє ggs
Tuesday the next round will start. Please try to finish your games.
Me and Magical will play monday morning.
we could play today?
are you there?
sorry i was quite busy
today i can play mate so like 20:00 hour today see ya
I can play tonight Judd any time.
i am online so if you want play now .. ?

Shaun Murphy no1 7:3 Mαgιcαl Sкιll'.
ggs ty
Next Round: 
The result of unplayed games is random.

Wяoиg≈Ѕнот : αιит иσ ѕυиѕнιиє 
The Real 9 Ball : Judd Trump Nr1 
Ðȧʍő Ðèѕ†ɾőŷèᴦ™ : °•.Oиε Mσяε.•°
Shaun Murphy no1 : ↨Mคтєยร Sтøqยє↨ 

It is race to 8 good luck everyone and have fun. :)
Judd Trump nr1 7-3 p dash. Ggs ty wp.
Mateus when you will be available to play?
The Real 9 Ball : Judd Trump Nr1

i lost 4:8 ggs ty 
Well I am not Online untill monday evening.
If you got time this day, let me know.

Hi m8
Im online now until late
Or tomorrow night too
Darts tourny at 19:00 for me
Anytime after that

Mateus could you give me any time when you want to play?
I want to make next round Wednesdays afternoon. 

Wяoиg≈Ѕнот : Judd Trump Nr1
°•.Oиε Mσяε.•° : Shaun Murphy no1 

Good luck all it is race to 9. :)
°•.Oиε Mσяε.•° 8:8 Shaun Murphy no1 

vggs ty fanboy
win vs wrong shot 6/9 but great games
So the Final can already start with a race to 10.

Wяoиg≈Ѕнот : °•.Oиε Mσяε.•° 

Good luck both. :)

uhmm tommy i am win from wrongshot not he win hallo im most play the final (Y)

if you online kieran let my know then we can play :)

I will be in snooker mostly or maybe 8ball I don't know when but we will find each other
im online kieran catch me in 8ball room
Sorry I won't be able to play the final, Nursey setup a losing semi final like you said to play vs francois. Sorry for any onconvienience and good luck with your games.
Oh, thats pity. :(
So we will make it with a loserround.
 Wяoиg≈Ѕнот  : Shaun Murphy no1

The winner of this game has to beat Judd Trump Nr1 2 times.
So the final:

Judd Trump Nr1 : Shaun Murphy no1

Shaun have to beat Judd 2 times in a race to 9, Judd needs 1 win. 

Good luck and have fun :)
I will be available sunday evening Francois.
ok ill see ya sunday like 19:00 hour
Sorry bro I am busy tonight.
Tomorow I will be at home 16:00.
yes its ok bro im where waiting for you but not coming so i where ofline too so we play today (Y) see ya later
Im online like 19:00 ok bro see you then
I was in hospital with my gf last day.
Today i will be available around 1900
Judd Trump Nr1 7:9 Shaun Murphy no1

The complete final score

Judd Trump Nr1 7:9 Shaun Murphy no1
ggs thank you man

Shaun Murphy no1
 for winning the 9 Ball Championship.

Well done.

Also grat for 2nd Place 
Judd Trump Nr1

Thanks everyone for joining this tournament. 
Enjoyed it. :)

Greetings Tommy
first 7-9 for tommy and 2nd too 7-9 for tommy very nice games bro your the champion enjoyed