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Not fair at all!
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Not fair at all!
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Not fair at all!
It is not the first time when it's happend this but today it was much to much!
How is it possible that all your opponents to give one after another and only 66 and double ????
So much luck but only for my opponents???One after another?One game ok,2...but 4 or 5 games and the same story,66,44 ,55,33...
If is a problem with the server,fix it!
Thank you!
Backgammon is a game of skill AND luck.
Sometimes your opponent gets more doubles, sometimes it is you who get them.

Unfortunately human brains remember bad luck better than good luck.

Exactly now I finished a game where my opponenet have 6 doubles in 1 game!And in the game before the same.And in the game before the same!!!!Obviously,is a server problem!Not about skils and luck!It's impossible to win when your competitor has such dice!
Having six doubles in a game is not exactly what I would call impossible. Moreover it should be quite frequent, so it can be considered as "normal".

Having six doubles in three consecutive games is not really unusual, either.
Realy? Is normal?Than why I don't have that normality for me too,not just for my opponents?
Well, the same "normality" plays against me.
Certainly on here the number of doubles defies any form of statistics.

Given that the probability of a double in backgammon is slightly less than one in six - the number of doubles remarkably high.

Not to mention the number of times a 1 in 18 chance of leaving an exposed point is immediately followed by the 1 in 6 chance of then being hit - I have certainly seen that happen too often,
Guess just what happened again

The one 1 in 18 chance of leaving an exposed point

Followed by a 1 in 18 chance of a the hit

Followed by a run of doubles to win the game

If I had seen this once I would put it down to a lucky throw of dice,

Strangely I have seen it before = where - on FlyOrDie

Random of course
Flyordie, I think you need to listen to this post. I have played over 2500 games on your site. Your dice program is messed up 100%. What are the odds of a player rolling four double 6's in a row? Or a player rolling 2/1 five times in a row? Or at the beginning of the last 30 games rolling a 4/1, 5/1 or 6/3 every single time? Or taking six rolls to get off the rail with my opponent having only the 6 and 4 covered? You need to stop making excuses and fix the problem. Its irritating and not fair. The worst part of it is that you know it and won't fix it. 
Incredible dice rolls again....I have lost 7 of 8 games, watching other player hit me time and time again with impossible numbers....

If a 6%5 is needed, he gets it...If it's 5 & 1 he get it.
I remember when too many doubles are for me, but i still think the program is not fair and good!!!!
Please, do something to improve it.
Thanks a lot.
That's why it is called fly or die.
It lets you fly, then kills you.
I am not that good, but to be able to get up to over 150
then lose 10/12 games on the trot is a bit suspicious.
To be balanced my 150ish rating was a tremendous amount of good fortune.
Flyordie giveth and taketh away. 
I agree wholeheartedly!  It is so rigged for whoever they want to win, to win, no matter what the odds of the ASTOUNDING rolls!  So obvious.  I would like to post their prejudice and unjust ways more publicly.  Anyone got any ideas how I could do that besides FB?
What a waste of money to subscribe, it's too frustrating.
Haven't won a game tonight. Five games were a run for home and I was way ahead on pips on all.
Ones and two's for me, doubles all round for my opponents. 
Server is designed to make games last as long as possible and give d new and poor players victories to keep them playing. 

Rating system means regular players who what to maintain high ratings have to play often.

Regular players will go on incredible winning streaks followed by incredible losing streaks with the identical playing strategy meaning it is the server that decides who wins.

I am an average playing that will go to 300 + rating and then back to 0 and then back up, explain that.

I can, the server is no random, it is designed to keep the most players playing for the longest time to generate advertising revenue.



On a rollercoaster ride at the moment.
From 0 to about 150 rating without a loss.
Now going back to zero without a win