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Unable to use FlyOrDie with chrome
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Unable to use FlyOrDie with chrome
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Unable to use FlyOrDie with chrome
Hi Guys,
i m unable to use FOD on chrome.
The NPAPI trick seems to have run out!

is there any progress in html5?

will chrome be supported again ? if not ? can i have the remainder of my membership fee back?


Why would they refund your membership fee, you chose to pay for it. You can play FOD using several other browsers, chrome is not a "Must Have" for fod.
It is 4 me!

and i payed to use FOD for a whole year...

i ve been havin warnings that it would not be supported soon.

they clearly did not make the deadline!

and btw: the othere browsers r giving no result either.
same problem here i was just improving my game and then this!
I was kicking dunkey @** until I this chromebookos  took the wrong turn..F..it all to.....
Refunds are only for first time subscribers and the refund can only be given within 7 days of the nickname and subscription being created.

Since your name is from 2012, that rules out any possibility of you getting a refund I'm afraid.

Just use Firefox, it works perfectly fine for me.
Where is the moderators reply?
the issue isn't flyordie its chrome, if you want flyordie on chrome you have to contact the developers of chrome and get them to allow it to run or search for a temp fix.
I highly doubt you will get a refund or even be entitled for a refund from flyordie as its chrome that's cause the issue this time.
As far as i know checkers & chess run on html 5 as i've been told by players they are using tablets and ipads to play.
looks like thats me finished with fly or die pool after 5 years shame but i aint changing my search browser 

Just a clarification: you do not need to change your "search browser".  You just need to install another browser, and you can use it only for these games. You can still use chrome for other browsing.

This way you can start the game with just one single click.

b.s. the other browser are to large for some reason with this chromebook
wrong I try other browser with this chromebook and the image for fly or die is way to BIG ,,DAMN it I'll never by another(F)ing chromebook trash if you ask me back to windows acer the best pc I had
Hello Olieus,
you replied to a post of 2015. It's clear that this is no longer true, the browser has been further developed. 
Kind regards, John

If you have problems with your browser you should open a new post. Almost no one is reading here any more.
dame sitting don't work I'll never buy a chromebook