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Is it possible to add an option to Tanx Operation menu, such as "No energy"? We play duels often and both sides usually agree not to use them. But when one starts to lose, he still take them and it's unfair for other player. It shouldn't be an enormous effort to code it. I-m hoping to get answer from Developer or Operator. And also from other players.. do they support the idea or not. Thanks
Although I have very rarely seen you in Tanx I do completely agree with the suggestion. Tanx having a "No Energy" option for subscribers would be fantastic. 

I can't stand people who say "ok, no energy lets play" who then use it anyway just to cause annoyance. 

Surely it's not that hard to add that feature to the game, it's not like they update anything else for Tanx.
I have other nicks too and I'm quite active in this game. I have played this game for over 10 years now.
Iv played for nearly 8 years myself. The game needs updates but apparently they don't exist. No staff member ever talks or responds regarding update threads people post for this game which makes me think they will never do anything.

I guess we can hope still eh? Lol.