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WE UBR...are here to challenge TCA...for a clan war. post here yes or no ty :) 
WE TCA... would like to accept the challenge as soon as us, TCA, will have some free time. :) I will inform about that in tanx lobby
since i been busy lately...i would to said the CW between TCA & UBR will be held on 7-17-2090 at 9PM my time (France)...the names of the players to participate are still been decided by our leader, Danny van der hellsing. Looking further for this upcoming CW...so gl TCA you will need it lol 
I wish UBR all the best but i think with all the decent players of them, they still wouldnt have a change in beating TCA because they dont care/arnt skillfull enough. so the win goes to TCA.

"UBR King"

I hope you were even good in the time you played this game, because now you wouldnt make a effort, even Sentineal beated you 10-7.

Game must be:

TCA NightWalker, TCA Motivate. vs UBR Pwniak & UBR Admiral

2v2 till 20 deaths.

bonne journée. :)
UBR King made the challenge there for he should be taking part in that activity.
Clanwar 2v2. (20 deaths)

TCA NightWalker - TCA Motivate vs

UBR Pwniak (intention)- UBR Alcatraz (Shaman Killerz)


NOTE: Max isnt allowed to play clanwar because of Nickstealing and Rasistic facts ingame. By form of good loyalty he may play clanwar after the war of TCA.

Take care and lets enjoy the "Fallen Generation". :D
sorry i meant to say 2015* not 2090 :| the UBR players will be me,Danny and Szabina gl :)
So you let UBR king in your clan knowing he just steals accounts? That's very irresponsible.
It isnt, there is no irresponsability. in fact Eliaz shared the accoutname with him, but it stays stealing when youll use it in undecent, chauvinistic way. He sayed words i dont wanna use again.

Kicking him out is a thing i should do, but im not the person to do that (yet).

Szabina doesnt have Java anymore because she has a new computer which she cant download it, She cant play. but the 2 UBR members who dominate tournies will.

GL TCA & Let the best win! ;)
In response to:
since i been busy lately...i would to said the CW between TCA & UBR will be held on 7-17-2090 at 9PM my time (France)...the names of the players to participate are still been decided by our leader, Danny van der hellsing. Looking further for this upcoming CW...so gl TCA you will need it lol
Unfortunately, I'm being busy myself during that time. Hence I postpone the game and will inform of the game availability when I see UBR members in tanx lobby.
Good luck to both sides whatever happens. Perhaps your clan battle shenanigans will living the place up for a short time hehe.
Clanwar date is wrong, The players i asked are not active at this date, going to the beach, doing other things.

Im very sorry for this misunderstanding. The date is created by a casual member who has not the right to set-up clanwar dates, and the people who acually play, had no time, 

I accepted to early, wouldnt happen next time which isnt mean as a joke. but especially Pwniak is showing offline, ignoring me when i ask him about playing, or set up dates who become satisfied. Next time ask the good UBR members who are visable in numberous tournies with solo accounts.

They will give a awnser, hope that helps.

I hope im not disturbing you Artik, Hows TCA going? :)

Tc. (y)
I HERE INFRONT OF ALL THIS PEOPLE IN HERE HAVE DECLARED MYSELF OUT OF UBR...DUE TO THE FACT that my own leader won't listen to me or support me on my activity. My leader is incompetence and absurd. We had already agree on a TCA vs UBR me,him and on more UBR...and now he comes here and not only kicks me out of this CW but falsely accuses me of racism and nick stealing. Just goes to show that UBR is a bad clan. 
UBR July 17, 2015-July 18, 2015 RIP myelf. Im out of this clan
'Џ฿Ṝ Ḉøĵǿѝєš' Any particular reason you choose "Mans Private Parts" as your Nickname here on FlyOrDie?

According to the urban and regular dictionaries the word 'Cojones' means mans private parts and many other words i care not to say as they are very inappropriate.

Please take a look at Nickname Rule 1.4


"Refers to body parts or sexuality."

Since the word 'Cojones' is indeed another word for a mans private body part, I believe it should be deactivated for that reason.

If you don't believe me just google it. 98% of the alternate meanings of that word relate to a Males Private Parts.

I hope i made that clear enough for you. Perhaps you could put it aside and use a different nickname unless the Moderators decide to take action against you for it, which they should realistically since it does indeed violate the rules.
Yes, cajones is indeed a bad word in Spanish. I didn't want to be mean with him because his a good guy but he made me turn against him...when he accused me of all this non-proof remarks that i supposedly said and that i stole someones Nick. This is just really bad how we ended up but he ask for it. 
The word legend of tanx is talking about is a TV Series in the Netherlands about politics made by the VARA.

Theres even a facebook page of it and a website.

Max is totally inrellevant in this case and avoid hes own talk trying just to troll people.

& for Jeff.

I tried to explain it multiple times you still dont listen to whatever people i dont you?

And i made it clear multiple times in the lobby what it ment, FlyOrDie shouldnt post this kind of talk in the first place, thats why people like Hunor left. or perhaps they want tanx dead, congratulations.
Max left UBR and joined UBR within months. "UBR Puissant" rsrs.
My heart is in bad condition as many already know and so are my lungs. I am also diabetic, asthmatic and have very bad anxiety. The last thing I worry about is a dead game.

You got kicked out F.T.W because you did nothing but BANK after i asked you not to, i didn't tell you to stop, I asked you. I gave you the chance to quit while you were ahead and you didn't, you just kept banking. It makes F.T.W look bad, so I removed you, plain & simple. 
I let you get 7 kills on me in that last game we played. 
I could of beaten you 10-3 but I didn't want to make you feel bad for the rank you were holding. I'm not evil you know.

FACT: Tanx is dead because FlyOrDie Refused to update the game. It's plain & simple. If you can;t understand that then theres nothing I can do to make you understand it. You saw me make threads, Tournaments, train beginners and even some old players. Iv done a lot for the "players" on this game, i made so much effort to host little events for people and not one person showed any form of gratitude other than the ones I taught how to play better. People used me for subs like they did other players. Iv subbed more FTW's than both Yama & Nina combined throughout the years despite not being able to afford it, I still did it just to be "nice" and show my clan members I wasn't as bad as people stated.

The people who hate my guts and call me names, talk smack about me are all the people Iv beaten and taken out of this game throughout the years. They all hate me for being able to beat them when they had years of experience before I even started the game. It's satisfying knowing I beat the haters but at the same time it's sad to see how low some people go just to offend me.

If you ever become a member of FTW again it will be as a regular member. If you can't accept that then stick to UBR or make yourself a new clan. The "Leadership" in FTW right now is staying the way it is, Luis took your position when you were removed for Banking & Alex is the other Co-Leader. Only Myself & Sam can decide upon new recruits, nobody else. keep that in mind before you bother making any threats or demands.

Stop blaming me for the death of a game I have absolutely no control over. It's not like I update Tanx, or Moderate it now is it? I'm just a Veteran player like many others. It's up to FlyOrDie to fix this mess, not me. They let the game die. I didn't, I tried to prevent it..and my efforts were only temporary. I have no permanent fix for a dead game.

You might think I hate you personally but I honestly do not. I don't hate anyone on here other than Tornado, and that's for what he said about my Family, you know what he said, so don't act clueless to it. I have a reason for every decision I make, and every statement I make on here.

I also love how you nic khide to try and trick me into thinking you're someone else. Unfortunately that never works. Only Steven ever managed to trick me with nickhiding Rofl.

And lol @ Legend Of Tanx, that's three words, at least educate yourself before you attempt to mock me based on my previous nicknames.
First, FTW SENTINEL didnt banked after you told him too, they were fair games.

2nd Its too risky being in Ftw because jour a bipolar kid with no leadership experiance, your only 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and subbing people. The sites youll made didnt even got the members they had that moment.

3rd. A leader has a positive influence ingame, because tanx is not a job. Its for fun. 

4th. FTW is dead, does anyone cared of Ftw of all the 40 members who left after you came leader? Even Minkeyman doesnt contact you, included all the people in the clan of Ftw who didnt logged in, in 3 years.

So keep lurking yourself how being godess you are and how much UBR failed, thats really mature :p I give you one advice, when your sick go to a doctor and dont blame people of it. Spying and being a liar wont help. :)
Please dont forget how much laughs you got that that "offensive" nickname was being made! ;)
Its just that Max called out Zama and Szabina to be included in a clanwar with TCA even tho they are no duel players just  to be sure were about to lose and it frustrated me :|
:)  Would be great to finally have a clanwar 2v2, Nukes only: Me & Ftw traditional will fight against UBR (friendly fire) Fight Us Before 25/05/2021 im serious.

Mysterious R.
WE FTW...are here to challenge Sophia...for a clan war. post here yes or no but it will be a cold war.