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Top 5 Flyordie 8 ball players atm..
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Top 5 Flyordie 8 ball players atm..
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Top 5 Flyordie 8 ball players atm..
So, yeah name your top 5 flyordie 8 ball players , please name those have actually played recently.
Oh look, another thread posted by the "#1" player in Snooker, trying to get more attention about his glory on the game..LOL
lmaooo and you can talk ey? mr warrior?
Go play your 98' rejected game ey :)
Oh & you know Windows 98 is outdated now right? hahahahaaaa
Chuck Taylor., cimi1955, greenh0rn, Pool Killa and michto-niglo :)
Gear second 

French players always the best ! 
Shaun Murphy no1/↨Mคтєยร Sтøqยє↨/Fαɴтαѕтιcαł Nσσɮ/PhillTaylor/·Raúl Andrés·.(no order):p
lmao Mateus going top 5 after current top list. ur not even top 25 only because your ranked second at the moment. i aint either at the moment,but stop posting stuff like this or i might need to go hospital cause the laugh will give me a hard time :p

As i allready told ur dad: ur a good player but not even any close of beeing the best on this site. nowa days Top Ranked Players are on the same Level anyway,and any 1 can beat any 1 at anytime.

What i try to say: i aint the best on the site,tommy is not,you are not,nobody is the best. cause everyone can lose to eachother.

Have a good day
and stop posting up ur own names in top 5 rankings guys..i did that once too and realised it was moron acting.
and another example:

i got huge respect for gary ridgways game,but his Info saying hes the best Pool player beside snooker is just ridicilous.

in snooker i have no doubt, but in Pool we are all around same level as allready mentioned.

But gary and Tommy are two players that deserve respect for their consistancy overall.
I wonder how many threads like this are on this forum...

 hi folks, i take my hat off to each and every one of you,it is a delight to watch wonderful players playing the game,so much skill,so many different styles,you all have good days & bad days :) no big deal tho,because it's only a game.best wishes to you all ..take care :)
Heh heh :),i'm sitting here,chilling out after recovering from my second heart attack,so happy to be alive, and so happy to have such wonderful children & grandchildren,1 am 55 years old now,i worked all my life,i sold bread rolls door to door from the age of 8 years old :) ( i wanted a man from u.n.c.l.e outfit ):),as i got older ( 10/14 years old,i sold potatoes the same way,then i got my apprenticeship in upholstery :),out of the 35 years in my trade,i worked 17 years of them 7 days a week :),because i had a wife and 2 wonderful children to support,during which i lost both my parents,and my best pal ..my big sister,my marriage broke up 9 years ago,i stand alone now,but i am Scottish and proud...fear nothing,never let anyone put you down,stand your ground,be polite,show respect where deserved,manners cost nothing.walk like a lion.
Nice liqui, very Nice (Y). DESTYNATIOM LOL LOL LOL ..... 
LoL Lol LoL what Lindomar? you should accept to learn understanding the truth

Ðēžŧīńãŧıōŋ™ You than don't acept opinion of everyone,take care boy,you can be going for bad way in life,find God (Y) 
of everyone? its just your son listing himself as a top 5 player. you dont get it do ya?:D

pointless i guess.

have a good day
two people listed their top 5 players..so where is everyones opinion? still wondering :D
Did not post my top 5 lol. But any good player know Mateus is top 5 ,or is lie ????? 
The best 8 ball players can only be players who are good at Snooker pro, most of the guys in the current toplist has no class at all and i would know that cause ive played them all
So my top 5 is
ok Gary Ridgway (Y) but only who is good in 8 ball and who play recently or is lie ?xD

let them my son, you play two years, and breaks with all of them, they do not accept, let life teach them to be humble.
but you do know people will laugh even more now Lindomar? :D come on this is just too funny :D i need an ambulance =))
nobody mentioning me. :'( lol
Thanks for making me chuckle guys!
Gary Ridgway as great a player as you are I disagree with your comment about the best 8 ball players being good at snooker pro. The tactical side of game is totally different, angles are different, everything is different. I don't think you can compare the 2 games.