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Billiards on Chrome - Java - NPAPI
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Billiards on Chrome - Java - NPAPI
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Billiards on Chrome - Java - NPAPI
Chrome does not longer support NPAPI by default (starting with version 42, April 15), which is needed to run java applications.
Java is still needed to play our Billiards games, so you need to enable NPAPI in chrome manually, if you still wish to use this browser.

In order to enable NPAPI in chromeV42 please copy/paste the following address into the browser's address-bar:


then click on the small "enable" link below 
"Enable NPAPI Mac, Windows
Enables the use of NPAPI plugins. #enable-npapi"

and relaunch your browser using the "Relaunch now" button at the bottom.

Please note, however, that google is planning to remove NPAPI support completely from its browser in a couple of months, so you might also consider choosing another browser to play our games.
Thanks for the heads up on this. 

Chrome does that because NPAPI is not secure. It is able to run native machine instruction on you computer. A malicious plugin can do some damage on your computer.
Actually nobody really knows if FOD is secure.
Chrome are providing a new API called PPAPI.
You should update FOD to use PPAPI, this would be the normal thing to do. It is not us who should stop using Chrome.
Some other browsers will probably stop using NPAPI soon.
Will FOD stop if others browsers stop using NPAPI?
I think this would be a nice time to make a new version and try to fix the lagging problem who is reported by many players and never been fixed.
Thanks alot...
If you read the other thread


you might know that we are continuously working on migrating all of the games to html5 instead of java. Unfortunately it takes more than a few days. Until then, all we can do is to recommend to use browsers that are still supporting npapi/java.

Good news.
Im very happy to here about this new version and i really hope the frame rate will be better.
Its just that when i made thread on the lagging problem i had few answer from FOD. Developer answered once, but not really. I said he suspected a java misconfiguration. 
Working as a java developper, i know its not the problem and my java runtime configuration is correct. Plus i tried on different computer and OS, its unlikely to have a java misconfiguration on different computers.
The real problem is that the game is lagging because for some reason the performance of the program are not correct.
I do think it is a very good game and i really hope it will work better with html 5.
Ty for answer