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i accept that games will be won and lost, but ive recently had a number of f.o.d snooker players who seem to think its ok to cheat on me.... this isnt sour grapes cause like i said i accept that games will be won and lost but if someone could please tell me how to report cheats it would be much appreciated... thank you
You can't cheat. You just obviously don't like some people's styles of play.
It is very unlikely, in-fact, almost impossible that somebody is going to get a program designed in aid of their billiards play here, it's sometimes the luck of the ball as they say.

PS: Everyone (can) cheat, but why take the fun and the skill out of the game in order to gain yourself recognition or in most cases (points)...

Has anyone here ever heard of the flymer cheat? 
The only way you can cheat is by giving points away however that doesn't benefit you, and you can't 'cheat' your way to win a match unless your opponent is giving you points purposly.
As for programs there aren't any designed from what i know and if there were I'm sure they'd get found out and deleted hence the reason why nobody even tries to bother.

surely if you get people  with a ranking of 10 beating you by 50 points.. wouldnt that raise a few eyebrows??
Cheating would be the following methods below:

1.Nick hiding: Experienced Players Using New or Low ranked accounts to steal higher rated players rating = Unsportsmanlike and is considered cheating.

2.Banking: Players intentionally giving others free rating and willingly accepting free rating from others is a serious form of cheating.

3.Professional players repeatedly playing people 1/10th their rating in order to increase their win/loss ratio is also considered a form of unsportsmanlike conduct.

4.Time Wasting:Players intentionally wasting time taking shots to annoy their opponent can also be considered unsportsmanlike.

5.Multiple Accounts: Players using numerous nicknames at once to play against himself to gain free rating is a VERY serious form of cheating & usually results in a permanent banishment if they are caught.

If you spot a player doing any of the above be sure to report them as the more people who report these "cheaters" the more chance of the Moderators taking action against them if necessary.

In order to report these individuals you must use the "Contact Us" section of the website which you can find at the bottom of every FlyOrDie page.

Fill out a report with screenshot/video evidence of the cheaters player information (Service Record) and send it to the Moderators so they can take action.
I'm sorry but ''players that play 1/10th of a rating on a regular basis'' is cheating and unsportsmanlike behaviour? I don't do it myself but that is silly. You should be allowed to play WHOEVER you want to, if thats the case then FOD has turned into a joke.
^ I agree with Alex. If you subscribe (or play free), you should be able to play anyone you want to. I play any rating in any game modes, rather than waiting and only playing high ratings. When I get on in the evening, the most a room will only have is 80 players because of the drastic time change difference. Also, I know what you mean... but time wasting also can't be considered cheating even though it's VERY ANNOYING in frames where the opponent wants you to leave. However, FOD put a 1:00 shot clock for a reason and that gives the player the right to use all the time if they want to. I think the player should have an option in their settings on shot timer settings and that would eliminate this factor. 
When i said wasting time i mean people who do it then troll their opponents to annoy them in the chat by making them wait and calling them names, that's a more childish form of unsportsmanlike conduct.

I agree with you tho about being able to play whoever you want. Unfortunately for some people specific mods dislike it when experienced players play new players, iv been threatened by a few "EX" mods before with bans if i didn't stop dominating people incapable of beating me, which in my opinion is their fault and not mine for being better than them.

if you had a ranking of say 250 and you playing guys with a ranking of between 0-50 and your being beaten by 50 points plus.. surely that would raise some eyebrows?
David parkinson can't accept losing...he calls all players cheats...simple as that,play a combo...your a cheat...play a " tap " shot...your a cheat...win against him...your a cheat....try an hour or two in the practice room like everyone else does.....
And another thing david parkinson...it's only a game...you want the points without any effort,who do you think you are ??,soon all players will avoid you,you are disrespectful,you call players cheats,and accuse them of using programmes...( which is impossible ), player put a lot of practice in solo room to improve their game,then someone like you comes along and accuses them of cheating....you are a disgrace and should be removed from f.o.d. post haste.

lindo...he does not want to practice,he thinks he should be numero uno..without effort :D
lol :D are you the new david parkinson ?....:D saddo

In response to Liquid_Lizzard.... if you had bothered to read what i had written in my very first post, i said "i accept that games will be won and lost" and when i refer to cheats im talking about a small percentage, not everyone.. you should go back to the practice room and learn some manners
There's only one form of cheating on here and that is SLOW PLAY. Deliberate slow players should be 'attended to.'

I regularly get accused of cheating..(When playing well.) When playing badly other forms of abuse are normal on Flyordie. It's part of the game.
Dear David...are you so stupid !!!...you refer to a ( small percentage ) :D  of so called cheats....name the so called percentage of cheats :),you have a very limited of ability when playing,you rush shots,you seldom think about position @ a.to b..to c...and when it all goes wrong,you blame everyone else.and thank you for your comments this morning..f.o.d. could do without people like you..
i spend a lot of time in practice room david,playing different shots,stun run thru,stun,screw,reverse spin,"tap" shots...whatever takes my fancy,then i take your points...simple really.:)

I already stated every method of cheating, theres more than one.

i have made screen shots of a player in snook...he knows who he is,he is harassing and insulting players and accusing them of being cheats and questioning there sexual preferences,can i post them here for all to see,ar shall i send them to moderators@flyordie.com ?
How can playing a much lower rated player be cheating. I often play much lower rated players in wdw league does that make me a cheat?
P Dash no !! win some...lose some..no cheat..try telling the poster(and sad loser)
Hey Liquid Lizzard.. im a loser? mate... only losers call other people losers, you like to take a cheap shot at me whenever you get a chance dont you? but when i comfront you or challenge you, you go silent or run away.. you are pathetic
heh heh ..says the guy who calls players cheats,throws insults right left and center...Dear david...you forgot one thing....screen shot :) not so smug now...matey 

hi cheats,my name is saddo parkinson,if you don't let me win..i will call you a cheat...i have a programme that detects cheats.and if you don't let me win,i will tell my my mummy on you........Dear saddo,the last time we played ?? you only scored 2 points :)////then you ran away :) heh heh 
 hello,my name is David saddo Parkinson.i have a special sock,i love my sock.if you don't let me win against you,i will call you a cheat then tell my mummy on you.i play low rank players because i am a bully and think i'm smart....
Liquid Lizzard.. for a person of your age to be on here throwing childish insults in my direction, is what i define as sad... i run away?? pretty rich coming from someone who makes a living from running away.. the good players accept ALL challenges that come their way, which is what i do, unlike you who picks and chooses who they play.. the only reason i can think of as to why you wont play me is because you are afraid of being beaten.. ps to everyone else no one say anything to liquid lizzard otherwise he will screenshot it and report you, just like a typical coward.. take a screenshot of that and report me.. i dare you
Yes you can. Playing a deliberate foul is one example.

i agree with you on that,deliberate foul is not part of my game, i have played 8 ball pool without the move rule,and reached 500+ without moving,after all,it's a game of skill.
It's a game of choice. People play by their own rules if they please or by others. Iv found that most of the time where I decide not to move it then the other person does with an evil grin which in my opinion is just pathetic.

I play how i want now & if i want to move it, then that's what i would do. I don't know why you guys complain so much about it..lol
who is complaining  ?..perhaps it's dead head David,the guy who has a cheat programme that detects cheats,aka the village idiot.
>i accept that games will be won and lost, but ive recently had a number of f.o.d snooker players who seem to think its ok to cheat on me.... this isnt sour grapes cause like i said i accept that games will be won and lost but if someone could please tell me how to report cheats it would be much appreciated... thank you

If it's not "sour grapes" don't accuse them of "cheating".  Anyway, you can report "cheaters" here: 

Some laughable replies to your thread btw :)
Dear David...i have told you so many times,the reasons why i won't play any more games is this...Firstly...I Don't like you,secondly...I don't like you,and thirdly....I don't like you...anyone who knows me,knows i never refuse a challenge...and if anyone has any sense,they will avoid you and you disgraceful comments when you lose...you have NEVER !!!!!!!! BEATEN ME.....to be honest,you should be sitting on my mantelpiece...because I OWN YOU :)...AS I SAID IN A PREVIOUS POST..THE LAST TIME WE PLAYED,YOU ONLY SCORED 2/TWO POINTS :D...THEN YOU BOLTED :) :D as expected from a rubbish player,with a rubbish attitude.take a mugshot of that.....MUG.
Dear David,the majority of players you play,have a rank of  between 0 and 1 ,,and if i may,i take nothing away from these players to f.o.d.,It's only a game,then all of a sudden...they meet you :D what a laugh,Ohhh mummy , this chap is winning," what shall i do ",,,shall i blame liquid_lizzard for it ?? lizard only has 1,Z folks..mine has two,next year it might be liquid_lizzzard,I'm old now :D,so anyway prk ( short for parkinson ) ;) lol ;D, i have already stated that i won't play David parkinson,i wish to go unheeded in my games tomorrow,to david parkinson ,as of today ( 13/05/15, do not chat with me in chat room,do not challenge me in any snook room,you have accused players of cheating,show your proof to moderators,back up your accusations with proof,then come and challenge me rt5...then i will close your mouth, and to any other player on f.o.d thinks i am a cheat,or use a cheat programme,feel free to inform flyordie...and i will walk away. 
Hi everyone.. i would just like to make everyone aware, of a dishonest player on here who goes by the nick of Hulk Smash, he will probably hit back saying im a cry baby and he can say that all he wants but the reality is that he is using multiple nicks, he insults players and its robbing f.o.d players on here who do the right thing out of points, so if you come across him in the snooker room, avoid him, unless you want to be cheated on.. cheers guys 
that is the funniest comment from you so far David,Hulk smash !!! , i remember that nick being on snook yesterday, multi nick ?? PROVE IT....CHEAT !!! PROVE IT....back up your comments with proof,all you do is insult players on f.o.d, you are a disgrace,you told me one day that you had a programme that detects cheats....prove it....send it to mods,back up your disgraceful insults,your a sad loser,then you blamed ME for getting you a demerit point :, that was so funny :D,and now you are blaming Hulk smash for cheating :D,there are many guys on here who have been insulted by your comments...now you reap what you sow......get it right up you.MUG.

c'mon slack chops,show your proof of players cheating. you are all mouth,back up your claims with proof :),show the proof with your (special ) super dooper  cheat detector to mods...and i will show them something else :D

c'mon David back up your claims...show your proof/ lets get your cheaters banned.......:D then i will throw everything back in your face ,every word.you are a loud mouthed loser...and you picked on the wrong guy :)......so.... back up your accusations,show proof :) ??? but >>> you can't...because you are a lying bully. :)
Please tell me Liquid Lizzard why i should care what you think of me? .. I seriously couldnt be bothered with you any more mate, can you just call yourself a loser 
how long is this going to go on its getting boring...
I would just like to make people aware of another dishonest player on here who goes by the nic WHAM... players should avoid this player unless you want to be cheated on, he will probably hit back saying i need to improve but thats easy for him to say
Hi,there is a player here,his name is David Parkinson,he is a nice guy most of the time,he gets upset with some players at times...as we all do...no big deal David :), welcome to the crazy world of flyordie :)  chin up,show respect where deserved..chat later mate..Russell
just because they are a low score , say a 10 and they beat a , say 200...that doesn't mean they are cheating!! they might not play THAT particular game enough to have a higher ranking