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Snooker tournament
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Snooker tournament
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Snooker tournament
Hey everyone!:p
I try to make snooker tournament :D
I hope i have a time for it and we could get 8 or 16 players. 
I give few days for register and maybe we start on this weekend.
I suggest to play all rounds first to 4 wins and final first to 5, I think it's ok?

Im in ;)
Im not brill but would be nice to play :)
Nice, if I got 2 more players we can start
Well Kieran-Paralyzed- Im sure you can! :D

So draw of 1/4 final is:
Stephen&Hendry vs Shaun Murphy no1
-Paralyzed- vs Wяoиg≈Ѕнот
.GameOver. vs Mαgιcαl Sкιll'.
Gary Rigdway vs Denver Broncos.

First to 4 wins, gl all!
Slava; Ive got time tomorow morning or thursday evening. 
Ok Tommy, I try to find you thursday evening after 18 gmt, I hope i have time
magical skill when and where can i find you?? 
Hi Game Over, Check 8ball if im here, if i am propose me ;) im more at 8ball 
Hi Slava 

Replace me in tourney with Di Maria ( Alex ) 

Hey Kieran, ok mate..
Gary Rigdway vs. Di Maria first round, rt4
I am online now each evening, just tell me a time man. :)
Hey handsome! When do you have time to do our little thing? ;)
I'll have time most nights probably mate, I'll no doubt bump into you in lobby anyway
Stephen&Hendry 2:4 Shaun Murphy no1
ggs ty m8
-Paralyzed- vs Wяoиg≈Ѕнот and Gary Rigdway vs. Di Maria !!! you guys have a time until 30th March to play your matches.
Haven't seen Wrong Shot around for a while, I'm on most days but can't play between 4pm and at least 9pm on weekdays.
Hum. Whats now. Just Elvis and alex have to play.