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F.T.W  Vs U.A.G - Clan Wars
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F.T.W  Vs U.A.G - Clan Wars
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F.T.W  Vs U.A.G - Clan Wars
I here by challenge "UAG" to a series of clan battles.
20 Deaths, No Energy, No switching players during games.
Any form of harassment,vulgar language or unsportsmanlike conduct will be reported directly to FlyOrDie with video evidence.

No specific date, just appear when each clan has two players capable of playing 2v2.

First team to 15 wins will be declared the winners. Although I already know Ftw will win.

If any member of UAG wants 1v1 with me I'm not hard to find.

Come get some.

Clan War? Haha that made my day. There arent enough players in FTW nor in UAG to clan war. How many players are active? FTW has 1 member and UAG has 1 or 2 members. I wouldn't consider 1v1 a clan war but anyway you weren't here in 04-07 when real clan wars were organized.  
I'll be proud to represent UOQ in which will be an easy victory.

Seeya on the battlefield if your brave enough
You mind explaining that comment Thunder? cheers.

Ftw has three people willing to play clan battles and about 6 or 7 more members on skype/fb who would login if asked.

UAG is apparently UBR so their member list is endless, but only a couple of them are good.

Clan wars will not happen most likely but one must post a challenge thread if one is to find out whether or not a collision is ahead as in-game confrontation doesn't work these days, Tornado logs off as soon as I log in due to him disrespecting my family after I beat him a number of weeks ago.

Nobody for FTM turned up to battle me so the famous UOG run out clearly and comfortable winners!

It was a pleasure doing battle <3
Yeah i never saw FTM either must be another made up clan huh? :D
You avoided clanwars 20th january. 

My 2 friends on skype:
ŮĂĢ▫ŜũÞěř ®øў

They played tanx trying to get you in a 2v2 but you wasted your time agruing about banking and that your too royal to play them, that they need to deserve it and other nonsense.

In fact your hiding between walls to dont need to fight us.

So why it doesnt happen? ;)

Anyway, im sure uag had won this clanwar, and we dont play battles with troublemakers.

Anyway, have a nice day with your so called ftws, and thanks for the offer to let me join Ftw but with your leadership i cant take that risk. 
I would be kicked out after seconds after confirming my Ftw nick. -_-
I was online on the 20th waiting for your members to play me.
They logged in and instead of playing me they just banked in open ops of several accounts.

 < Proof.

I was there the entire time while they sat and banked up in that desert operation. Cyclone asked me for 1v1 but disappeared when I made the operation to play him LOL.
And you are correct about one thing I usually don't play against bankers because if they have to bank to get ranks then they clearly are not capable of fighting someone with my experience and I see no point in me playing people i know I will beat without much effort that is just boring. But since you claim I am afraid, send them to me and I will gladly play them whenever I catch them online in the future, if they come online that is.

As for clan battles if you have two uags online at once and I am the only ftw online I will gladly 1v2 regardless of who they are. I'm a lot of things but I don't hide from ANYONE, I will fight 1v2 if I have to just to shut you up and believe me you wont get no easy win out of me no matter who you put in that squad of yours.
>You mind explaining that comment Thunder? cheers.

Youv'e gone all quiet on me Jeff :(
When you have the so called royality as being a "permanent leader" you can ask random ftw members to play anytime.

I cant remember you made the operation for 1v1, only thing you did was talking trash and reporting my members for banking. Easy? One of my members got a 10/9 over you, last game he played you, Erixson got a 10/7 over you, he is also part of The Crew.

1v2 or 2v1 isnt fun because its not a real duel, We cant earn credits on that games so it doesnt matter uag plays them or not. Look for a member or better dont get members because UAG will crush them anytime.

Anyway, having much casual members like UBR is better than having 0 active members at all :D

Shows me that skill isnt important at all for being a leader. It's like a good job. youll need the right connections. I am proud that i may lead UAG.

I never tought i would learn to play tanx but i did.
I tought i cant lead a clan but i did.
I tought i would never be accepted in Ftw but i did.
I tought i would never succeed in uag but i did.

Btw, Why you putting text in a Link? LOL
"True Warrior"

Look at the pictures.
U told me 15/0 is official banking, not 10/0 as people believe, anyway i dont like it they banked in that op as far as you may call it banking, syr keops banked 57/0. No bannishment.

I will send the uags to you for clanwar, you only need some friend in ftw to team with if thats posable. ;)

For the Ftws, i dont wanna own ftw, i only wanna prove the mistakes Ftw made by unsportmanship behavour, kick out of members. The Elite form of Ftw. and the rude behavour of Ftws to others players ingame.
I see it as the freedom of Tanx community.

UBR Sentinel (Xbox360)
I don't know why you think UAG is capable of beating Ftw. Me Shadow & Eliminator along with Zeus beat UAG in 2011 when they were at their peak and I beat your so called clan leader "Tornado" 10-5 three times in a row when he had 580+ in 2011 during the rivalry between both clans, after arguing with him and proving I was the better player at the time.

If you wanna talk about scores I have a long list of people iv beaten who were way more skilled, legendary and respected than any member in your current roster.

People like All4x, Surge, Terremoto, Azteca, Bryan, GraveRobber, Trainor, Sibylline, Alberion, Shadow, Durion, Fighter, Sr Nightmare, Pancho Villa, Brock Lasner, DistructoR, & Tons more but I don't need to boast about beating them because people already know I did.

Your clan has nothing but a group of good nick hiders who when it comes down to a serious game of 1v1 can't outplay me. Provide me with a challenge or stop blabbering on about how good your clan is because all iv seen so far is people banking and getting banned all the time.
Enough talk.
Lets get this over with shall we.

FTW WARRIOR & FTW MONSTER (Leader & Co Leader)


UAG Tornado & UAG Sentinel (Leader & Co Leader)

First team to 5 victories wins the series.
20 Deaths each player.
No Energy.
No Substitutes.
No Arguing.

We will do it Leaders Vs Leaders. This will show which clan is the best. Since you keep talking about how a leader should act, defend and fight for his team.
Its only fitting that the two leaders of each squad take on the opposing leaders in clan battles.

If you decline the challenge Ftw wins 5-0 by default.

Any kind of incentive to give more "movement" to TANX room will be very well received.
I hope it works.
Very good initiative.
I would love to know why that image was posted days after i had submitted the text itself to be approved lol.

Anywho, read the other thread "UAGS".
Note it was 10 wins not 5 that was a typo.

First team to 10 victories.
why do you keep spamming your own topic come and fight against UAG and not leader wars only i set new date as 15/02/2015 11:00-15:00 if you dont arrive you lost clan war and it will be 3 vs 3 so get your members because UAG members are already done
I already made the rules and your clan refused to accept that challenge thus meaning you lost 10-0 by default.

Thanks for the free win and nice spelling you got there.
If you refused my challenge I see no reason to accept yours ;)

You lost, deal with it.
Sorry to inform you but all three of you are terrible.
A clan battle with you is a waste of my time. You are obviously "new" players which I don't see any point in playing with because I will beat you without the use of my arms LOL.
FTW refused clan war so 10-0 goes to UAG 



You avoid clan war because you no have enough players and know you would lose :) 

all i can say to UAG he is right FTW made surrender so point goes to UAG this time but it is just the beginning there will be more clan wars i will take part in it so you need luck
when should be the next clan war? 
I'm looking forward to hearing from you,
Greetings Vivek

PS: is blood23 member of UAG? 
Lol @ you using FTW Nicks to side with UAGs, it always is the players who were never any good at the game that talk all the rubbish on these forums.

UAG Lost, get over it :)
Quotes from Warrior: 

"Any form of harassment,vulgar language or unsportsmanlike conduct will be reported directly to FlyOrDie with video evidence."

"6. If either player insults or harasses the enemy team or calls them names, taunts them, trolls, and that includes all methods of provocation they will be instantly disqualified from the series"

Ok... now lets view some further quotes:

"Sorry to inform you but all three of you are terrible.
A clan battle with you is a waste of my time. You are obviously "new" players which I don't see any point in playing with because I will beat you without the use of my arms LOL."

"Thanks for the free win and nice spelling you got there.
If you refused my challenge I see no reason to accept yours"

Jeff, the king of sportsmanlike conduct & unprovacative behavior!

Ps im the strongest member for FTW im going to take over leadership soon.
"Taterz" when you actually know how to play tanx, come on the tanx forums and start talking, until then stick to 8ball or whatever game it is you play and stop seeking my attention please.
This is a forum, I dont need to play tanx to be able to use them. My post wasn't referring to tanx it was regarding your pathetic arrogant attitude. All of which you chose to ignore :) Why respond to any points eh u could beat me 10-0 in tanx what else matters.

I just find it hilarious that you post about how you've matured and changed when as previous post proves, isn't the case.

Has been a funny few years watching your posts pal :D Dont take it so serious, like you do at tanx. Much love <3
You call me immature yet you are the one stalking me on this forum for years lol you are funny dude. (Sarcasm)

Get a grip mate.


Once again ignoring comments made about your posts i quoted I guess you once again forgot :)

As far as im concerned u can talk to people like they are trash just because u beat them on a dead game, but dont make yourself look pathetic and right how you matured and changed and dont act the same in 9999x other posts.

Ps I love u.

Ps 2: Im taking over leadership of FTW

Go to that site then "General" board and look at the image in the thread titled "TORNADO" and you will see my real reason for this attitude towards UAG.
So getting back on topic...  

Has this "clan war" happened yet?  If so, who won?
Didn't happen and it's not going to.

UAG don't have the active members to face Ftw. 

There won't be any clan battles. I don't have a third member of my clan willing to take part so 3v3 is not an option.

And I doubt UAG will even show up so I see no point in continuing this discussion.
You said cw on 15th, its 15th im online, i see no UAGS, show up already, thanks.
UAG challenged us to a clan war on the 15th, I was online with a suitable partner for clan wars and none of them showed up except for Sentinel. 

If you guys have no intention of showing up on the dates specified then don't waste my time by challenging me through this forum.
Sentinel was the only person who cared about the clanwar, I felt sorry for him.

Good is that he is a FTW leader now and Jeff won 3 Tourmanents.

FTW Is Still The Best Clan In Tanx! :)
UAG is getting replaced by UBR in Tanx in both urgency and results, i aint see UBR losing their 12th month and UAG will be the 4th clan after FTW.

FTW - 29 Wins
KING - 27 Wins
UBR - 12 Wins
UAG - 11 Wins
SFT - 5 Wins


UAG was already lost ater clanwar with uag in 2011 and UBR had a nice year in 2019 :)

Our alliance FTW-UBR have 41 compared to UAG-KING's 38 victories.

GL & GGs.

It hasnt started maybe

I was cryloughing for months!

No one was ever going to do anything in this clanwar, maybe me fighting vs Jeff in a 1v1 losing like always then he claims UAG to be vanished which wouldve happened anyway because Tornados lack of leadership backstabbing UAG for KING and i would stuck on UBR or FTW nicks whoever Juan was going to sub me erlier but i refused because i didnt wanted him to spend money on subs for me.
Tornado wasnt able to sub me even once or anyone else who cared about UAG and he never will.

I side with Jeff because he is the only one left in Tanx where im able to communicate with, all others are ignoring me and Jeff for years the so called friends on this site.

Please dont call me wrong but Jeff is legitimately last 4 years and he deserves his dominance unlike UAG who hasnt won month in ages. Be aware guys or youd never make it.